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Responsive web-design

Jul 16, 2015



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BECOMERESPONSIVE! Tips to make your design stand out. Responsive is all about enhancing user experience on all screen sizes, and heres how!

1 Introduction2 What is a responsive web design?3 Responsive vs static web design.4 Why choose responsive web design?5 Good to know facts!6 How can you make your design stand out? 7 ConclusionCONTENT

STARTING WITH FACTS..By 2015, mobile web users will exceed 1,000,000,000.

You have no idea which device your website is going to be viewed on..So what do you do?

INTRODUCEResponsiveto your Web Design!

RESPONSIVEDESIGN 101A website with responsive design changes its appearance and layout to suit the screen size it is being viewed on.The website content is coded using standard HTML codes, and CSS is added to target different device widths with breakpoints.

RESPONSIVE OVER STATICThe set width of a website makes it look the same on all devices, resulting in horizontal scrolling; a big turn off when youre viewing it on mobile devices.The fluid grids and media queries used to design responsive websites make the website elements scalable based on the device it is being viewed on.

Device friendly: All website elements optimize their sizes according to the device they are being viewed on, automatically.No plug-ins: A visitor need not install a separate software or plugin to view the website.Lesser Investment: Since one website serves the purpose, there wont be a need to invest in separate mobile websites.

85% of consumers expect mobile sites to load as fast as desktop sites & browsers.25% of U.S. consumers use mobile internet.56% of adults report being more frustrated with malfunctioning mobile sites than by traffic delays.23% of consumers curse at their phones.11% actually scream at their device.56-80% is the percentage of Smartphone browser bounce rates, 50-80% higher than desktop browsers.Websites are NOT naturally SEO friendly.56% of consumers throw their mobile device. By 2015: Mobile web browsing will take over desktop internet.64% of Smartphone users want a site to load in less than 4 seconds.GOOD TO KNOW!


Since everyone is flocking towards responsive, you need your website to stand out. But, how?


Keep your website optimized at all times to offer the same quality browsing experience across all devices.OFFER QUALITY!Research layouts and pick the one best suited for RWD. Avoid using complex divs, absolute positioning and fancy flash or java script enabled elements to help reduce load time and site adjustment technicalities.BE LAYOUT WISE!


BREAK IT UP WELL! Avoid making a text heavy website. Break up text by inserting spaces and apt images. Make your website ready for the popular resolutions (as follows).


1999 - 2014 IX Web Hosting. All rights reservedFLEX THE IMAGES!Flex all your images to a certain extent by using a simple layout. Ensure all your site elements are responsive by using adaptive sizing. A popular tool in use for the same isAn alternative to the above would be storing multiple size images to suit the varied screen resolutions they are going to be viewed on; but this takes up a lot of bandwidth.200Kb 1382px x 778px200Kb 1382px x 778px30Kb 480px x 271pxAdaptive Images.


Make use of programs like GZIP to compress all your website elements - text, images, audio, video, etc.Compressing lowers the number of bytes sent per web page across various networks to make your content easily accessible and browsable on all devices.COMPRESSING ISNT BAD!


Get rid of all the excess elements and offer only what is vital.Mobile devices dont support heavy websites, so remember to eliminate a few elements from your desktop ready website to make it more mobile.NO EXCESS BAGGAGE!


Keep your website live on the World Wide Web in the most efficient manner by handing over the technicalities to web hosts likeDepending on the resource needs of your website, you can pick from these hosting plans: Shared Hosting Dedicated Server Reseller Hosting VPS Cloud HostingGET HOSTED!IX Web Hosting.


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webhostingCost EffectiveSince one website is suited for all devices, there is no need to pump in money into creating more!Better SEOHaving one URL not only makes updating content easy, but also optimizes it for all search engines. Even Google favors it!Increased SalesSince users are well versed with the website's functions, the chances of a bounce off are rare.PLUS POINTS OF RWD


webhostingRWD is the way new generation websites are going. Considering you might just lose out on 50% of your traffic by not keeping up with the trends, its a wise call to switch to responsive.CONCLUSION