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Redeemer's Annual Report 08 - 09

Mar 21, 2016



Redeemer University College's 2008 - 2009 Annual Report
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  • This Annual Report is dedicated in recognition of Dr. Justin Coopers contributions to Redeemer University College during his 16 years as President, and his almost 30 years of overall service.



    08i09Governing Bodies p. 4

    Chairmans Message p. 6

    Presidents Message p. 7

    Institutional Highlights p. 9

    Board Chairs Invitation p. 13

    Schedule of Events p. 13

    Resolutions p. 14

    Minutes of the 28th Annual Membership Meeting p. 16

    Nominees for the Board of Governors p. 18

    Auditors Statement p. 22

    Condensed Statement of Financial Position (Statement #1) p. 23

    Condensed Statement of Operations (Statement #2) p. 24

    Revenues p. 26

    Expenses p. 26

    Donations p. 26


    March 28 1981: Rev Henry R De Bolster chosen by Board to be Redeemers first President, effective June 1, 1981

    1980: Justin Cooper, a graduate student at the University of Toronto, joins The Ontario Christian College Association as its Executive Director

    1980I81Dec 12, 1980: The Ontario Legislature passes private members Bill 48 An Act to Incorporate Redeemer Reformed Christian College. With this, Redeemer could become a reality

    SENIOR ADMINISTRATORSDr Justin D Cooper, PresidentDr Jacob P Ellens, Vice President, Academic & ProvostMr William van Staalduinen, Vice President, AdvancementMrs Ineke VanBruinessen, Vice President, Administration & FinanceMr Richard Wikkerink, Associate Vice President, Student Development and RegistrarMrs Janny Eikelboom, Associate Vice President, Library and Information TechnologyMs Doriel Moulton, Associate Vice President, MarketingDr Douglas Loney, Dean of Arts and FoundationsDr Doug Needham, Dean of Sciences and Social SciencesMr Fred Schat, Dean of Students

    governing bOdiEsSENATEEx Officio MembersDr Justin D Cooper,* ChairDr Jacob P Ellens,* Vice ChairDr Doug Needham,* Secretary Mr Richard Wikkerink, Resource & Recording SecretaryDr Douglas Loney

    Faculty MembersDr Gene Haas, Professor of Religion and Theology (2009)Prof Patricia Slade, Associate Professor of Social Work (2009)Dr Derek Schuurman, Assistant Professor of Computer Science (2010)Dr Kevin Vander Meulen, Associate Professor of Mathematics (2010)Prof Raymond Louter, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts and Communication (2011)


    The Redeemer Royals hockey team goes all season without a win, but provides students with a fun, and cheap, night out each week

    Sept 7: 97 students and 8 faculty begin the inaugural academic year at Redeemer College, situated on Hamiltons Beach Strip, in the former Bell Cairn Memorial School


    Mr John Lunshof (2011), Toronto DistrictMr Ian Timmerman (2011), Grand Region

    Membership SeatsMr Ronald Tiemens (2009), Toronto AreaMrs Susan Vanderkooy (2009), MaritimesMs Rita Wong (2009), Evangelical ChurchesDr John Stronks (2009), Evangelical ChurchesMr Enno Meijers (2010), Barrie/Orillia AreaMr Roy Botma (2010), Chatham/Sarnia Area Mr Steve Baarda (2010), London AreaMrs Michelle Fluit (2010), Niagara AreaMrs Heather Weber* (2010), Evangelical ChurchesMr Ray Pennings* (2010), Reformed Churches, ChairMr Charlie Fluit (2010), Reformed Churches

    BOARD OF GOVERNORSAlumni Association SeatMr Arjan Vos (2009), Alumni Association

    Classical Seats(Christian Reformed and Reformed)Mr Bruce Bos (2009), Classis QuinteDr Henry Feenstra (2009), Classis HuronMr Walter Neutel (2009), Classis Eastern CanadaRev George Rowaan (2009), Classis ChathamMrs Janice Moddejonge (2010), Classis Ontario, Reformed ChurchMr Cor Baarda* (2010), Classis TorontoMr Peter Van Berkel (2011), Classis NiagaraRev Shawn Brix (2011), Classis Hamilton

    Principals Association SeatsMr Paul Triemstra (2009), Seaway ValleyMr Marvin Bierling (2010), Bluewater

    External Faculty Members Dr Keith Cassidy, Associate Professor of History, University of Guelph (2009)Dr Riemer Faber,* Associate Professor of Classical Studies, University of Waterloo (2010)Dr Peter van Beek, Professor of Computer Science, University of Waterloo (2010)Dr John Ferns,* Emeritus Professor of English, McMaster University (2011)

    Board of Governors MembersMr Walter Neutel (2009)Dr John Stronks (2011)

    Alumni MemberVacant

    Student MemberMr Peter Kranenburg, Class of 09 (2009)*Executive Committee Members

