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Feb 16, 2018



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  • There are 51 basic carriers covered in this catalog:3200-R-1500 3200-T-1814 3200-N-1860 3200-M-1885 3200-P-1914 3200-F-19823200-M-1547 3200-U-1815 3200-S-1865 3200-P-1888 3200-R-1916 3200-H-19843200-X-1558 3200-V-1816 3200-Z-1872 3200-R-1890 3200-S-1917 3200-J-19863200-L-1624 3200-W-1817 3200-A-1873 3200-D-1902 3200-T-1918 3200-K-19873200-G-1645 3200-C-1849 3200-B-1874 3200-E-1903 3200-Z-1924 3200-L-19883200-X-1662 3200-D-1850 3200-C-1875 3200-F-1904 3200-B-1978 3200-W-20513200-L-1676 3200-E-1851 3200-D-1876 3200-G-1905 3200-C-19793200-M-1677 3200-F-1852 3200-E-1877 3200-H-1906 3200-D-19803200-Q-1785 3200-G-1853 3200-G-1879 3200-M-1911 3200-E-1981

    Major assembly differences such as oil pumps, main diff. locks, etc. are indicated by the differentassembly level numbers as well as the base carrier part number. The Axle Models-Carriers-Features Chart on Page 2 lists all the variations of the carriers covered in this book.

    Note: The carriers listed in this catalog do not include yokes. A yoke is a major assemblydifference, so a carrier sold with a yoke has a different assembly level number than the samecarrier without the yoke.

    The charts for carriers, output shafts, and axle housings include the following information:An exploded view of each assembly, keyed to the parts list.A description of each part.Parts that are sold as assemblies that include other parts.Which carriers or axle models the part is used on.The quantity of the part used on the carrier or axle.The part number of each part.Whether the part is available in a kit.

    Carrier Parts: Determine which Chart and Figure (1 or 2) applies to your carrier by using thefollowing sources of information:

    Identification tag installed on the carrier.Axle Models-Carrier-Features Chart.Pictures and descriptions of the carriers inside the front cover and at the beginning of Chart 1and Chart 2.

    Output (Thru) Shafts: This chart covers the output shafts for the forward axles of all tandems.Note that the output shaft assembly or its components are only sold as separate items. The outputshaft is not included with the purchase of a carrier or housing.

    Housing Assemblies and Wheel End Parts: This chart covers the housing assemblies and wheel end parts for all axles. The parts are listed according to axle models and the two wheel endseries (L Series or R Series) that are used on 140, 141, 143, 144 and 145 series axles.

    Axle Shafts: The axle shafts are grouped in sets (L.H. and R.H.) according to the axle models theyare used on. Many axle shaft sets are used on more than one axle model. The axle shafts are alsolisted by part number with dimensions.

    Yokes and Flanges: There are five charts that cover full round bearing yokes, wing bearingyokes, Easy Service yokes, RPL yokes and flanges. Each chart lists the yokes or flanges used oneach axle model. The yokes and flanges are listed by dimension.

    Kits: The first chart lists all the kits available for each axle model and carrier. Following that chart,the kits are listed in numerical order, and the contents of each kit is listed.

    Numerical Parts Index: This lists every part number in the catalog along with the page(s) on whichthe part is listed.



