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PLAYER'SHANDBOOK@3 ROLEPLAYINGGAMECORERULES MikeMearlsBruceR.CordellRobertJ.Schwalb CR.t:D1TS Design Mike Mearls (lead),Bruce R.Cordell , RobertJ. Schwalb Additional Design RobHeinsoo, James Wyatt Development Stephen Schubert (lead), Jeremy Crawford, Peter Schaefer, Rodney Thompson AdditionalDevelopment Andy Collins, Stephen Radney-MacFarland Editing Jeremy Crawford (lead), MicheleCarter, CalMoore AdditionalEditing Torah Cottrill, Miranda Horner Managing Editing KimMohan Director of D&DR&Dand Book Publishing BillSiavicsek D&DCreative Manager Christopher Perkins D&DDesignManager James Wyatt D&DDevelopment andEditing Manager Andy Collins D&D Senior Art Director Jon Schindehette Art Director KateIrwin Cover Illustration Michael Komarek Graphic Designer leon Cortez, Keven Smith, EmiTanji Interior Illustrations RalphBeisner, EricBelisle, Kerem 'Beyit, Wayne England,Jason A.Engle,CarlFrank,Randy Gallegos, Adam Gillespie,RalphHorsley,Roberto Marchesi, Jake Masbruch, JimNelson, William O'Connor, Hector Ortiz, Shane Nitzsche, Wayne Reynolds, Chris Seaman, John Stanko, Matias Tapia,Beth Trott, Francis Tsai,Eva Widermann, Sam Wood, Ben Wootten, Kieran Vanner D&DBrand Team liz Schuh,Jesse Decker, KierinChase, laura Tommervik, Shelly Mazzanoble, Martin Durham Publishing Production Specialist Christopher Tardiff PrepressManager Jefferson Dunlap Imaging Technician Travis Adams, Ashley Brock Production Manager Cynda Callaway Game rulesbased on the originalDUNGEONS& DRAGONS'"rules created byE.Gary Gygax andDave Arneson, and the later editions byDavid "Zebu Cook (2ndEdition);JonathanTweet, Monte Cook, Skip Williams, RichardBaker, andPeter Adkison (3rdEdition); andRobHeinsoo, Andy Collins, and James Wyatt (4thEdition). 610-15124000-001ENU,S"CANADA, ASIA,PACIFIC,EUROPEANHEADQUARTERSWIZARDS OF THE COAST, BELGIUM 98765431 1 &lATIN AMERICAHasbro UK Ltdindustriaiaan 1 First Printing: Wizards of the CoaS[UCCaswell Way1701 Groot:Bijgaarden P,O,Box 707Newpor!, Gwent NP9 OYHBelgiumMarch 1010 Renton WA 98057-0707GREAT BRITAIN+31,070,1)3,277ISBN: 978-0-7869-5390-5 +1-800-314-6496Ple