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Purdue University Writing Lab 1 Benefiting Most from a Writing Tutorial Writing Lab Orientation for ESL Writers

Dec 25, 2015



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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 1 Benefiting Most from a Writing Tutorial Writing Lab Orientation for ESL Writers
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 2 What is a Tutorial 30-minute One-to-One Session with a Tutor Purpose To help you become a better writer What Happens? You ask questions. We try to answer them. We also ask you questions to help you approach the writing task.
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 3 A Tutor Can Help You at Every Stage of the Writing Process Invention Research Drafting Revising Editing
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 4 One Thing to Remember A tutor does NOT correct/proofread your paper because that does not help you become a better writer. But the tutor can teach you HOW to proofread.
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 5 Dos & Donts Plan ahead: come when you start writing or with a first draft. Before you come, set an agenda for the tutorial Do NOT come at the last minute because you will have little time for revision! Do NOT expect to work on too many issues in one tutorial.
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 6 Setting an Agenda What do you want to work on? Why is agenda-setting important? Tutorials are different from the instruction in the classroom setting. Tutors usually ask you what you want to work on. You know your own writing best. Be realistic about what can be done in one tutorial and set priorities.
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 7 HOC and LOC What are HOC (Higher Order Concerns)? What are LOC (Lower Order Concerns)?
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 8 Higher Order Concerns Focus/Thesis Purpose Audience/Readers Organization Development
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 9 Lower Order Concerns Grammar --sentence structure --punctuation --prepositions --articles --verb tense Word choice Spelling
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 10 The Need to Prioritize If you want to work on both HOCs and LOCs with a writing tutor, we suggest you plan to work on HOCs first because We have limited time in a tutorial. Starting with LOCs may distract you from global issues (HOCs) you may need to address. After your work on HOCs, you may delete/add some parts.
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 11 Five-Topic Agenda-Generator Instructions for the assignment Your familiarity with the writing task Preferred textual patterns in AAE (American Academic English) Development Lower Order Concerns
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 12 Instructions for the Assignment Do you have any questions about the instructions? Is there an assignment sheet? Do you have notes taken in class?
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 13 Your Familiarity with the Task Have you worked on this kind of writing task before? Did you read samples written by others? What questions do you have about the writing task?
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 14 Your Familiarity with Preferred Textual Patterns in AAE (American Academic English) Thesis statement (your main point) Structure Transitions Direct, concise and to the point OWL Handout: Writing for an American Academic Audience
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 15 Development Have you supported your main points with supporting details? For Example: It is important for you to try to set the agenda for the tutorial in advance because 1. We have only thirty minutes; 2. The tutorial is more effective if we focus on one or two concerns; 3. Students usually learn best when they take the initiative in the learning process.
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 16 Lower Order Concerns Grammar What are the patterns of grammatical errors I tend to make? Word Choice What are the words I am using but uncertain about? Actually, there is a 24-7 teacher to help you with most of your lower order concerns.
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 17 Your Best 24-7 Teacher The right dictionary! Tells you the part of speech of words Gives you examples of word usage Provides collocations Provides usage notes
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 18 Recommended Dictionaries for ESL Writers Longman Dictionary of American English Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Longman Web Dictionary
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 19 Dictionary Use Basics Read the Full Guide for Users in a hard copy! Learn Grammar: part of speech Learn Usage: collocation phrasal verbs usage notes
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 20 Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding Grammar What are my grammar questions? Can I find the answer in a good dictionary? If you cannot: What exactly is my grammar question? Can I write it down? Can I underline the parts I have questions about? Then take your questions and your paper with the underlined sections to the Writing Lab.
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 21 We Have Covered What a writing tutorial is What a tutor can help you with your writing process Dos and Donts A Five-Topic agenda-generator We hope you have learned more about writing tutorials and benefit most from them in the future!
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  • Purdue University Writing Lab 22 For More Help with Writing Visit the Writing Lab at HEAV226 Call 49-43723 to schedule a tutorial Attend more in-lab workshops Visit Online Writing Lab at:
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