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Peterson BT40C Blower Truck · PDF file PETERSON GRINDER SERIES PETERSON BLOWER TRUCKS BT40C Blower Truck The BT40C takes pneumatic delivery to a new level. Equipped With A State-of-the-Art

Jun 19, 2020




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    KS BT40C Blower Truck The BT40C takes pneumatic delivery to a new level.

    Equipped With A State-of- the-Art IQAN Control System Easily obtain information about operations and diagnostics from the control screen. Fine-tune adjustments for maximum productivity.

    Remotely Operate The BT40C From Arms Reach Fully-functional remote control operates the entire system, enabling a single-person oper- ation. Pause and resume with a push of a button!

    Reduce Maintenance With The BT40C Feed System Unlike the competition, our gravity-fed system is highly efficient, driven by one hydrau- lic motor. Bearings are protected from materials to save you in annual maintenance costs.

    TopSeal Live Floor Standard With Optional Power Sweep Deliver many kinds of materials in the same day using the Power Sweep system to easily clean the truck’s floor. The Live Floor system allows for high-capacity loads with no bridging.

    With a Peterson Blower Truck, you can tackle a wider range of assignments. Our high capacity delivery system han- dles larger erosion control and commer- cial landscape projects. Reduced set-up and clean-up time produces a faster turn around, resulting in more deliveries and more cubic yards each day. Extra daily loads make a significant difference to your bottom line.

    Bridging that occurs with a V-shaped hopper is eliminated. Our system does not leak like a conveyor, reducing clean-up time after completing installa- tion of materials.

    The large footprint feeder, combined with the high-capacity tri-lobe blower, provides increased airflow for farther and faster delivery. Larger diameter hoses provide added protection against clogging. These features enable you to be more productive and deliver a wider range of materials each day.

    The side-opening end gate on Peterson Blower Trucks provides safe and easy access to the feed system. An optional grass seeder /fertilizer system for erosion control projects extends your service offerings.

    The rear-mounted hose storage reel eases hose loading, saving time and energy. The power reel option makes handling the hose easy.

    Since 1981, Peterson has specialized in the developing of delivery and processing equipment that turns low-grade organic materials into high value products.

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    BT40C Specifications

    BT40C Dimensions BA


    PE TE

    RS O

    N B

    LO W

    ER T

    RU C



    A Length 36’-9” (110 m) B Width 8’ -6”(259 cm) C Overall Height 11’-10” (360 cm) Loading Height 11’-5” (348 cm) Box Dimensions 295 x 88 x 100” (749 x 224 x 259 cm) Box Volume, Struck* 40 yds³ (30.6 m³) Box Volume, Typical* 37 yds³ (28.3 m³) (*Volume capacity of machine will vary by material weight and density.)


    Weight with Typical Options approx. 34,160 lbs (15 495 kg) Box Only Weight 16,700 lbs (7 575 kg)

    Truck Platform

    Can Be Fitted to Most Class 8 Truck Chassis Kenworth Horsepower Optional Contact Peterson for Application Information

    Blower System

    2100 CFM @ 2700 blower RPM

    Fluid Capacities

    Fuel Tank Capacity Varies Depending on Truck Model Hydraulic Tank Capacity 95 gal (360 L) Water (Dust Suppression) Option 200 gal (757 L)


    Control Panel Multi-function Radio Remote Control, including “One Touch” Control Technology


    Up to 60 yds³ (46 m³) per hour Able to Deliver Material Weighing up to 2100 lbs/yd³

    Discharge Hose Length 320 feet (98 m) Discharge Hose Diameter 5” (127 mm) Optional Discharge Hose Diameter 4” (100 mm) or 6” (152 mm) Noise Level with Optional Discharge Silencer 87 db at 23‘ (7 m) *Actual results may vary due to product and terrain variables

    Safety Features

    Emergency Shutdown Buttons Side-opening End Gate Traffic Safety Kit High Oil Temperature Shutdown


    Dual Drive Feeder System** Powered Blower Hose Reel** Discharge Silencer** Dust Suppression System** Electric Tarp System** Tool Box** 60”, 48”, or 30” Water Hose Reel, Manual** Directional LED Light Bar Custom Graphic Package Grass Seed Feeder Fertilizer Feeder On-board Scales Hose Nozzle Fire Extinguisher Marketing Support Package **Typical options

    Specifications subject to change without notice.

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