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Qwixalted - Jarvis

Jun 01, 2018




  • 8/9/2019 Qwixalted - Jarvis


    4. Abilities: Abilities cover the breadth of antroduction capabilities. Each Ability governs the S

    wixalted is finished and includes everything you need beneath it and whenever a value or roll

    play The following is my vision for this crazy idea and needed, the parent Ability determines th

    e project that spent a year percolating in the back of Abilities are rated 1 6 and are roughly describe

    y mind. Poor, Average, Good, Expert, Master, and

    ternatively, aiklaves Version is a bit different and a and Attributes are detailed later.

    le less Indie RPG influenced than my own. ? Lunars have a single Ability at 5,

    th games are ready to rock right now so feel free to and the ast at 1.

    e them ? All other characters have a singleharacte Sheets another at 4, then 3, 2, & 1.

    ey feature abbreviated rules for most of the game opper Jaguar begins with Dawn 5, Zenith d ll of the character specific stuff. Night 4, and Eclipse 3. byssals DragonBlooded God-Blooded Heroic Mortals 5. Favored: Favored Abilities represent the nars Sidereals Solars superhuman potential. They st rt slightly higher

    normal and are the only Abilities that character Creation ? Lunars and God Blooded are Favored only

    eating a Character in Qwixalted is simple and quick. their Caste or Archetype Ability, i

    u shouldnt need a whole session to make characters, ? Other Exalts are Favored in their C

    d you should be ready to play in about an hour (for (Aspect for Dragon Blooded) nd one other,

    ur first time making a Qwixalted character) or about increase both by 1. minutes (if youre a Qwixalted vet

    ? Heroic Mortals have no Favored Abil e storyteller (GM) should take special note of the

    may never raise Abilities to 6. ayer characters Motivations, Intimacies, and Virtues,

    Copper Jaguar is Zenith caste, Zenith an ce hooking into these is an easy way to engage the

    Favored (becoming 3 and 2). aracters for a more compelling story.

    6. Essence: Essence is the energy that fuelsfamiliar with the power levels in Exalted? onsider this handy Sorcery and Charms of the Exalted. Recorde... characters Essence rating and note the a

    e Heroic Game: The group consists mainly of Heroic Mortal, God ? Solars and Abyssals begin with 5 Es ooded, or Dragon Blooded Motes. racters. This is the power level of most fantasy rpgs. Rulers will

    ? Lunars and Sidereals begin with 4 Eoverthrown, monsters Motes.l be slain, princesses will be sa ed, and Heaven may take notice.

    ? DragonBlooded begin with 3 Essence a e Epic Game: The group consists mainly of Solar, Abyssal, Lunar, (+Breeding) Motes. d Sidereal characters. ? God-Blooded begin with 2 Essence and s is the power level thats almost exclusive to Exalted.

    ? Heroic Mortals begin with 1 Essenceperors will be overthrown, As a Solar, Copper Jaguar begins with 5ds will be slain, worlds will be sav d, and Heaven will tremble. pool of 10 motes. ep By Step 7. Charms: Charms are the supernatural poweConcept: Think up an interesting word or two to Exalted. Charms are written next to thescribe the character. modify, creating a useful way to augment

    att thinks hed like to play an Ardelethain Brigand. Starting characters select a number of CName: Names in Exalted vary from mundane to Circles or Fighting Styles. More on theslorful.

    ? Siderals choose 8 of these.att decides the name Co per Jaguar has a nice ring ? Solars, Abyssals, Dragon Blooded choose 6 oit.

    these.Exaltation and Caste: Choose which type of character ? Lunars choose 4 of these.u want to play and pick the Caste (Aspect for Dragon ? God-Blooded do not begin with any ofooded and Archetype for Heroic Mortals and God ? Heroic Mortals may not learn Charmsooded) that seems most applicable or fun for your

    begin with any Fighting Styles.ncept pper Jaguar is a Zenith Caste Solar Exalt. See altations and Castes below

  • 8/9/2019 Qwixalted - Jarvis


    opper Jaguar takes Overwhelmin and Multiple Melee, ne Taken Out). Resistance charms, Stami verwhelming Presence, Paced Resistance, Supernatural rant access to a number of additional H hletics and the Tempest Blade Fighting Style. starting from the bottom. Backgrounds: Beyond their own Abilities, characters Lunars gain +4 Health boxes per Cha ve relationships and possessions that can provide a Solars and Abyssals gain +3 Health xes per luable edge in times of need. Backgrounds are Charm. tailed later. ? DragonBloods gain +2 Health boxes pe

    ? Sidereals begin with 8 dots for Backgrounds. ? Sidereals gain +1 Health boxes per ? DragonBlooded begin with 6 dots for ? God-Blooded gain a number of Health

    Backgrounds. Charm, dictated by Heritage. ? All other characters begin with only 4 dots for aced Resistance (1 Resistance Charm) gr

