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Political Philosophy

Dec 30, 2015



Political Philosophy. Lit. Deicisions Mr. Kott. Agenda…. Political Quotes… What is Political Philosophy? BRIEF History of Politics Medieval-Current Current Political Philosophies U.S. Political Philosophy. What is Political Philosophy?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Political PhilosophyLit. DeicisionsMr. Kott

  • AgendaPolitical QuotesWhat is Political Philosophy?BRIEF History of Politics Medieval-CurrentCurrent Political PhilosophiesU.S. Political Philosophy

  • What is Political Philosophy?The study of questions about the city, government, politics, liberty, justice, property, rights, laws, and enforcement of a legal code by authority.Three Central Concerns:Political EconomyDemands of Justice in Distribution of PunishmentRules of truth and evidence that determine the judgement in law.

  • Medieval PeriodDivine Right of KingsChristianity

  • Renaissance PeriodA shift occurs Humanism: A displacement of the other worldly values of the middle ages in favor of a belief in the potential of humanity in this world.

  • European Age of EnlightenmentA more radical look at the individual2 Basic Questions:By what right or need do people form states?What is the best form of government?Government= a specific group of people who occupied, and indeed still occupy the institutions of the state, and create the laws and ordinances by which the people, themselves included, would be boundState= a set of enduring institutions through which power would be distributed and its use justified

  • Industrialization & Modern EraUrbanization & CapitalismSocialismTotalitarianism

  • Some Contemporary Philosophies on the field of playLiberalism: The idea that there is a plurality of intrinsic good but not one right combination of them, thus making the maximization imperative to the maximization of human happiness.Conservatism: The idea that a strong hirarchy is needed to maintain order; that equalizing measures often cause disorder.[Libertarianism: A belief in absolute property rights and absolute freedom of contract.

  • Americas Political PhilosophyWhat do you think?Lets take a look