    Mr Bill Elisen (2011), Huron North AreaMr Peter Kennedy (2011), Bowmanville AreaMr John Buma* (2011), Hamilton/Niagara AreaMr Eric Hartemink (2011), Aylmer/St Thomas AreaMr Walter Smeding (2011), Reformed ChurchesMr Walter Dean* (2011), Evangelical Churches, Vice Chair*Executive Committee Members


    Redeemer nearly doubles, to 150 students, in second year

    March 10, 1984: Pioneer student Art Vanderstelt loses battle with cancer

    1983 Redeemer Royals finally win first hockey game

    CHAirMAnS MEssAGETransitions can be exciting, challenging and even discom-forting all at the same time. At Redeemers 2008 Annual General Meeting, President Cooper announced that he would not be seek-ing to be re-appointed

    when his current term as President expires on June 30, 2010. The Board of Governors im-mediately appointed a Succession Review Committee to meet with stakeholders and assist in developing the profile of what we should look for in a new President. That Committee did its job admirably and in February, 2009, a formal Presidential Search process was launched. This thorough and professional process is ongoing and the Board expects to interview recommended candidates at its meeting in March 2010. While the upcoming change in Redeemers presidency is the most visible marker of transi-tion, it is not the only one. Last year the Board reported on the reorganization that it had undertaken affecting our governance model. This past year, we have focused on three priorities:

    resolving our fiscal model of recent years to one which achieves stability and normal balanced budgets; a medium range strategic plan that is focused around carefully developed and clearly communicated visionary goals; and a succession plan for senior administration. Significant progress has been made on all of these fronts. An overarching vision and goals for Redeemer over the next decade have been articulated and specific strategies to achieve these goals are being developed. We have made significant progress in our financial situation, some of which is evident on the accompany-ing statements but most of which will hopefully bear fruit in the years to come. Although infra-structure expansion was not part of our plan a year ago, the opportunity to work with all three levels of government as well as the community has allowed us to put into place $10.6 million of capital maintenance and improvements with less than 30% of this amount coming from our regular support constituency. A Board of Governors should engage in vig-orous debate as the various options are consid-ered. Still, we can be thankful that both internally and in our dealings with the administration, our work can be conducted in a spirit of unity and with a clear appreciation for each others passion

    for Redeemers mission. This too, is a gift from God, which we must acknowledge and for which we must give Him thanks. The year ahead is a transition year. Not only will we prepare to welcome a new President, but we must also say farewell to Dr. Cooper who has been such an integral part of Redeemer for its entire history. We will seek to do so in a way that celebrates Gods goodness to us in providing us what we have needed in the past. His continuing care for us in our present circumstances, and our expectation that He will richly bless us into the future as we transition into this next phase of our history. Thank you for your continued support of Redeemer and we look forward to meeting you all at the Annual General Meeting.

    With Christian greetings,

    Ray Pennings, Board Chair


    Stepping Forward in Faith decision made to build Ancaster campus

    A favourite activity Prof. Plantingas weekly booksale

    A showcase for talent The Annual Winter Banquet


    We have had an-other exciting year at Redeemer University College! As you review these highlights and accomplishments we trust you will clearly see a reflection of our mission as a Christian university seeking to relate all things to

    Christfrom teaching, learning and scholarship to co-curricular activities, campus life, administra-tive practices, campus environmental stewardship and service to our community. We celebrate all who are involved in real-izing Redeemers mission including our students, alumni, faculty, staff, volunteers and supporters. Together we are committed to Jesus Christ and to serving Him in the arena of university education. Developing students through our whole per-son education is central to our mission, enabling them to prepare for further leadership and ser-vice with a university experience that reflects high academic standards, the breadth of a liberal arts and science program, the context of a Biblical world view and the support of a spiritually vibrant campus community. The ongoing achievements

    of our alumni are also a confirmation of our mission and a source of great joy and pride. We are truly amazed and thankful for Gods leading in their lives, as they serve in so many varied and positive capacities not only in Canada but also in 17 countries around the world. Creative and dedicated faculty are crucial to our mission, giving shape and meaning to our goal of being a dynamic Christian academic community. We are also thankful for our capable administrators and staff, who contribute to the professionalism and sense of community on our campus and to the satisfaction expressed by so many of our students. We have been confirmed in our mission this year in our student satisfaction ratings in the national press, having achieved very high rank-ings this past year in both the October University Report Card of The Globe and Mail and the February Student Issue of Macleans. Our mission of serving our society through teaching and schol-arship has also been validated through receiving capital funding from the federal, provincial and municipal governments for upgrades to our aca-demic and athletic facilities, including a new soccer complex. This kind of recognition is unprecedented and acknowledges that our mission as a Christian university benefits our wider community.

    preSidentS MEssAGE We are also thankful for a large group of faithful volunteers, whose participation is in-valuable. They help us by serving as members of various committees, Board members of the Foundation and Alumni Association, and mem-bers of our governing bodiesthe Senate and the Board of Governors. Finally, and significantly, again this year we gratefully acknowledge the generous donations of our supporting communi-tybusinesses and churches, as well as members and friends. We could not fulfill our mission of providing a quality Christian university education and ensuring its accessibility to students without your goodwill, prayers and financial contributions. As Redeemer University College looks ahead to appointing its next president and implementing a new strategic plan, this community of dedicated alumni, students, faculty, staff and supporters will continue to build the momentum needed for a good transition, remembering that Christ is our foundation, as we seek to honour Him in all things.