    Backgrounds. Jaguar 3 additional 3 Helth boxes -0 X X Xopper Jaguar has Artifact 2 (a light Daiklave and -1 X X Xarhstone bracers), Contacts (Friends in Low Places) -1 X X X X

    d Manse 1 (The Sentinel). -3 X X X X

    Virtue Flaw: All heroes possess heroic Virtues, but -3 X ? ? ? e powerful Exalts are also cursed with tragic Flaws. aken Out eate an epic and interesting Virtue and/or Flaw. Exaltations and Castes

    opper Jagua s Virtue is Compassion and his Flaw is Qwixalted can be used to play just about

    inful Isolation. covered by Exalted 2nd Edition. These ru. Motivation and Intimacies: Create an epic goal or Solar, Lunar, Sidereal, Dragon Blooded, and Abyssal

    stiny for your character and choose a number of characters, as well as the God Blooded and Heroic

    timacies equal to Integrity. Mortals. You can use Daiklave's fine rul lchem

    opper Jaguars destiny is to Restore Ardeleth to Glory. or Infernal Exalted.

    . Totem: For most Exalts, save for Sidereals and This section covers the abilities and sp

    agonBlooded, truly incredible feats cause a totemic govern each type of Exalt and Caste cove

    age to appear in a brilliant display of essence. rules.

    escribe the characters Totemic Display. Solarsopper Jaguars anima lights up with a predatory cat of Once known as the Lawgivers, the chosenhitegold solar flame. Unconquered Sun have returned to Creatio

    . Weapons Equipment: Note any items or Artifacts their mark once again.u character regularly carries. Solar Characteristicsopper Jaguars carries Arclight (a small daiklave), his Great Virtue / Fatal Flaw: All Solars possess a Gacers and a light chain shirt. Virtue and a Fatal Flaw. Embracing the V. Defenses: Defensive maneuvering in Qwixalted is bonus die on a related roll while opposimpletely reflexive. Your character constantly has a increases Limit by 1. When Limit is full ar isvel of passive defense that penalizes any attempt to immediately overtaken by the Fatal Flawack. duration of the scene. Limit is reduced

    ? PDV: Physical Defense Value protects against each Limit Break.physical attacks. Tell Time: All Solar Exalts may spend 1 moteo PDV = (Dodge/2) or (Dexterity/2) for to tell the precise time of day.Lunars Solar Castes

    ? Soak: Damage resistance protects against ? Dawn: Peerless warriors nd generals.physical harm.

    For 1 mote, they can appear terrible and mighty, o Soak = (Resistance/2) or (Stamina/2) for following benefits for the duration of the scene

    Lunars +1 PDV against mortals or anything else afraid t +1 MDV against anything due to their righteouslyMDV: Mental Defense Value protects against

    ? Zenith: Righteous philosopher kings.ocial attacks. For 1 mote, they can embody their holy patron, g MDV = (Essence + Integrity)/2 or (Essence following benefits for the duration of the scene+ Appearance)/2 for Lunars +1 Damage and +1 PDV against Outsiders to Creati

    . Health: Characters start play with only the (any being not native to those realms). derlin d Health Boxes (one 0, two 1s, two 3s and

  • 8/9/2019 Qwixalted - Jarvis


    nctify Dead wit a touch. Bodies burn, leaving no ghost or uration of the scene. Limit is red ced to zero afte pse. each Limit Break.

    ? Twilight: Brilliant scholars and sorcerers. Lunars also gain 1 Limit each night at m r 1 mote, they can strengthen their anima, gaining the following

    the Full Moon.nefit: Display Tell: All Lunar Exalts may spend 1 mogate 2 Wounds from a single incoming attack. time to display their Tell.? Night: Deft assassins and spies. Tell Time: All Lunar Exalts may spend 1 mote1 mote, they can shroud themselves, gaining the following for

    duration of the scene: time to tell the precise time of day. to all Stealth rolls so long as their anima remains hidden. Lunar Castes

    ? Full Moon: Swift and powerful warriorsditionally, they can use a charm without flaring their anima by For 1 mote, they can strengthen their limbs, gainding 1 additional mote. Combos and sorcery can NEVER be for the duration of the scene:den this way. Double successes after ny roll for movement or feats o

    ? Eclipse: Gifted ambassadors and mediators. ? Changing Moon: Cunning agents relyingr 1 mote, they can sanctify any oaths, pacts, or deals made in

    and presence by touching the parties involved. For 1 mote, they can alter their human form, gaieaking an Eclipse's pact inflicts (Eclipses Essence) Wounds on the for the duration of the scene:thbreaker. This damage is unsoakable. Perfectly mimic any known person so long as thei hidden.ditionally, they are capable of learning non Solar charms (2xp

    ? No Moons:Wise mystics possessing intch, Lunar charms are tied to indiv dual skills as normal) and, due ancient pacts, and knowledge. nnot be attacked by Fair Folk, Demons or Spirits while o

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