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Reatail customer-service

Jul 17, 2015




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Key elements of Excellent Customer Service in Retail.

Good Customer Service is not Enough!!


5 Key Elements Of Excellent Customer Servicer in Retail






The Right Approach

When to Approach ?

How to Approach ?

Right Attitude

When NOT to approach

First thing first!! Lets understand when you should not approach .

a)Do not approach the customer immediately after they enter into the Store.

b)Do not approach when they are busy trying out merchandise or discussing something about it with the person they walked in.

c)Give them Ample time to look around and find stuff they are looking for.

d)Do not approach customer when they are talking/browsing on their mobile phone.


When to Approach

1)When customer is not able to find something on his own.

2)When customer is trying to compare two or more items.

3)Approach when you think you have an opportunity to show them latest merchandise of same quality.

*** rephrase


How to Approach

Greet with a smile!! Its not only important, Its Mandatory.

Approach Customers with a personalized warm welcome.

Make sure you create a unique and meaningful experience.

How to Approach

Acknowledge when prospects/customers look at you.

After the approach if their concern is related to other department or person, facilitate.

Do not redirect them to other person. Call the executive to help.

Customers feel special if you know them by their names

Do not redirect them to other person. Call the executive to help


How to approach.

Hi, How may I help you?

Use Hi, Welcome to store". I'm . Let me know if you need

any help. I will be around!!

How to start?

************** chk fr options************************


How to approach.

Right Attitude

I am going to close a sale

I am going to help the shopper to make an Informed Decision.

People who walk in here are just another shoppers

People who walk in to this store Should be on CENTER STAGE

I only care about Merchandise related information

I care not only about merchandise but human behavior their feelings, understandings and perception

I work as a representative for this store

I am into human relationship Profession



Always use

Positively phrased questions

Always ask

Adapt customers style

Try to

Simplified Language

Key to probe is


If you are asking questions make sure you are polite. Your politeness can get you answers to these questions.

First, ask questions to find out whatcustomers want,

Second, move toward finding outwhythey want it.

Continue probing until you findwhichitem best suits their needs



Always use simplified language

Using simplified language makes shopper really comfortable to open up and tell you what they want.

Paraphrase your questions/suggestion to make sure that shopper understands you.

Project yourself as a person who is trying to find best suitable option for the shopper.


Always ask Positively Phrased questions

Why dont you try some other brand ?

Why do you feel that way?

Why do you want that color?

Do you mind if I show you some other Brand?

May I know what makes you feel that way?

Have you considered any other colors?


Try to Adapt Customers Style

Adapt shoppers style so that they become really interested in what you are asking.

Do not use technical terms and jargons in case of consumer electronics if you are not sure that shoppers can understand you.

Do not confuse customer with different brand names which he/she may not be aware of.


Present thoughtful and suitable options to choose from.

Present Benefits not features of commodity or merchandise.

Do not present a solution until you are sure that you have probed well to know what customer wants .


Present a solution which will enrich their life in some way.

Bundle a solutions which customer will take home.

Be specific in presenting a solution if there are Budget Concern.


Show them how the product will improve their experience.

Present relevant options depending upon requirement such as color choices , technology fabric etc.

Educate shoppers about different offers/payment methods only after they have decided to purchase.

Present .

Few tips on Presenting your self..

Look Confident

Eye contact

Your posture

Facial expressions


What it takes to

Great Product Knowledge

Ready to help attitude

Adapting the Customers style

Sound Confident

Rate of speech(how slow or fast you speak)

Simple and easy answers to questions


What it takes to


Think, plan then talk


Keep a note of conversations you had with shoppers


Listen actively to plan your actions to resolve issues, concern and requirements.

If you cannot understand the problem seek for help immediately.

Try to resolve a problem completely.


70% of buying experiences are based on how Customer feels they are being treated.

Source : McKinsey


If the cases are of exchange or money back, handle such cases calmly. Tell them about the options they have in such cases.

Discreetly tell shoppers about payment methods they can go for if they have budget constraints.


91% of unhappy customers will not willingly do business with you again in future. Resolve an issue in the customers favor and 70% of them will do business with you again. Source : Lee Resources

Remain calm in such situations, Dont take it personally as all they are voicing about merchandise.

Listen carefully and let them speak without interruptions as it will calm them down after a while.

During the conversation try to focus on the problem not on the person.

Empathize with Customer do not make excuses or interruption : use these

I understand how you feel

We apologize

Let me see what we can do immediately.


Dealing with Difficult Customers


News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience.

Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs


Make sure customers receive everything theyve paid for before they leave your store .

Double check merchandise for following things before bagging :

Faulty/Display Piece

Manufacturing defect

Exact color chosen by shopper

Accurate size

Correct Model Number



Double check for frayed tags Price of merchandise before Billing.

Try to get customers name for future references.

Smile as you are saying goodbye and tell them about upcoming sales/stock to encourage the customer to come again.


Thank you!!

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