    A1-3200-X-1558 B1-3200-G-1879 A10-3200-T-1814 A6-3200-B-1978A18-3200-L-1624 A1-3200-K-1987 A12-3200-T-1814 A1-3200-B-1978A35-3200-L-1624 B1-3200-D-1902 B1-3200-T-1814 A1-3200-B-1978A4-3200-G-1645 A1-3200-B-1978 B4-3200-T-1814 A4-3200-B-1978A6-3200-G-1645 A6-3200-B-1978 B6-3200-T-1814 A6-3200-B-1978A9-3200-G-1645 B1-3200-G-1645 B8-3200-T-1814 A8-3200-B-1978A11-3200-G-1645 A4-3200-B-1978 A1-3200-U-1815 A1-3200-E-1981A13-3200-G-1645 A8-3200-B-1978 A1-3200-V-1816 A1-3200-H-1984A21-3200-G-1645 B4-3200-G-1645 A4-3200-V-1816 A4-3200-H-1984A27-3200-G-1645 B1-3200-G-1645 B1-3200-V-1816 A1-3200-H-1984A1-3200-X-1662 A1-3200-H-1984 B4-3200-V-1816 A4-3200-H-1984A4-3200-X-1662 B1-3200-X-1662 B6-3200-V-1816 A6-3200-H-1984A6-3200-X-1662 A4-3200-H-1984 B8-3200-V-1816 A8-3200-H-1984A7-3200-L-1676 B2-3200-L-1676 A1-3200-W-1817 A1-3200-K-1987A8-3200-L-1676 B4-3200-L-1676 B1-3200-N-1860 A1-3200-C-1979A9-3200-L-1676 B7-3200-L-1676 A8-3200-S-1865 B4-3200-S-1865A13-3200-L-1676 B11-3200-L-1676 A9-3200-S-1865 B7-3200-S-1865A14-3200-L-1676 B8-3200-L-1676 A40-3200-S-1865 B7-3200-S-1865A15-3200-L-1676 B9-3200-L-1676 B1-3200-B-1874 A1-3200-D-1980A1-3200-M-1677 A1-3200-E-1981 A1-3200-C-1875 A1-3200-F-1982A8-3200-Q-1785 B4-3200-S-1865 B1-3200-D-1876 A1-3200-J-1986A9-3200-Q-1785 B7-3200-S-1865 A1-3200-E-1877 A1-3200-L-1988A14-3200-Q-1785 B8-3200-S-1865 B1-3200-P-1888 A1-3200-K-1987A15-3200-Q-1785 B9-3200-S-1865 B1-3200-R-1890 A1-3200-E-1981A40-3200-Q-1785 B7-3200-S-1865 B1-3200-G-1905 A1-3200-F-1982A42-3200-Q-1785 B4-3200-S-1865 B1-3200-H-1906 A1-3200-L-1988A1-3200-T-1814 A1-3200-B-1978 A1-3200-M-1911 B1-3200-T-1918A6-3200-T-1814 A6-3200-B-1978 A1-3200-P-1914 B1-3200-P-1914A8-3200-T-1814 A8-3200-B-1978

    The part number supercessions listed here reflect product improvements made in several key areas.Several of these product improvements are non-interchangeable at the component level. In these cases,kits have been developed to ease your transition to the new designs.


  • Rear Drive AxlesModel Numbers and Designations - OLD STYLE

    RR 20 1 4 5 N C Q F 123

    NOTE 1: NOTE 2, FOR TRIDEM AXLES ONLY:If a complete axle designation is not required, use the first seven positions For a Tridem Drive Axle Set (RZ), theof the model designation to identify the basic axle model. number in the sixth position designatesEXAMPLES OF BASIC AXLE MODELS: the carrier in the first axle. The numberRS 17 140 - Single Rear Drive, 17,000 lb., Single Speed, 15" Ring Gear, in the seventh position designates the

    140 Carrier Model. carriers in the second and third axles.RT 48 380 - Tandem Drive Axle Set, 48,000 lb., Helical Double Reduction,

    19.62" Ring Gear, 380 Carrier Model. NOTE 3:RZ 60 164 - Tridem Drive Axle Set, 60,000 lb., Single Speed, Includes a Some axle designations or

    150 Series Forward Rear or First Axle and a 145 Series specifications do not have a hubTandem Axle Set as the Second and Third Axles. type code.

    Axle Design VariationIndicates axle design level or variation, (e.g., RS 23 161 has a thicker wall housing than the RS 23 160). For information see the Bill of Material for that specific axle model. (Also see Tridem Axle Note 2 below.)

    Carrier TypeCarrier size. Larger numbers indicate a higher GCW rated carrier: i.e., larger ring gear, etc. (Also see Tridem Axle Note 2 below.)

