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Relapse prevention

Jan 06, 2017




  • Recovery WellnessMeans for SuccessRelapse Prevention

    By James D. Amburn CDP, REV.

  • Addiction and RecoveryOver the years I have heard many different speakers state that Spirituality is the absence of fear.I personally believe that Spirituality is the healthy management of fear.When even in fear you can manage the courage to do the right thing then you have become ok with you and your place in the universe. A True Spiritual Being

  • What is Relapse(How did we get here?)

    Relapse is a holistic change that occurs in a person; before they return to active addiction (using). Relapse is a return to old survival skills: Thinking; feeling (poor feeling management); and behaviors that create urges, and if not stopped a return to active addiction or death. Like addiction, relapse is progressive

  • EventsExternal events cause a chemical response in the brain: Even though a person may not be cognitively aware; memories are being recalled, memories retained in nerve cells called dendrites.The more extreme the event, the longer we stay in the memories; the greater the urges are.

  • Events (samples)Fall in Love (Lust); Fall out of LoveGet a job; Lose a jobHave money; dont have moneyMusic; smells; old friends; old placesLegal issuesHave a car (broke down, running); dont have a carHave my children; dont have my childrenEx-wife/husband; present wife/husband

  • Events

    Identify events and high risksituations:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Identify means to avoid or minimize events or high risksituations:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • EventsIdentify who can help you in times of need manage high risk situation or events:

    Name Phone #_______________ ______________________________ ______________________________ _______________ _______________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ _______________I will allow them to help me if I call.

  • ThoughtsThought is actually pictures and as our mind see the pictures we translate them into languageThe first thought process in relapse is a return to denial.Then to self-abusive thinkingFinally our thinking goes to Automatic Negative Thinking.

  • Thoughts (examples)Self- abusive thinking:Putting one-selves down Cussing one-selfCalling one-selves names (stupid, crazy, retarded, or dumb, comparing one self to another.

  • Thoughts (examples)The language of denial that stops forward progress:If only, I dont, should have, could haveDenial is also the thinking that minimizes, rationalizes, intellectualizes, justifies, and personalizesIf only my PO would stopIf only my ex would let meI should have been able if onlyI could have if onlyI can have one hit no one will knowNo one really stops usingEveryone does itTheyre out to get me

  • Thoughts (examples)Automatic Negative Thinking

    Concrete thinking (My way or No way, right or wrong)Victim stance thinking;

    It wasnt my fault, blamingVindictive Thinking;

    Ill show themCriminality

    For every negative thought towards self it takes two-hundred positive thought to counter act.

  • ThoughtsIdentify denial thinking:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Identify self-abusive thinking:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Identify my ANT:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • FeelingsFeelings are neither good nor bad; they are just feelings.In addiction, extremes and intensity are the norm. However in reality extremes and intensity are infrequent.In relapse a person will attempt to regain the addictive norm. Thoughts create feelings. So negative thinking creates feelings such as anger, resentment, depression and loneliness.

  • FeelingsIn recovery it is learned that healthy feeling management is needed. The formula E/I is used for addiction Emotion over Intellect. When entering into recovery the formula changes to I/E, Intellect over Emotions. When entering into relapse the formula again changes back to E/I

  • FeelingsIdentify feeling I have when in relapse:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Identify means to be ok with my feelings:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • FeelingsIdentify who can help you to express and manage feeling in a healthy way

    Name Phone #_______________ ______________________________ ______________________________ _______________ _______________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ _______________I will allow them to help me if I call.

  • Behaviors From the Sanskrit; All that we project on the outside is but an inner reflection.Behavior is where most people start to realize that they are in relapse. Unlike thoughts or feelings; behavior is easily identified as appropriate or inappropriate.

  • Behaviors (examples) Language: Comparing one-self to others;

    Victim speech; they have all the luck, if I only had the breaks they have, they arent really clean.Cursing self or others, systems, threats towards people or places.Disorganized speech; ideas going in every direction, fantasizing.

  • Behaviors (examples)External actions:

    Pacing, isolating, aggressive actions, slamming doors, throwing things, self-harm, higher pitched voice; short choppy speech, clenched fist, jaw, fast tense movement, or inability to sleep.

  • BehaviorsIdentify behaviors I have when in relapse:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Identify means to change my behaviors:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • BehaviorsIdentify who can help me manage my behaviors in a healthy way

    Name Phone #_______________ ______________________________ ______________________________ _______________ _______________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ _______________I will allow them to help me if I call.

  • Activities to Help Break the Cycle of RelapseWorking out with a friendGo to a meetingCall a friend, sponsor, mentor, elderVolunteer Oxford presentations, H & I (12 step ) presentationHelp someone who is having problems with their own recovery

  • Personal Activities that Promote Recovery To help me change my thinking and behaviors I can;


  • Relapse Prevention ContractAs a Recovering person I;_______________________. I will allow others in recovery to help me manage my thinking, feelings, and behaviors in a healthy manner.

    My main purpose is to develop a health life style that will let me remain in recovery. I no longer want to live in my past, allowing my addiction to jeopardize my; life, freedom, friends, family, income, or spiritual growth.

  • To achieve this goal I will allow;

    Name Phone #_______________ ______________________________ ______________________________ _______________ _______________ _______________

    I will allow them to help me even if I do not believe I need help.

    Signature of Sponsor ___________________.

    Signature of Recovery Friend ___________________.

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