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Rev. Dr. John Arthur Orr

Apr 01, 2016



Rev. Dr. John Arthur Orr, a priest of the diocese of Knoxville in Tennessee, earned his doctorate from Liverpool Hope University | Maryvale Institute UK where he wrote his thesis on reason in the philosophy of Karol Wojtyla (Bl. John Paul II), and his examiners included Prof. Gilfredo Marengo of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Rome, and a world-renowned expert in the field.

  • Rev. Dr. John Arthur Orr PhD Graduation | Liverpool Hope University | July 22, 2014

  • ratio, which are representative in that they

    span his thought from the beginning through

    to full maturity.

    Reason is used and treated variously by

    Wojtyla / John Paul II in these three texts,

    specifically anthropologically, metaphysically,

    epistemologically, ethically, and politically.

    These are classic branches of philosophical

    thought and show the breadth of the thought

    of Wojtyla / John Paul II. While many

    secondary sources have been produced

    addressing the thought and writings of

    Wojtyla / John Paul II none have focused

    exclusively on "reason" in Wojtyla / John Paul

    II as this thesis does.

    By examining "reason" in the writings of Karol

    Wojtyla / John Paul II this thesis advances

    philosophical study, keeping the conversation

    going and advances "Wojtyla Studies."

    eason is philosophically significant. Philosophers

    throughout the ages even down to our own

    days have used and considered reason.

    Reference is made to specific classical

    philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle,

    Descartes, Locke, Hume and Kant, Hegel and

    Blanshard as well as contemporaries such as

    Parfit and Singer, as well as Belsey, Warnock

    and Blackburn in order to contextualize

    reason in Karol Wojtyla / John Paul II.

    Karol Wojtyla / John Paul II spent many years

    doing philosophical work especially at the

    Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), writing

    and teaching. While there are many other

    texts which could be consulted this thesis

    focuses on the philosophical thought of Karol

    Wojtyla / John Paul II in the volumes Person

    and Community, The Acting Person, and Fides et


    The Development of the Use of Reason in Karol Wojtyla

    and its Influence in John Paul II's Fides et ratio. Thesis Title:

  • Summary/ committee/photo JP2

    Primary Supervisor: Dr. Harry Schnitker (Maryvale Institute)

    Chairman of the Viva: Dr. V.A. McClelland (Maryvale Institute Fellow)

    Internal Examiner: Dr. Simon Podmore (Liverpool Hope University)

    External Examiner: Rev. Msgr. Professor Gilfredo Marengo (Lateran University)


  • Never give in. Never give in.

    Never, never, never, neverin nothing, great or small, large or pettynever give in,

    except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force.

    Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

    Winston Churchill

  • Have you been

    to Lublin? Ive

    been to Lublin! { } Field Marshal the Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank,

    Chancellor of Liverpool Hope University

  • Dr. Penny Haughan,

    Dean of Students, Liverpool Hope University

  • Professor Gerald J. Pillay,

    Vice-Chancellor and Rector, Liverpool Hope University

  • Monsignor John Devine,

    Pro-Chancellor, Liverpool Hope University

  • A very proud Mom & her son Celebrating the moment

  • Go with God. Walk in Hope.

    Sam George, John Arthur Orr, Suleiman Samuel Tama

  • 101,104 words

    330 pages

    744 footnotes

    55,951 air miles

    The End

    Only the Beginning

    Fr. Orr, a priest of the

    diocese of Knoxville in Tennessee


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