    Nominal Axle Load Rating (GAWR):In thousands of pounds. Individual forwardand rear axles of a tandem set (D, N, P, R)are rated as single axles. A tandem set (T) israted as the combination of the two axles anda tridem set (Z) as the combination of thethree axles.

    Brake TypeC - Dura-Master Air Disc BrakeD - RDA Stopmaster Wedge Brake (Dual Air Chambers)E - RDH Stopmaster Wedge Brake (Dual Hydraulic Cylinders)F - RSH Stopmaster Wedge Brake (Single Hydraulic Cylinder)L - QPlus Cam BrakeN - NoneP - Cam-Master "P" Series Cam BrakeQ - Cam-Master "Q" Series Cam BrakeS - RSA Stopmaster Wedge Brake (Single Air Chamber)T - Cam-Master "T" Series Cam BrakeW - Cam-Master "W" Series Cam Brake

    Manufacturing LocationA - AustraliaB - Brazil (Braseixos)C - IndiaD - Mexico (Dirona)E - Europe (C.V.C.)M - Europe (Maudsley)N - U.S.A.

    Gearing Type1 - Single Speed2 - Two Speed3 - Helical Double Reduction4 - Salisbury Single Speed5 - Planetary Double Reduction6 - Hub Reduction

    Main Differential Nest TypeB - Special DifferentialC - Driver Controlled Differential LockF - Standard DifferentialH - High Traction DifferentialN - NoSPIN Differential

    Axle TypeC - Single Rear Drive Axle, CoachD - Forward-Rear Axle of a Drive Tandem with Inter-Axle DifferentialN - Forward-Rear Axle of a Drive Tandem or Tridem without Inter-Axle DifferentialP - Forward-Rear Axle of a Drive Tandem with Inter-Axle Differential and PumpR - Rear-Rear Axle of a Drive TandemS - Single Rear Drive AxleT - Tandem Drive Axle SetZ - Tridem Drive Axle Set

    Axle Specification NumberIdentifies specific customer axleconfigurations (variations from the originalaxle design). For information about thevariation, see the Bill of Material for thatspecific axle model.

    Hub Type (See Note 3)A - AluminumF - FerrousN - None

  • Rear Drive AxlesModel Numbers and Designations - NEW STYLE

    RELATIVE GEARING SIZE OR SERIES 0 = No Gearing BRAKE TYPE 1 = 292/347 B = "B" Frame Brake 2 = 337/387 C = Air Disc Brake 3 = TBD D = Wedge Brake (Dual Air Chambers) 4 = 381/432 E = Wedge Brake (Dual Hydraulic Cylinders) 5 = 415/432 F = Wedge Brake (Single Hydraulic Cylinder) 6 = 432/457 G = DuraPark Hydraulic Drum

    AXLE MODEL TYPE 7 = 457 H = Quadraulic Disc S = Single Rear (Solo) 8 = 460/498 K = Disc Plus Air Disc X = Front Drive Steer L = Q Plus Cam Brake D = Fwd Rear w/IAD N = None N = Fwd Rear less IAD P = "P" Series Cam Brake P = Fwd Rear w/Pump MFG. LOCATION Q = "Q" Series Cam Brake R = Rear Rear N = North America R = Cast Plus Brake T = Tandem Drive S = South America S = Wedge Brake (Single Air Chamber) Z = Tridem Drive E = Europe T = "T" Series Cam Brake C = Coach A = Australia/Asia/Africa W = "W" Series Cam Brake H = High Entry

    M x - xx - 1 4 x x N - x - N 123 - - xxxxRatio 2


    AXLE TYPE A = Aluminum Includes: TRACK, 0 = No Carrier D = Ductile PARKING BRAKE, 1 = Single Speed M = Ductile OTHER 2 = Two Speed Rear 3 = Helical Dbl Red (Amboid) 4 = Salisbury N = No Carrier 5 = Planetary Dbl Red R = Ductile WHEEL END/BRAKE ATTACHMENT/DIFFERENTIAL 6 = Hub Reduction Front Dr