    Dr Justin D Cooper, President


    Air Band!!Royals win first Niagara Church Hockey League championshipNew Campus begins to take shape



    November 2, 1986:Redeemers first graduation ceremonies; 39 students earn their Bachelor of Christian Studies degree

    Classes begin in Ancaster Campus


    inStitutionAl hiGhLiGhTsACAdEMiC AFFAiRs

    866 students were enrolled for the 20082009 academic year.

    223 graduated in May, including 101 students receiving a B.Ed. degree (44 Concurrent and 57 Consecutive).

    Six new full-time faculty began their employment with us in this year in Business, Chemistry, Education, History, and Religion-Theology.

    Research is thriving at Redeemer with fac-ulty giving papers and publishing in some cases jointly with students. The total amount of research funding was $218,663, includ-ing $191,437 through SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) and NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council).

    Redeemer hosted a conference jointly with the Paideia Centre, Mission, Worldview and the Christian University, at the beginning of the Winter Term with a focus on introducing stu-dents to leading Christian scholars and involv-ing them in a scholarly conference.

    A Worship Conference was held at Redeemer in September with more than 230 registered, as well as a very successful student-organized Social Justice Conference in January.


    Athletics The Athletics department had an excellent year,

    mentoring student-athletes, coaching great teams and playing for enthusiastic fans. Student participation in intramurals was strong this year and the new athletic logo has been well re-ceived. The department is looking forward to the new soccer fields and the benefits for the soccer teams and intramurals programs.

    Student Life 200809 was a year which saw increased

    numbers of students in residence, a review of the residence life programs and a revision of the orientation program. Staff worked with student groups and clubs, trained student leaders and provided academic support and counseling services.

    Financial Aid Students qualified for $4.5 million in OSAP

    and $1.62 million in institutional scholarships, named awards, bursaries, loans, and workstudy. The restructured Redeemer Student Loan Fund was able to provide much needed loans to students throughout the year. An additional 18

    new named awards were introduced, providing a wider range of awards for qualified students.

    Chaplaincy The focus of the chaplain continues to be on

    developing a healthy spiritual life on campus. This is done through leading weekly chapel services, writing weekly devotionals, coordinat-ing prayer groups, teaching ministry courses, facilitating a Book-of-the-Year reading and many individual meetings. A seven-week listening prayer program was an important part of the strategic planning process and saw 50 faculty and staff participate.

    Registrars Office This year we continued to move towards our

    goal of fully adopting many of the online fea-tures of our Student Information System. Course offerings, schedules and grade reports are now available only on the secure WebAdvisor site. One-on-one academic advising appointments continue to provide students with personal ser-vice and allow staff to help students stay on track to meet graduation requirements.


    Practical jokes leave their footprint across the new campus

    Womens volleyball team win OCAA Tier 2 provincial championship

    Theatre Arts first mainstage production, Oscar Wildes Our Town


    Now to him who is able to do

    immeasurably more than all we

    ask or imagine, according to his

    power that is at work within us,

    to him be glory in the church

    and in Christ Jesus throughout

    all generations, for ever and

    ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20,21)

  • The organ, constructed by Riel Organ Makers in the Netherlands, is installed


    Participating in Ancasters Heritage Days parade

    Dr. Henri Nouwen featured as part of the Staley Lecture Series


    Continuing Education This past year the department received a

    $500,000 grant to fund activities for the next five years. Course offerings were increased in the winter term to meet interest in new Additional Qualifications courses and we hosted an Autism conference. Much of the spring focused on planning summer courses and launching the new Continuous Learning and Education At Redeemer program (

    AdvANCEMENT General Operating Budget donations for the

    fiscal year totalled $2.73 million, exceeding our budgeted goal by $110,000 for the first time in a number of years!

    An anonymous group of donors made a $500,000 matching gift challenge that encour-aged others and helped the Student Support campaign to surge past its $1 million budgeted goal by $119,000.

    Despite a rain-shortened tournament, $75,000 which is $31,000 more than last year, was raised for scholarships through the Third Annual Redeemer Foundation Golf Tournament.

    Plans for launching the new Cornerstone Program this fall as a replacement for the

    Redeemer Foundation have continued to move forward. A special launch event was planned for September 25, 2009.

    Work continues on a special legacy fund- raising campaign in recognition of Dr Coopers years of service to Redeemer and his retirement in June, 2010. The focus of this campaign is to find ways to help reduce Redeemers long- term debt.

    Further progress was made on implementing Redeemers new Integrated Marketing Policy, but some of those efforts were stalled as we worked to fill the Associate Vice President, Marketing position heading up the department.


