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Raiders March from ‘The Raiders March’

Aug 26, 2014



By Shrivats 11E

Song information Composed by John Williams (same man who

composed the music for Star Wars) and played by the London symphony orchestra Produced by George Lucas (also the producer of Star Wars) and directed by Steven Spielberg

Film Synopsis In 1936, Indiana Jones, an adventure seeking explorer,

is hired by the U.S. government to search of the Ark of Covenant, a golden casket used by the ancient Hebrews which held the Ten Commandments. The Ark supposedly posses the ability to transfer magical powers to its user and the ability to communicate with God. Which is why Indiana Jones and fellow explorer Marion Ravenwood was determined to find it before Adolf Hitlers Nazi forces discover it and unleash its power.

Basic Facts The purpose of the song was to capture the essence of

the hero Indiana Jones The song gives colorful, larger-than-life effect (something that legends are made of) to suggest a brave, thrill-seeking and conquering hero in Indiana Jones

Driving march sectionTime signature kept simple (4/4)

Ostinato patterns with energetic and good dynamic rhythms C Major-key melody with dotted rhythms and leaps which advocate

Jones desire to leap into action (ABAB structure) Strength and brilliance of the percussion and brass instruments dominate the timbre while the loud volume compliments Indiana Jones reckless adventures The song maintains its moderately fast tempo to evoke a sense of the non-stop exhilarating action in the movie

Chords and intervals In piano score most of the chords are right handed chords

consisting of at least two notes of different pitches. In bars 16 all the chords are two-note chords which form only one interval. After bars 7 and onwards some of the chords used are threenote chords, which means each chord will produce 3 intervals.

Concords, discords and Harmony

The harmony of the song, which can produce an emotional

effect on the audience, helps to illustrate and convey character The chords in bar five (above) produce concordant harmonic effect. Concords are chords that are pleasant to hear. The concordant harmony helps the listener to picture the character (which in this case would be Indiana Jones)

Themes conveyed The music conveys the personality of a hero like

Indiana Jones Uses a leitmotif: a piece of music used repeatedly to represent a character, theme, or action to convey the character of Indiana Jones as this would later become his recurring theme song in the rest of the movies Daring, adventure seeking, heroic and all-conquering. These are some of the attributes of Jones which the music is trying to convey

Full Score (just as a referance)

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