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Read these books for a better start of 2014

Dec 07, 2014




Read these books for a better start of 2014. All the best books to read in 2014

  • 1. Read these 14 books for a great start of 2014
  • 2. 4 Books to Kick Start Bestsellers of 2013
  • 3. Award Wining Book Read if you are young adult fiction buff
  • 4. New York Times best seller The best contemporar y Fiction Book
  • 5. The Hunger Games Trilogy is alive A more violent, less sex-ridden Twilight
  • 6. A Magical Story by Khaled Hosseini Know the real meaning of love
  • 7. 4 Books to Get Motivated All time best selling self help
  • 8. Know the ways to focus on what you want in your life
  • 9. The book has changed the outlook of many lives immeasurabl y
  • 10. Adored by millions Exposes the hidden secrets of personal wealth
  • 11. How to live the life of a monk without denying the existence of anything
  • 12. 6 Latest Arrivals Most Loved Books
  • 13. Imagine your husband wrote you a letter, to be opened after his death
  • 14. Great Science Fiction A Blend of adventure, emotions and Hilarious tale
  • 15. An awesome story of a quick and turbulent start of twitter
  • 16. The ordinary story of an extraordinary Boy Must Read
  • 17. A breathtaking love story Love life In college
  • 18. A murder mystery You have never seen such a great investigation
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