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Introduction, Introduction, Requirements, Requirements, & Timeline & Timeline Presentation Created By: Ms. Paula Trapani-Wiener, LRMS Librarian

Science Fair Overview

Jan 12, 2015




Timeline, topics to be included on your final project, info. about science fair project page, etc.
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  • 1. Introduction, Requirements,& Timeline Presentation Created By: Ms. Paula Trapani-Wiener, LRMS Librarian Science Fair

2. Who will participate?

  • ALL 6 th , 7 th , and 8 thgrade students at LR

3. When will it be held?

  • March , 24 2011
      • Only a few short months away!

4. Sound scary?

  • Try not to get overwhelmed.
  • Follow the timelinedont fall behind!
  • Use a variety of resources
      • books, websites, teachers, librarians

5. Whats due? see your science fair packet for exact due dates

  • Topic Approval
  • Background/ Research
  • Hypothesis
  • Materials/ Procedure
  • Data/ Observations
  • Results
  • Conclusion
  • Abstract
  • In-class presentation

6. How do I begin?

  • Choose a topic that interests you
  • Narrow it down/ make it specific
  • Develop an idea for an actual project

7. A Few Off-Limit Topics

  • No models!
    • Examples:
    • Model of a volcano
    • Model of the solar system

8. Sample Topics

  • People
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Rocks
  • Electricity
  • Friction

9. Narrowed-down topics

  • People:Success in school
  • Animals:Pet training
  • Plants:Rate of growth
  • Rocks:Erosion
  • Electricity:Conductors
  • Friction:Speed

10. Sample project titles

  • People:Does eating nutritious food make you more successful in school?
  • Animals:Does the length of an animal training session make a difference?
  • Plants:Will soil conditions affect the rate
  • of growth of a bean plant?
  • Rocks:Which factors change the rate of erosion of rocks?
  • Electricity:Can vegetables conduct electricity?
  • Friction:Does surface affect speed?

11. Where can I get some project ideas?

  • Library Books
  • Websites posted on Science Fair Project Page


  • Both the LR Library and our public libraries have plenty of books describing various projects

13. Online Resource

  • Go to the Science Fair Project Page for links to websites and online databases to help you choose a project and gather background info. on the topic.
  • Click Library from our homepage, click Class Project Pages, click Science Fair, and scroll to the bottom for online resources.

14. 15. 16. 17. 18. So, youve picked a topic.Next

  • Get your topic approved by your teacher.

19. Then

  • Begin preliminary research
      • Use books, encyclopedias, and websites to gather background information
      • Use note cards or notetaking sheets

20. Then

  • Cite your sources using proper bibliography format
    • See Ms. Ts Bibliography Cheat Sheet on LR Library website under Research Tips

21. Then

  • Begin your project or experiment using the Scientific Method
      • Youll learn more about this in Science class.

22. Finallyyoull be ready to prepare your display boards!

  • Include illustrations, digital photos, charts, graphs, etc. AND typed up summaries in the following areas:


  • Title
  • Background/ Research
  • Hypothesis
  • Materials/ Procedures
  • Data/ Observations
  • Results
  • Conclusion

24. Example of a BADDisplay 25. Example of a GOODDisplay 26. Final Note

  • One of the 8 headings for your display board is Abstract.

27. What IS an Abstract?

  • It is a brief summary of your entire project.
  • Not more than one page.

28. The Abstract Includes:

  • Project title
  • Statement of the purpose
  • Hypothesis
  • Brief description of the procedure
  • Results


  • Stay focused
  • Follow the timeline
  • Ask questions!

30. PresentationCreated By: Paula Trapani-Wiener Librarian Lawrence Road Middle School