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Product management with analytics

Feb 08, 2017



  • kpis and youproduct management with analytics

  • Who am I?Daryl Hemeon - @darylhemeonTech Architect for iServices Claims Self Service ProjectsWeb Dev for 15+ yearsI still code and when I do it scares the crap out of the CSS team

  • What are KPIs?Key Performance Indicators are really Outcomes that we are interested in learning about to see if our experiments (and our products) are successful.

  • What do we monitor today?1. Employee Reg2. Logins3. Contact Center Calls4. Opt Out / In5. Online claims filed6. EFT Setup7. Docs Uploaded8. eSigned Auths9. Claims Filed total

    10. Open Claims

  • How do we monitor them?1. Custom spreadsheet running macros to the

    iServices database2. My personal dashboard that reads 2 different

    datasources3. Product Owner(s) use magic and the phone

    to get other stats

  • Are these the right stats?Vanity Metrics Logins per month (did the user accomplish their goal?) Registrations per month (did the user then login?)

    Learning Metrics - decision or actionable metrics Messages Sent Documents Uploaded - after a request for information

  • How should this work?1. Modern Toolset2. Inject into the planning process3. Inject into dev process4. Monitor post-release5. Product Owner now has the data to pivot priorities after

    every sprint or iteration if they need to6. Outstanding question - Who does this work?

  • Modern ToolsetWe need to be using modern real-time analytics

  • the planning processBefore we created the map we should have voted the KPIs or Outcomes and after the map creation adjusted them.

  • How does Agile help?

  • How does it inform UX design?

    Heatmaps and click charts can inform HOW your application is actually being used and whether or not it is meeting objectives.

  • What is needed for us to get there? Agile training for everyone - in progress - some people

    already trained Cost Effective Google Analytics training for analysts and

    developers (free on-line, Skill Soft) Continuous Integration for greater quality and delivery

    with greater frequency - putting together a roadmap Resources are need to monitor post release

    effectiveness and then work with product owners to influence the backlog

  • What are we interested in for July?

    An agreement upon what stats will tell us if we are successful

    An agreement upon the goals for the first 3 months of usage

    An understanding of the long term business goals

  • References

    Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf

    Product Managers Guide to Analytics

    The Lean Startup by Eric Reis - discussion on Vanity Metrics

    The Marketers Guide to GA by the folks at Buffer

    Built to Last by Collins and Porras

    Training resources for GA

  • Questions?We like them.