    Ancillary Services Campus Services successfully hosted numer-

    ous conferences, retreats and reunions in the summer of 2008, and welcomed over 60,000 visitors throughout the year. In October, 2008, we hosted the Ontario Christian School Teachers Associations (OCSTA) annual conference with approximately 950 Christian school teachers and exhibitors. In April, 2009, the Lutheran Church of Canada held their Evangelfest 2009: Plugged In, Switched On conference on Redeemers campus.

    Campus Services, along with Student Life, devel-oped a senior student food and housing plan that resulted in the two-fold benefit of senior students being pleased to live on campus and Redeemer being able to meet its budgeted food and hous-ing numbers.

    Redeemer entered into a long-term partnership with its food service provider, Sodexo Canada, which resulted in both a large donation and an interest-free loan to improve the food service areas and dining spaces and service to the Redeemer community.

    In May, 2009, Redeemer hosted the production The Hiding Place by Ballet Magnificat! inspired by the true story of Christian sisters Corrie and Betsie ten Boom.

    The Bookstore successfully hosted book tables for the OCSTA Convention, Worship and Autism confer-ences and provided books for a number of poetry readings. Fair trade coffee, supplied by a Redeemer alumnus, has been added to the inventory.

    Child Care staff cared for several children with special needs. A Health and Safety grant was received for the repair of the playground safety surface and donations were gratefully received for a new canvas shade for the play area and an outdoor climber.

    inStitutionAl hiGhLiGhTs Contd


    Stained Glass concert series brings soloists and ensembles from around the world to Redeemer

    Leadership Investment for Tomorrow (LIFT) Campaign, launched

    Mission Week gives students a chance to explore opportunities for missions


    the 2008 Summer Jobs program. Ten summer jobs were supported through this program.

    In April, 2009, employees and retirees partici-pated in information webinars to learn more about the impact of the CSI Pension Plan design alternatives, ask questions, provide input and help guide the trustees to the best plan design for pension plan participants.

    Physical Plant Support was provided by the Directors of

    Campus Services and Physical Plant & Security for two senior student independent studies. One involved the development of a Stewardship Plan and one examined the impact of the installation of solar PV panels.


    The renovation of Cranmer Court was complet-ed by the end of August, 2008, and has been well received by the students occupying those dorms.

    The west entrance received a second course of asphalt, completing the Kitty Murray Lane (KML) reconstruction project that started in 2005.

    The extensive archaeological dig that was required on the site of the future soccer field has been completed.

    Financial Services A successful audit was achieved for 2008/09, as

    well as a successful field review by the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) conducted on March 30, 2009.

    We applied for and received a real property PST rebate of $379,884 for capital purchases and renovations for the five-year period ending April, 2008.

    Health and Safety Health and safety training was given to the new RAs

    and HAs during their Orientation week at the end of August.

    In response to the potential pandemic threat from the H1N1 influenza virus, Redeemer took pre-cautions including: sending emails with relevant information and website links to employees; post-ing hand-washing signs in washroom facilities; and placing hand sanitizers in high traffic areas. Various staff attended a webinar on methods of alerting a campus during a time of emergency, as well as a conference on campus fire safety, hosted by the University of Guelphs Team Prevention.

    Human Resources We were successful in our application for maxi-

    mum funding of $36,573 from Service Canada for

    inStitutionAl hiGhLiGhTs Contd


    English Professor Hugh Cook publishes The Homecoming Man

    LIFT campaign surpasses $11 million1990 Womens Indoor Soccer Team earns

    OCAA gold medal


    Dear Supporting Members, The Board of Governors of Redeemer University College invites you to attend the 29th Annual General Meeting of the supporting members to be held Friday, November 6, 2009 at 5:30 PM in the Dining Hall at Redeemer University College. A reception will be held at 5:00 PM in the Commons during registration, followed by a dinner and the AGM at 5:30 PM in the Dining Hall. A Duo Piano Concert by Valerie Tryon, Artist-in-Residence, and Dr Paul Thorlakson, Chair, Department of Music, is planned at 8:00 PM in the Auditorium. Please RSVP to the Office of the President by Monday, October 27, 2009 at 1-877-779-0913 Extension 4208 or if you plan to join us for the dinner and concert. Should you be unable to attend the Annual General Meeting, the by-laws make special provision enabling members to vote for Board of Governors and Senate nominees, provided that the supplied ballot is signed and delivered to Redeemer University College prior to the time of the meeting. Please note however, that this privilege does not extend to the other items on the agenda.

