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Recycling Vedran Bajivić
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Recycling Vedran Bajivić

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About recycling

Recycling is the reusing of old materials.

With recycling we achieve following goals: - we save raw resources - we save energy - we protect environment - we open new work places

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Recycling of plastic

Plastic is a material which comes from oil.

Oil reserves will probably dissapear in 35 years.

Degradation of different products takes from 100 to 1000 years.

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Recycling of plastic

With burning 4 plastic bags we spendas much oxygen as we need for 1 day.

There are some kinds of plastic that we can recycle, that plastic has sign on it.

We need to collect and recycle that plastic, that's primary stands for PET packaging.

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Recycling of plastic


For a good example of considerable benefit from recycling plasticwe can look at the information from Germany (2001). Due to the electricity saved by using old plastic, 1.8 milion households were supplied by electricity for 130 days. In money that was 250 milion euros.

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Biodegradable waste and


Remains of plants and animals make up 35% - 40% of solid waste.

This big amount of waste can be made reusable by the most natural way of recycling – separation.

In separation bacterias and mushrooms seperate organic waste in useful and quality land usually known as humus.

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Biodegradable waste and


That land is great for growing flowers and vegetables.

This way is clean, inexpensive and significantly reduces the amount of waste.

It also makes the use of chemical fertilizers, which are very dangerous, unnecessary.

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Biodegradable waste and


Way to make compost

If you have a backyard or place for digging, it is necessary to dig a hole whichwould be separated by bricks to prevent mixing of compost with the wastewather and the ground outside. Each time when you add organic products (food leftovers...)you need to cover it with a thin layer of leaves, then layer of earth for smell to dissapear. After 45 days you'll get humus. If youwant to make the process shorter, after rain you need to get earthworms in hole tonaturally seperate food.

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I recycle because :

I less destroy nature I reduce the impact of waste on pullution of water, air and soil. I protect lifes and health of plants, animals and everyone I love I reduce the amount of energy necessary to produce something I save the money, because it makes products cheaper I save the space which would be destroyed by waste dumps I save the environment which would be destroyed for resources I make our environment beautiful and clean.