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Quiz on English slang and Idioms

Dec 01, 2014



This is a a quiz on English slang and idioms

  • 1. AmericanSlang

2. 1 He just bought a new beemer to drive to workin. A.bag C.B.M.W. car 3. Answer .c C.B.M.W. car 4. 2 The pillow was a freebie bird B. free person C.a free thing 5. Answer C.a free thing 6. I need to make a quick buck. A. some easy money B. quick drink C. easy decision 7. Answer A. some easy money 8. I am not going to work for peanuts. A. pea B.huge amount of money C. practically no money 9. Answer C. practically no money 10. This music is groovy. A. bad B. pleasant C.latest 11. Answer B. pleasant 12. Doing homework on the weekend is a drag. A.easy B.boring C.good 13. Answer B.boring 14. The raw office workers were not gettingmuch done. A.angry C.police 15. Answer 16. He pooped out after we started to do the hard work. A. got angry tired C.quit 17. Answer C.quit 18. Answer Hey sista! are you B.Siesta C.Sister 19. Answer Hey sista! (sister). 20. AnswerSo watchu gonna do now?a.Watch youb.What re youc.What do you 21. Answerb.What re you 22. Answer Its a good exercise to strengthen your abs A.abcd alphabets B.abdominal muscles C.basic knowledge 23. Answer abdominal or stomach muscles 24. Answer Shes always happy if there are lots ofankle-biters around. A.friends B.servants C.children 25. Answer ankle-biter Meaning: a child 26. Answer Cathy loves being around ankle-biters, soshed be happy working as a A.kindergarten teacher B.underwater photographer C.zoo-keeper 27. Answer A.kindergarten teacher 28. Answer In New York City, a lot of stores are open24/7. A .on June 24 hours from midnight C. All the time 29. Answer C. All the time 30. Answer C. All the time :around the clock 31. Answer If someone is beat boxing, they are A.making music B.fighting C.exercising 32. Answer A.making music 33. Answer If someone wears a lot of bling, they wantto A.look rich B.smell good C.feel warm 34. Answer A.look rich 35. . Meaning: flashy jewellery worn to create theimpression of wealth For example: Check out all the bling around that guys neck. Itmust weigh a ton!Note: "bling-bling" means the same thingOrigin: Originally used in U.S. hip-hop and rapculture, and possibly derived from the sound ofheavy necklaces hitting one another. 36. Answer If someone says, "Hey, you wanna scoresome blow?" theyre trying to sell yousome A.pornography B.marijuana C.cocaine 37. Answer C.cocaine 38. . 39. Answer When the movie was released, nearly all thenewspaper film critics canned it. They said itwas A.really great B.fairly good C.not very good 40. Answer C.not very good 41. Meaning: to reject or criticize something or someone For example: The shows ratings were so bad that the networkcanned it after just a few episodes.The English media cans the national football teamwhenever they lose a game.Variety: This slang is typically used in American andAustralian English but may be used in other varietiesof English too. 42. Answer If someone asks you where the can is,they want to know where the is B.toilet is C.refrigerator is 43. Answer B.toilet is 44. Meaning: toilet For example: Carlos has got a stomach problem, so hesgone to the can.Do you know where the can is in this place?Variety: This slang is typically used inAmerican English but may be used in othervarieties of English too. 45. Answer Mickey said it was da bomb when he saw A.his bad exam results B.the damage to his car c.his friends new motorcycle 46. Answer C.his friends new motorcycle 47. Meaning: excellent, extremely good For example: This new Batman movie is da bomb, dude! Joeys new chick is da bomb, man! Shes hot! Variety: This slang is typically used in AmericanEnglish but may be used in other varieties ofEnglish too. 48. Answer Trevor hates being a deadbeat dad, sohes trying to get a job so that he can a new sports car child support for his kids C.take his girlfriend on a holiday 49. Answer child support for his kids 50. Meaning: a father who doesnt pay child support regularly For example:Variety: This slang is typically used in AmericanEnglish but may be used in other varieties of Englishtoo. 51. Answer Most people in England dont knowdiddly-squat about American football Anything nothing everything 52. Answer A.anything 53. diddly-squat | diddly Meaning: anything For example: We dont care diddly-squat about what other peoplethink. We do things our own way here.The woman doesnt know diddly about economics orforeign affairs, but they still chose her to run for vice-president! Variety: This slang is typically used in American Englishbut may be used in other varieties of English 54. Answer You will probably dis a young man if yousay he needs to go to the gym A.guess its eally cool B. show disrespect C. approve 55. Answer dis | diss Meaning: to show disrespect to someoneby saying or doing something insulting 56. 57. Answer An empty-nester is someone whose A.children have left home B.birds have flown away C.savings have disappeared 58. Answer A.children have left home Meaning: a parent whose children havegrown up and left home 59. Empty- nester 60. Answer If someone says, "Yo man, let me holdsome ends. Ill hit you back on Friday,"they want to A.borrow some money cards C.go out for dinner on Friday 61. Answer A.borrow some money 62. Answer Lizzie said Chrissie was a flake becauseshe A.didnt turn up at the party B.didnt pay her share of the bill C.didnt want to join in the fun 63. Answer A.didnt turn up at the party 64. flake 65. Thank you