    We look forward to seeing you on November 6, 2009. In Christs Service, Ray PenningsBoard Chair

    sChEdULE OF EvENTsFriday, November 6, 2009 5:00 PM Registration and Reception5:30 PM Dinner and Annual General Meeting8:00 PM Duo Piano Concert by Valerie Tryon and Dr Paul Thorlakson ANNUAL GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGRedeemer University CollegeFriday, November 6, 2009, 5:30 PM AGENDA 1. Opening 2. Approval of minutes of September 26, 2008 3. Appointment of Balloting Committee 4. Board of Governors and Senate Elections 5. Annual Report 6. Financial Report 7. Appointment of Auditors 8. Acceptance of 20092010 Budget 9. Approval of By-Law No. A-5 10. Recognition of retiring Board members 11. New Business 12. Adjournment

    FRidAy, NOvEMbER 6, 2009 AT 5:30 PM


    Midnight Breakfast, blood donor clinics and SERVE projects in Haiti and Dominican Republic faculty, staff and students serve each other, the local community, and around the world


    reSolutionS 1. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the

    meeting of the supporting members held on September 26, 2008, as printed in the agenda, are hereby adopted.

    2. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Balloting Committee as presented be approved.

    3. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Annual Report as presented with the agenda be received as information.

    4. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the summary financial statements and auditors report at-tached thereto, as presented to the supporting members with the agenda, be received for information.

    5. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the membership approve the auditors as recommended by the Board and approve the actions of the Board up to our fiscal year-end as recommended by the Board of Governors.

    6. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the budget for the fiscal year ending April 30, 2010, as present-ed to the supporting members in the agenda, be received for information.

    7. BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law No. A-5, as passed by the Board of Governors on September 26, 2009, and printed in this agenda be confirmed by the Membership.

    8. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Balloting

    Committee be and is hereby authorized to destroy the ballots for election of the Board members and the Senate member.

    BY-LAW NO. A-5By-Law No. A-5, a By-Law amending Bylaw A-2, Articles 10 and 22 as follows: By-Law No. A-2, Article 10: OFFICERS OF THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE currently reads as follows: In addition to a Chair and Vice-Chair, there shall be a Secretary and a Treasurer and such other officers as the Board of Governors may determine by by-law from time to time. The Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and other such officers as the Board of Governors may determine shall be elected annually at the first meeting of the Board of Governors from among their number. The Chair may serve for up to three consecutive years. By-Law No. A-5 would amend By-Law No. A-2, Article 10: OFFICERS OF THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE as follows: adding the role of Past Chair in the list of

    officers and deleting Secretary and Treasurer and other

    such officers as the Board of Governors may

    determine in the second sentence and adding the following phrase after the word

    number. The President may serve as Secretary and Treasurer, and the Past Chair shall be the immediate Past Chair or otherwise will be left vacant; these shall be non-voting officers, unless the Past Chair is a member of the Board. and

    deleting the final sentence: The Chair may serve for up to three consecutive years.

    By-Law No. A-2, Article 22: FISCAL YEAR currently reads as follows:Unless otherwise ordered by the Board of Governors, the fiscal year of the University College shall terminate on the 30th day of June in each year. By-Law No. A-5 would amend By-Law No. A-2, Article 22: FISCAL YEAR by substitut-ing April for June. By-Law A-5, a By-Law to amend By-Law A-2, Articles 10 and 22 will thus read as follows:1. OFFICERS OF THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGEIn addition to a Chair and Vice-Chair, there shall be a Secretary, Treasurer, Past Chair and


    100 students largest class to date graduate with Bachelor of Christian Studies degree

    In a non-violent coup, the Federal Republic of Redeemer College declares independence from the rest of Canada

    Redeemer celebrates 10 Years of Learning for Serving1992

    such other officers as the Board of Governors may determine by by-law from time to time. The Chair and Vice-Chair shall be elected annually at the first meeting of the Board of Governors from among their number. The President may serve as Secretary and Treasurer, and the Past Chair shall be the immediate Past Chair or otherwise shall be left vacant; these shall be non-voting officers, unless the Past Chair is a member of the Board. 2. FISCAL YEARUnless otherwise ordered by the Board of Governors, the fiscal year of the University College shall terminate on the 30th day of April in each year.


    Concert Choir goes on Maritime Tour

    Indoor beach volleyball, part of Irrational Week

    Sylvia Keesmaat 86, becomes first Redeemer grad to earn a doctorate degree (from Oxford, no less)


    1.0 Opening1.1 Ray Pennings, Chair, opened the meeting at 5:30 PM with prayer.

    Approximately 205 people were present. Explained that the meeting will be held during the dinner time.

    2.0 Approval of minutes of September 29, 20072.1 Motion: Be it resolved that the minutes of the meeting of

    the supporting members held on September 29, 2007, as printed in the agenda, are hereby adopted.

    Moved: Nic van Duyvendyk; seconded: Henry De Bolster; carried. 3.0 Appointment of the Ballot Committee3.1 Magda Beukes, James VanderLaan and Jim Van Geest were

    appointed.3.2 Motion: Be it resolved that the Balloting Committee as

    presented be approved. Moved: Hilda Roukema; seconded: Jack Van Meggelen; carried. 4.0 Board of Governors and Senate Election4.1 The nominees for the Board of Governors and Senate were presented

    and election took place.4.2 All Governors of the Board and Senate listed on the ballot were

    elected (see 10.0). DINNER WAS SERVED

    5.0 Annual Report5.1 Highlights were presented by Dr Justin Cooper.5.2 Dr Cooper highlighted several items in his report and announced his

    resignation, effective June 30, 2010.5.3 Motion: Be it resolved that the Annual Report, as presented

    with the agenda, be received as information. Moved: Henry De Bolster; seconded: Nic van Duyvendyk; carried. 6.0 Financial Report6.1 T reasurer Cor Baarda reviewed the financial statements. It was noted

    that the auditors were satisfied with the financial statements and determined no significant internal weaknesses or fraudulence. Full copies of the financial statements were available upon request.

