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Jun 21, 2020




  • In your books research the following types of photography:

    Photojournalism /Documentary Street Fashion Advertising Fine Art Landscape Wildlife Still Life Mobileography

    For each genre find an example and analyse it using the questions below. Collect images from a variety of sources on each genre eg internet, magazines, photocopied books etc Analyse using the following points: The content What is the image of? Who produced it? Which genre is it? The formal elements Describe the lighting used? Describe the composition? Is it colour or black and white? Discuss any technical qualities? How was it produced? Has it been enhanced or changed in anyway? If so how? Does the photography show a meaning or mood? Is it advertising something? Personal Opinion? Do you like it? If so why? If not why not? Take your own photographs in this style print it out and put it with your research explaining the links between the genre, your research and your photo. Deadline—1st lesson back in sept.

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