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Specialities High rate of egg production 300/year Mature rapidly Less feed cost Less space req. 8-10 quail/ chicken 3-4 generations/year

Quail production

Jan 23, 2017



Deepa Menon
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Page 1: Quail production

Specialities High rate of egg production 300/yearMature rapidlyLess feed costLess space req. 8-10 quail/ chicken 3-4 generations/year

Page 2: Quail production

Incubation and hatching

• Incubation period – 18 days• Setter temp- 37.4-37.9 C humidity – 65-70 % at 37.7 C• Hatcher temp- 36.9 C humidity – 75%

Page 3: Quail production

Factors affecting hatchability • Male :female ratio - 1:2• Age• Inheritance • Preferential mating• Nutrition• Health• Managerial factors

Page 4: Quail production

Cage system of rearing

• 12.5 x 20 x 25 c.m for 2 quails

• 60 x 60 x 25 c.m. for 25 quails

• 60 x 120 x 25 c.m for 50 quails

Page 5: Quail production

Cage system

Page 6: Quail production


• Be Careful in choosing waterers• It should be shallow to avoid drowning • Keep pebble in waterers in the first few

days • Should be easy to clean• Water intake 2g/g BW

Page 7: Quail production

Feeders• It should be shallow• Fill the feed till the brim during first few

days• Feed particle size should be small


Page 8: Quail production

Floor • Should not be overcrowd• Floor should not be slippery• Chicks are more susceptible for

slippery floor

Page 9: Quail production

Commercial quail egg production

• Age of maturity – 6 weeks

• Weight of an egg – 10-15 g

• Number of egg/year- 300

Page 10: Quail production

Female Japanese quail

Page 11: Quail production

Quail eggs

Page 12: Quail production

Physical characteristic of quail and chicken egg

Quail ChickenEgg weight g 10.3 56.7Albumen % 56.5 57.1Yolk % 32.6 31.1

Shell % 9.9 10.7Shell thickness mm

0.19 0.31

Page 13: Quail production

Nutrient composition- quail egg

Composition %Water 74.25Protein 13.17Fat 11.04Carbohydrate 1.02Total ash 1.11

Page 14: Quail production

Factors affecting egg production

• Photoperiod – 16 hours• Light intensity• Nutritional factors• Inheritance• Other factors

Page 15: Quail production

Commercial quail meat production

• Tender• Low in fat• More tasty

Page 16: Quail production


• Age of slaughter – 5 weeks

• Weight at 5th week - 250g

• Feed conversion ratio - 3.5-3.8

Page 17: Quail production

Quail products

Quail egg products Quail egg pickle Whole egg powder Brined quail egg

Page 18: Quail production

• Quail meat products Quail meat pickle Quail Tandoori Fried quail Chilli quail

Page 19: Quail production

Bacterial diseases

• Pullorum disease• Ulcerative enteritis• Avian cholera • Botulism• Omphalitis

Page 20: Quail production

Other diseases

• External parasitic diseases• Coccidiosis• Black head• Aspergillosis• Cannibalism