    6.2 Motion: Be it resolved that the summary financial state-ments and auditors report attached thereto, as presented to the supporting members with the agenda, be received as information.

    Moved: Cor Baarda; seconded: Bill Smouter; carried. 7.0 Appointment of Auditors 7.1 Motion: Be it resolved that the membership approve the

    auditors (Ernst & Young), as recommended by the Board, and approve the actions of the Board up to our fiscal year- end, as recommended by the Executive Committee.

    Moved: Cor Baarda; seconded: Walter Neutel; carried.



    Spring mainstage production of Brechts Three Penny Opera

    Rev De Bolsterretires; Dr Justin D. Cooper becomes Redeemers second President


    Charlie Fluit (Membership: Reformed Churches). The following member was elected to Senate: John Ferns.10.2 Motion: Be it resolved that the Balloting Committee be and

    is hereby authorized to destroy the ballots for election of the Board members and Senate members.

    Moved: Cor Baarda; seconded: Walter Smeding; carried. 11.0 New Business11.1 Several questions raised by the Membership were discussed. 12.0 Adjournment12.1 Ray Pennings closed with prayer. The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 PM.

    8.0 Acceptance of the 2008-2009 Budget8.1 Motion: Be it resolved that the budget for the fiscal year

    ending April 30, 2009, as presented to the supporting members in the agenda, be received as information.

    Moved: Cor Baarda; seconded: Walter Dean; carried. DESSERT WAS SERVED 9.0 Recognition of retiring Board members9.1 Corrie Bootsma, Michael Miedema and Wendy Saunders were

    present and received a framed certificate and pen as a token of appreciation presented by the Board Chair and Dr Cooper.

    9.2 Dennis Royall and Leo Smit, (who have resigned during the past year), and Robert Moore were absent. 10.0 Result of Balloting10.1 The following members were elected to the Board of Governors:

    Shawn Brix (Classis Hamilton), Peter Van Berkel (Classis Niagara), Ian Timmerman (Grand Region Principals Association), John Lunshof (Toronto Dist. Principals Association), Eric Hartemink (Membership: Aylmer/St Thomas Area), Enno Meijers (Membership: Barrie/Orillia Area), Peter Kennedy (Membership: Bowmanville Area), John Buma (Membership: Hamilton/Niagara Area), Bill Elisen (Membership: Huron North Area), Walter Dean (Membership: Evangelical Churches), Walter Smeding (Membership: Reformed Churches), and


    Academic banners, designed by Willem Hart and sewn by Ina Kuntz, are hung in Auditorium

    Matth Cupido mural, based on Psalm 48, installed

    Stranger in the Land, written and directed by Raymond Louter, performed as fall Mainstage


    noMineeS FOR ThE bOARd OF GOvERNORsWybE byLsMA obtained a BA from Calvin College and has retired from the teaching profession. He served as an elder at Grace CRC, chaired Classis Quinte Elders Conferences for a number of years, and is presently a member of Classis Quinte Ministry Committee as well as a member of the CRCNA Board of Trustees. Wybe and his wife, Jean, raised five children and attend the CRC in Cobourg. During the summer months since 2001, he has taught English in China and is also involved in a daily friendship evange-lism ministry via phone and email to numerous professionals and university students in China. Moreover, among university students and schol-ars in Latin America, China, and Russia, he is promoting a Reformational worldview through personal mentoring as well as having significant Reformational books translated into Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. He hopes to be of service also in attracting Christian international students to Redeemer University College. bRiAN hARskAMP received a BA (Hons) from Redeemer University College in 2004 and his MBA with distinction from McMaster University in 2009. He served on the Rotary Club of Hamilton and the McMaster MBA Association boards between 2006-2008 and currently serves on the

