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Nov 01, 2014




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What is Pure Insight? Pure Insight is Europe’s leading provider of relevant and actionable insights to help Innovation and R&D executives and their teams build innovation capabilities.

We work with global companies to enhance their innovation skills, to reinvigorate existing processes and to establish new competencies with the aim to improve innovation performance overall.


Our global reach

Breadth of content coverage

Trusted and impartial

Our tailored approach


Established in 2004, Pure Insight serves more than 1,200 customers spanning 20 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Structured development programmes, providing training

and tools to implement innovation practices.

Our unique Open Intelligence NetworkSM of 1,400 experts deliver unbiased practices, tools and templates to our customers.

Our three product streams deliver actionable insights and tools to improve innovation performance in your business:


Thought Leaders Academics Practitioners

2-day workshops delivered by world renowned experts, held in

London, Amsterdam and Johannesburg.

A 12-month corporate membership programme,

delivering a continuous learning framework.

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Building Innovation Capability in Your Business A structured approach is needed to develop innovation competencies aligned with your needs in the business, and your organisational structures and abilities.

Why is all of this important in today’s environment?

»! Innovation processes have increased in complexity through internal and external innovation ecosystems

»! Clarity is required, as an increasing number of practices are largely unproven, and bottom line business contribution are unclear

»! You can no longer afford to make costly and timely mistakes in trial and error approaches

»! The way “How you Innovate” as a competitive advantage


Effective enabler mechanism (PROCESS)

Clear Innovation STRATEGY

An innovative ORGANISATION

Pro-active external LINKAGES

»! Building innovation capability needs to be treated with the same rigor as when companies develop new competencies within other functions, like finance or supply chain management

»! It needs to be treated as a change management programme - you are changing the way you innovate.

»! A portfolio approach between building broad innovation capability versus focused competence programmes

»! A blended learning approach of different styles and formats

A sustainable and continuous process is required

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Building Capability through INSIGHTS


Building Capability through IMPLEMENTATION, adoption

and configuration


Targeted and tailored to meet your Innovation Management challenges

Transfer proven practices from Innovation Practitioners across different industries and geographies

Focused on building a sustainable learning framework for continuous innovation improvement in your business

Provides decision makers and their teams with the right insights and skills to move forwards quickly and effectively

What is the Innovation Leader Programme? A 12-month corporate engagement programme, delivered via a framework of continuous learning. The ILP delivers sustainable learning through a blend of insights from our unique Open Intelligence NetworkSM, and a Tailored Programme of four delivery days – in the form of workshops and roundtables, designed to address specific innovation challenges you face in your business – as well as a Core Programme of live and web-based forums.

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Now 1 Month 12 Months

Innovation Leader Programme delivery and engagement 12 Months – Engage your innovation team through a Community of Practice

Your Tailored Programme Delivery Day 1

Delivery day 2 Delivery day 3

Delivery day 4 Innovation Fitness Test Assess and benchmark your innovation capability

Induction Meeting -! Define your challenge -! Establish AS-IS baseline

Your First Month – Induction Meeting, Innovation Fitness Test and defining your Innovation Challenges

One of the best practices seen across organisations is a formalised approach to build a Community of Practice (or a Centre of Excellence) to develop Innovation Capability or Capacity across your organisation.

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What is a Competence Development Programme? A Competence Development Programme module is a distinct and standalone programme focused on learning from up-to-date best practices and the experiences of others who have executed processes in their businesses. These 4-day workshops develop your team’s competencies, providing participants with a working knowledge, tools and best practice processes in specific topic areas. It includes:

Value Innovation Front End Innovation Open Innovation

» Four days of on-site workshop delivery

» A powerful mix of training, tools and insights into leading practices in the field

» Support from a global faculty of experts

» A focus on moving your team from awareness to working knowledge in the specific topic area.

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Summary & Benefits

»! Corporate Engagement model with unlimited access across your entire business.

»! Simple one off pricing structure of £16,000 covering the delivery of a 12 month Innovation Leader Programme programme, or a full Competence Development Programme.

»! Multiple Delivery channels consisting of on-site and off-site Workshops and Roundtables, as well as virtual forums.

»! Targeted and tailored approach to meet your Innovation Management challenges.

»! Build new capabilities through accessing practices and learnings from Innovation Practitioners across other industries and geographies.

»! Structured approach to develop innovation competencies aligned with your needs in the business, and your organisational structures and abilities.

»! A series of actionable implementation plans will balance deep-dive programmes aligned with live projects, versus building broad capability across the business.

»! Programme is delivered through our unique Open Intelligence Network of 1,400 experts (80% practitioner based) delivering unbiased practices, tools and templates.

»! Defined Innovation Community of Practice act as internal ambassadors or change agents representing different parts in the business to maximise and focus impact in your organisation.

»! Focused on building a sustainable learning framewrok for continuous innovation improvement.

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More information

To find how we can help you build innovation capability in your business, please contact:

Keira Durning, Business Development Executive, Pure Insight E: [email protected] | M: +44 (0)7837 468 981 | T: +44 (0)1325 345 810