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Raj Kissu - Google Summer of Code 101

Dec 05, 2014




Presented by Raj Kissu at 2008

  • 1. Google Summer of Code 101 A FOSS.MY Presentation Raj Kissu Rajandran
  • 2. What I'll Be Covering Summer of Code (SoC) What It Is When And Where It Is Why Participate How To Get Involved Preparations for SoC What's Expected During SoC
  • 3. About Me ... I'm Raj Kissu Rajandran APIIT Student Pursuing Software Engineering Working at QubeConnect Sdn. Bhd. as a part-time software developer Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) enthusiast GsoC 2008 Student
  • 4. What Is It?
  • 5. Suggested by Sergey and Larry Named after the Summer of Love Involves many OSS groups Students from various educational backgrounds
  • 6. Students propose and complete an open source project ONLY students can propose projects Signup as a mentor to guide students
  • 7. Summer of Code Goals
  • 8. Get more OSS code out in the open Get students to contribute Provide students exposure Identify potential developers NOT a recruiting program
  • 9. When And Where Is It Held?
  • 10. Held all over the world Annually since 2005 Normally between May and August Duration of 4 months 1 month for community bonding 3 months for coding
  • 11. Why Join Summer of Code?
  • 12. Coding Experience
  • 13. Mentorship
  • 14. Meet Other GSoCers
  • 15. A Gift From Google
  • 16. Google SoC T-Shirt
  • 17. Certificate of Participation
  • 18. Cash Incentive - $4500!! (approx. R16k)
  • 19. How Do I Join SoC?
  • 20. Choose an organisation Get an idea: Come up with your own Or get one from the SoC Ideas list Write a proposal Register as a Google Student and submit it Cross your fingers and await approval
  • 21. Community Bonding
  • 22. Contact your mentors Familiarise yourself with the mentoring organisation Get to know other GsoCers Understand what's expected of you Finalise your project approach
  • 23. Actual Coding
  • 24. Coding starts in June Consists of 12 weeks Submit weekly reports Focus on code, not documentation Implement coding standards Anything else your mentors tell you
  • 25. Midterm Evaluation
  • 26. th Takes place during the 7 week A workable release of the project should be available Complete the Midterm Survey Await approval
  • 27. Final Evaluation
  • 28. Takes place on the last week Week 12 All coding should be done by this week Spruce up code Provide documentation Usage documentation Technical documentation (code comments)
  • 29. Complete the Final Survey Once again, wait for approval Failure! Better luck next time Success! Prepare a tarball of your project for your submission to Google
  • 30. How You Get Paid!
  • 31. GsoC Student Debit Card
  • 32. Payment broken into three segments First payment ($500) during Week 1 Second payment ($2000) after Midterm evaluation Final payment ($2000) after Final evaluation
  • 33. Project Demonstration
  • 34. Things To Remember SoC proliferates Open Source Software Open Source encourages sharing of knowledge Contribute to Open Source Join the next Summer of Code!
  • 35. For Further Info ... Google Summer of Code: BLOBStreaming: My SoC Blog: Email me at [email protected]
  • 36. Q&A