    Canadian Club of Hamilton, Corpath Venture Group and Redeemer Alumni Association boards. Brian attends First Hamilton CRC, where he serves as a deacon. hENRy FEENsTRA* has served on the Board of Governors for the past three years and served on the Enrolment and Student Development Committee of the Board for two years. He is a retired psychologist and graduated from the London Teachers College in 1954. Henry was Chief Psychologist at the Grey County School Board of Education for 25 years. He was in-volved in starting Toronto Christian High School and worked for the London Board of Education. He also taught elementary school in Wyoming and Springdale Christian Schools. Henry served on Church Council in Owen Sound CRC. He and his wife Jane have two married children. GEORGE ROWAAN* has served on the Board of Governors for the past four years, which in-cluded a one year vacant membership seat for Classis Chatham and served on the Enrolment and Student Development Committee of the Board for three years. He graduated from Redeemer University College in 1990, received his M Div from Calvin Seminary in 1994 and

    is currently Pastor of the CRC in Tillsonburg. George and his wife Susan have three children: the oldest graduated from Redeemer University College in 2008, the second is in his fourth year and the youngest entered first year this fall. George has served on various Youth Advisory Committees and on the Board of Seaway Ministries. He is currently serving on the Executive of the Tillsonburg Ministerial. JOhN sTRONks* has served his first term of three years on the Board of Governors. As a gover-nor, he has served on the Governors Affairs Committee for two years and the Senate for one year. John, who received his BA from Calvin College in 1983, his M.D. from the University of Toronto in 1987 and his C.C.F.P. from Queens University in 1989, is presently a Family Physician in Chatham, ON. John has served on Christian school boards and on numerous church commit-tees. John, his wife Gay and their four children attend St. Pauls Congregational Church. RONALd TiEMENs* has served his first term of three years on the Board of Governors, includ-ing two years on the Administrative and Finance Committee. He received his BMath degree from the University of Waterloo in 1990 and is a


    Now in its15th year of operation, Redeemer has graduated more than 1000 students

    In its tenth year in the Ancaster location, the campus continues to mature and develop.


    partner of Green Chencinski Starkman Eles LLP, Chartered Accountants, in Toronto. Ron also currently serves on the board of Willowdale Christian School. Ron and his wife Ruth have two daughters who attend Willowdale Christian School. They attend Spring Garden Baptist Church. PAUL TRiEMsTRA* has served his first term of three years on the Board of Governors. As a governor, he has served on the Enrolment and Student Development Committee for two years and the Governance Committee for one year. Paul received his BA from Calvin College in 1989 and obtained his Honours Bachelor of Christian Studies at Redeemer University College in 1991. He is currently the Principal at the Ottawa Christian School. Paul, his wife Kimberley and their two children attend Calvin CRC where Paul has served as elder. MAARTEN vAN OORd obtained an Agricultural diploma and is a dairy farmer in New Brunswick. He and his wife Carolina have five children; two of their children graduated from Redeemer University College and one is currently studying at Redeemer. Maarten served as Chairman on the New Brunswick Federation of Agriculture,

    Co-op Home and Farm Supply, the Eastern Soil Conservation Centre, and on Church Council as elder and deacon. He is currently Chairman of the New Brunswick Soil and Crop Improvement Association and the Agricultural Operations Practices Act.


    NORMAN kLAssEN obtained a B Th from the Canadian Bible College, BA and MA from the University of Waterloo and a D Phil From the University of Oxford. He is Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of English at St. Jeromes University which federated with the University of Waterloo. He specializes in Chaucer and has extensive interest in Christian human-ism. He is a member of St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church in Hamilton. He is married and has three sons.


    More than115 high school students took part in New Horizons, a campus visit event organized by the Admissions Office

    Getting down and dirty during Orientation Week

    Concert Choir tours British Columbia


    For each section on the ballot you are requested to make one selection. Please mark the yes or no box beside a single nomination. If you are unable to attend the annual meeting on Friday, November 6, 2009 you may send your completed ballot to Redeemer University College to the attention of the Presidents Office. In accordance with the by-laws, all mailed or delivered ballots must be signed to be valid.

    NOMiNEEs FOR ThE bOARd OF GOvERNORsAlumni Associationm YES m NO Brian Harskamp Classis Quintem YES m NO Wybe Bylsma Classis Huronm YES m NO Henry Feenstra* Classis Chathamm YES m NO George Rowaan*

    NOMiNEE FOR sENATEm YES m NO Norman Klassen I am a member in good standing of Redeemer University College and wish to vote in absentia. Name:(please print)



    Seaway Valley Principals Associationm YES m NO Paul Triemstra* Membership: Toronto Aream YES m NO Ronald Tiemens* Membership: Maritimesm YES m NO Maarten Van Oord Membership: Evangelical Churchesm YES m NO John Stronks*




    Building on the Promise campaign launched

    Redeemers charter is changed to allow it to grant the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree



    Redeemer recognized by NSERC as being eligible for grants

    Concert Choir and Alumni Choir release first CD

    New gardens installed in the front quad, quickly become a favourite place to meet


    The accompanying summarized statement of financial position and statement of operations are derived from the complete financial statements of Redeemer University College as at April 30, 2009 and for the year then ended on which we expressed an opinion without reservation in our report datedJuly 31, 2009. The fair summarization of the complete financial statements is the responsibility of management. Our responsibility, in accordance with the applicable Assurance Guideline of The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, is to report on the summarized financial statements. In our opinion, the accompanying financial statements fairly summarize, in all material respects, the related complete financial statements in accordance with the criteria described in the Guideline referred to above. These summarized financial statements do not contain all the disclosures required by Canadian generally accepted accounting principles. Readers are cautioned that these statements may not be appropriate for their purposes. For more information on the entitys financial position, results of operations and cash flows, reference should be made to the related complete financial statements. Ernst & Young LLPChartered AccountantsLicensed Public AccountantsToronto, CanadaJuly 31, 2009



