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SCOR® Risk Management Team Update SCRLC Meeting 19 May 2010

Jan 05, 2016



  • SCOR Risk Management Team UpdateSCRLC Meeting19 May 2010

  • AgendaSCOR Risk Management OverviewProposed Updates for SCOR 10.0Other SCC Risk Management Activities*

  • Relationship RiskSupplier Performance RiskHuman Resource Risk Supply chain disruption risk Supplier Environment RiskMarket Dynamics RiskDisaster RiskPolitical / Country RiskSupplier Financial RiskRegulatory RiskFinancial Risk Distribution RiskRelationship RiskMarket RiskBrand / Reputation RiskProduct Liability RiskEnvironmental RiskPolitical/ Country RiskOperational RiskTechnical RiskFinancial RiskLegal / Regulatory RiskEnvironmental RiskHR / Health and Safety RiskPolitical/ Country RiskIdeally, supply chain risk management addresses the entire supply chain.*

  • SCOR views the supply chain as built up of five distinct management processes.Enable*

  • SCOR 9.0 Enable Processes*

  • Whats new for SCOR 10.0?Updated Best Practices reflecting team research, member feedback, and industry recognized practicesMetrics Revisions to better reflect the role of SCRM in supply chain strategy and executionNew Risk Research to help SCC members understand risk identification, quantification, mitigation, and response techniques. *

  • SCOR 10.0 will have 13 Risk Best PracticesSupply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)Supply Chain Risk IdentificationSupply Chain Risk MonitoringSupply Chain Risk AssessmentMitigate Source RisksCrisis Communications PlanningRisk Management Programs Coordination with PartnersSupply chain business rules configured to mitigate riskSupply chain information configured to minimizeSupply chain network configured to mitigate riskBowtie Risk Management ApproachRisk Program MonitoringNetwork Prioritization for Risk Identification


  • Proposed Metrics Changes for SCOR 10.0Value at Risk (VAR) moved from Cost to AgilityLevel 1 (KPI) metricInclude option for non-monetary impactsInclude option for confidence intervalsRisk Mitigation Costs enhancedNew definitionLevel 2 metricProposed SCOR 10.0 VAR Hierarchy*

  • Risk Management Team Continued ResearchUpdated research into metrics and best practicesParticipation with Supply Chain Risk Leadership CouncilCoordination with MIT on risk survey*

  • Other Research ActivitiesIn depth interviews with SCRM leadersExpansion into the DCOR Model

    Continued coordination with SCRLC (joint event?)*

  • Risk Management Special Industry GroupThe Risk Management SIG will be a member managed group dedicated to furthering the research and application of risk management.Call for members planned in mid-2010Charter will be to lead SCC risk management activitiesDCOR and CCOR inclusionFuture SCOR improvementsResearch effortsTraining Member outreachStructure will follow other SCC SIGsConvergenceAerospace and DefenseOil and Gas*

  • One Day SCOR SCRM WorkshopSupply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) FundamentalsIntroduction to each SCRM component and how each can support the firm's supply chain management Discussion of SCRM process and all components Presentation of several example projects and discussion of component use for each specific project The SCOR Model and Risk managementBackground, components, strategies and implementation Participants who complete this works will be able toUnderstand the purpose and goals of SCRM within the context of their firm and supply network Develop a basic SCRM strategy and plan for their organization Understand and articulate the business value of a SCRM program Prerequisite - Attendees must be conversant in the basic SCOR model in order to attend this workshop. The SCOR Framework training includes the required basics*

  • SCOR Risk Management Team UpdateTaylor Wilkerson

    [email protected]+1-703-917-7438*

    *Copyright Supply Chain Council. 2007. All rights reserved. *Copyright Supply Chain Council. 2007. All rights reserved. *Speaker NotesSupply-Chain Council Executive Briefing & Houston Area SCOR Users' Forum**

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