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RROI: Roles, Responsibilities, Objectives & Initiatives I ... · PDF file 1 RROI: Roles, Responsibilities, Objectives & Initiatives I GENERAL INFORMATION Associate Name: Mary Ann...

Aug 09, 2020




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    RROI: Roles, Responsibilities, Objectives & Initiatives

    I GENERAL INFORMATION Associate Name: Mary Ann Johnson Position Title: VP of Sales Location: Omaha, Nebraska Hire Date: July 1, 2011 Reports to: President People this position has reporting: Four Regional Territory Managers, Inside Sales Manager, and Sales Support Assistant. People closely coordinating with or providing services to: Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, Logistics Manager, IT Manager (People leading processes you support or that support you)

    Review Info 1) Current Review Date: Dec. 2015 2) Previous Review Dates (indicate the initial review): Dec. 2014, Dec. 2013, Dec. 2012,


    General Description of Position Role & Mission: Consistent with the core values and strategic plan

    of our company, my Role is to:

    Lead and manage the Business Development Organization in identifying targeted customers, building customer relationships, promoting our product and service differentiation and generating revenue and gross profit in accordance with our annual financial plan and our strategic growth plans.

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    III KEY RESPONSIBILITES Responsibilities, Accountabilities and Expectations of this Role within the Strategic Plan 1. My primary responsibilities and accountabilities in this role are (minimum of 3):

    (A) Recruit, hire and develop high performing associates in each position within the sales organization.

    (B) Provide the leadership in developing processes and training that focuses on target customer identification and development, lead generation, an effective and efficient call planning process, and closure hit rates that allow for revenue and gross profit budgets to be met.

    (C) Support the leadership team in the development of strategic and tactical plans that drive the long-term growth, sustainability and financial performance of the company.

    2. Set your expectations for each key responsibility and accountabilities listed above.

    (A) The company revenue and gross profit budgets are met. (B) Organization plans are developed and executed for both sustainability and growth

    of the sales organization in accordance with the strategic plan. (C) Contribute to the strategic planning process on an ongoing basis.

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    Performance Review: Key Responsibilities, Accountabilities and Expectations

    (A) Associate comments and date. Dec 2015

    I agree with the key responsibilities and accountability as outlined.

    (B) Supervisor comments and observations and date. Dec 2015 I also agree


    1. This role will be considered as performed successfully when the following key results are achieved:

    (A) The company revenue and gross profit budgets are met. (B) Organization plans are developed and executed for both sustainability and growth

    of the sales organization in accordance with the strategic plan. (C) Key associates are being developed for future advancement.

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    Performance Review: Results vs. Expectations

    1) List actual results from IV and compare to the result expectations set.

    Objective Actual

    A. Revenue $ 100% 95% Gross profit $ 100% 96% Increase calls per sales person to 4 4 3.6

    B. Development Plan in place. C. Future sales leaders have been identified.

    2) Discuss associate performance against agreed upon expectations and results.

    (A) Associate comments and date: Dec. 2015 Fell a bit short of revenue and GP plan. Had an unexpected open territory for 5 months. We are now at full strength and should be back on plan in 2015. I believe I was effective during the strategic planning process.

    (B) Supervisor comments and observations and date. Need to develop a plan for having either a bench or resources in place to replace key people a little faster. Ask yourself if there is anyone on your team that may not be currently fulfilled. Be prepared to replace! You did a good job of forward planning and were very helpful in the new product development segment. The company cannot be viable without making our GP$ objectives.

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    3) Indicate whether the “expected results” of this role are stated accurately. If not, indicate desired adjustments for the future.

    (A) Associate comments and date The financial objectives are very black and white. Regarding the development of a bench I never knew I had a budget to do that. (B) Supervisor comments and observations and date. All of your activities lead toward the accomplishment of the desired results of your role. Key to your ongoing success is a good plan for sales associate selection and development. We need to meet with H.R. to see if we can develop a better plan for recruiting new and replacement candidates.

    V Description of Position Activities

    Identify 8-12 activities that will allow your objectives, initiative and ultimately the results of your Role to be achieved.

    1. Hold weekly sales review with a strong agenda of Dashboard reports on number of contacts made, business in the pipeline and estimates of business that will close, etc.

    2. Generate the necessary internal support and training for the outside sales team. 3. On-going development and coaching of associates to improve their efficiency and

    effectiveness. 4. Establishment of cost budgets that are approved by the CFO. 5. Monitoring of all expense budgets. 6. Prepare for and participate in the weekly management meeting. 7. Travel and visit with top 10 customers and top 10 prospects. 8. Approving all variances to standard pricing. 9. Assure all turnover processes are in place to assure customer satisfaction. 10. Manage the Voice of the Customer Process.

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    Performance Review: Position Activities

    1. Comment on performance of above activities designed for this Role.

    (A) Associate comments and date: Dec. 2015

    • Need to do a better job of monitoring sales calls made by our team. • Need to improve internal support that will allow sales team to make more calls in

    person. • Need to be more disciplined in assuring sales call plans are met.

    (B) Supervisor comments and observations and date: Dec. 2015 I would agree with your assessment. Please outline your plans regarding your teams sales call planning process and improved internal support. The number of sales visits and the stay-in-touch contacts with customers is 100% directly related to revenue generation and meeting your team’s revenue & GP goals.

    2. Comment on any recommended changes to activities to best accomplish the results of the role.

    (A) Associate comments and date: Dec. 2015 None

    (B) Supervisor comments and observations and date: Dec. 2015 Agree

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    VI Leadership Loops-Tactical (Operational) and Sub-Strategic Team Meetings

    1. This position leads the following regularly scheduled meetings. A. Weekly Sales Conference Call or in person meeting. B. Monthly Sales Team Meeting. C. D. Key Agenda Items you want covered in each tactical (operational) meeting you lead. A. Sales backlog & pipeline by Regional Territory Mgr. Sales vs. Plan MTD & YTD GP vs. Plan MTD & YTD, Call Plan review, Sales opportunities in the Red Zone

    2. This position attends the following regularly scheduled meetings. A. Weekly Management Meeting. B. Monthly Leadership Team Meeting. C. Strategic Planning Meetings. D. E.

    Key agenda items you will report on in each meeting you attend A. Give Dashboard report on backlog, pipeline & Red Zone. B. Same C. Operational and Organizational plans to support planned strategic growth. D. E.

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    Performance Review: Leadership Loops

    1. List my recommended changes to the meetings you lead or attend. 1. The weekly Management Meetings and the monthly Leadership Meeting should be consolidated and held monthly. 2. The Operations & Logistics Managers should attend the weekly Sales Service Meeting. There are a lot of issues that go unresolved without their presence. 3. I think I should participate in the monthly product development meeting.

    2. Comment on how meetings could be more effective.

    I think we can consider strongly your No. 2 and 3 comments. I do think we need to continue to hold the weekly Management Meeting at least for now. The weekly department head meeting is designed to be much more tactical in nature. The Leadership Meeting is designed to be more strategic in nature. Good suggestions.

    3. List any other meetings you or your colleagues should attend in order to improve communications and support the attainment of results. List meetings you do not think you need to attend.

    (A) Associate comments and date: Dec. 2015 No changes

    (B) Supervisor comments and observations and date: Dec. 2015 I agree.

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    Personal skill set: List the key skills, experience and knowledge required in this position. Answer as though you were to put an ad in the paper for this position (minimum 4).

    1) College Degree. 2) Direct field sales experience. 3) 2-3

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