    Charter amended to change name to Redeemer University College

    Augustine Hall residence opened

    Whaley Teaching Garden established


    as at April 30(in thousands of dollars) 2009 2008 $ $

    Current assets 4,086 4,889 Mortgage receivable (current 2009, long-term 2008) 1,353 1,278 Restricted investments 3,019 3,507 Capital assets 24,995 24,907 Other assets (student loans) 254 209 Total assets 33,707 34,790 Current liabilities & current portion of long-term debt 5,868 7,130 Deferred contributions 829 269 Deferred capital contributions 10,536 9,975 Long-term debt (loans & bonds) 26,360 26,334 Total liabilities 43,593 43,708 Unrestricted net assets (8,904) (7,618) Endowments 2,866 3,346 Investment in capital assets (3,848) (4,646) Net assets (deficit) (9,886) (8,918) Net balance 33,707 34,790



    Hamilton Street and Rail bus service begins at Redeemer

    More and more students take advan-tage of off- campus study programs

    Outdoor tennis and basketball courts constructed


    CONdENsEd sTATEMENT OF OPERATiONsFor the year ended April 30 (in thousands of dollars) Actual Unaudited Budget Actual Variance Unaudited Budget 2007/08 2008/09 2008/09 2008/09 2009/10 $ $ $ $ $ REVENUES Tuition & fees 9,478 10,250 10,071 (179) 10,944 Donations 3,336 3,003 3,018 15 2,684 Campus Services & housing fees 4,019 3,826 3,861 35 4,180 Other (grants & fees) 663 521 803 282 541 17,496 17,600 17,753 153 18,349 EXPENSES Instruction & Research 4,421 4,305 4,665 360 4,404 Library & Information Technology 1,155 1,140 1,182 42 1,202 Administration & Physical Plant 3,338 3,098 3,155 57 3,114 Student Development 2,332 2,474 2,531 57 2,904 Advancement 1,590 1,797 1,601 (196) 1,812 Campus Services 3,000 2,854 2,892 38 3,030 Debt servicing 1,424 1,343 1,254 (89) 1,169 17,260 17,011 17,280 269 17,635 Excess of revenues over expenses (expenses over revenues) before amortization 236 589 473 (116) 714 Amortization of deferred capital contributions 506 538 470 (68) 477 Amortization of capital assets (1,387) (1,439) (1,431) 8 (1,388) Excess of expenses over revenues after amortization (645) (312) (488) (176) (197) Gain on sale of land 1,395 0 0 0 0 Excess of revenues over expenses (expenses over revenues) for the year 750 (312) (488) (176) (197)


    Celebrating 20 years of Gods Faithfulness

    Williams Coffee Pub opens on campus

    Several construction projects, funded by Growing with Integrity Campaign, begin



    Charter amended to allow Redeemer to grant the Bachelor of Education degree

    The Crossand our Calling: The Identity and Vision of Redeemer University College is published

    The Market opens






























    4%(GRANTS & FEES)

  • One of the highlights

    of the 2008I09 year

    awas the Theatre Arts

    production of Fiddler

    On The Roof, which

    sold every seat for

    every show


    Rev De Bolster granted honourary Doctor of Divinity from McMaster University

    H. Evan Runner Chair in Philosophy, Redeemers first endowed chair, is filled by Craig Bartholomew

    Dreaming of Lions project, permanent collection of Prof. James Tughans collection of 17 chalk pastel prints, is installed



    Opening of the Peter Turkstra Library and the South Wing

    Growing with Integrity pledges top $9.1 million

    Redeemer acquires the Blue Castle




    Kitty Murray Lane is upgraded, giving Redeemer a second entrance

    Inaugural Golf tournament raises more than $35,000

    Redeemer students begin work in Sierra Leone, funded in part by CIDA



    Great is Gods Faithfulness Redeemer marks 25 years

    Employers hiring Redeemer Co-Op students now eligible for provincial tax credit

    Junior Agents report to Redeemers Super Summer Science Camp

    Redeemer students participate in eternal assessment surveys, resulting in great coverage in The Globe and Mails University Report Card


    tHAnK You FOR yOUR sUPPORT Contd


    Dr. Theo Plantinga, Professor of Philosophy and Redeemers first employee in 1977, passes away

    Mens Indoor Soccer Team wins Gold medal at provincial champion-ships

    Model UN Team meets with PM



    Ottawa gives first capital grant for campus renewal project

    Provincial, federal and municipal governments provide support for soccer complex

    Continuous Learning & Education At Redeemer C.L.E.A.R. is launched, with every event to date sold out


    tHAnK You FOR yOUR sUPPORT Contd


    Soccer Complex set to open in September

    On June 30, Dr Cooper will retire after 30 years of service to Redeemer University College, the last 16 as President


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