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Peak Producer in Real Estate

Aug 23, 2014


Real Estate

To have good results, its not only about closing one big transaction... its all about having a continued peak conversions which can happen over a period of time with continuous efforts and focus with following a strategic business method.... You want to get business, then you got to work hard enough to have the strong pillars on which your business will stand!!! Read through

  • How To Be A Peak Producer
  • For a goods sales person, Principals dont change, Tactic can!
  • What they say Hot market is a bad fundamental as it produces bad practices. Bad market often does not produce great numbers.
  • Back To Fundamentals
  • Initiate Contacts As a realtor, your business zone is a 3 legged table 1. Sales & Marketing 2. Customer Service 3. Financial Management
  • Initiate Contacts As a realtor, your job is to create contacts. The tactics have to be different, if needed for creating new contacts.
  • H A S It can happen if you build the
  • H - Habits Require daily disciplines Require daily schedule Require daily routines Require daily to-do lists Habits Prioritize your daily efforts.
  • A - Attitudes Requires more energy Requires more emotions Dont Waste it in negative thoughts and actions.
  • S Skills Its the skill that pays bill. Build your business with tactics (personal touch) The best skill is to know how to negotiate. Skills need regular sharpening, like an axe.
  • There are 7 types Of Negotiation
  • People Pleaser These people always want to be liked.
  • King of the hill These persons are win or lose type.
  • Earnest & Honest These people when they say they mean it.
  • Linear logical These people are prepared.
  • Emotional Ping pong These people have low-high-low emotions.
  • The Expeditor These people want quick & now fast result.
  • The Rocking Chair These people are patient..
  • Real Estate has.. No Ceiling, No Floor Unlimited Opportunities Need perseverance Stay focused to be profitable
  • A non-professional agents spends 37% in misc errands 24% in emails 14% in chatting 13% in cell phone 12% in web
  • Real Estate is a massive store of destructive weapons. Be structured in what you do. Be strong in Fundamentals Focus & prioritization - two important keys to be profitable
  • Successful People Want To Work With Successful People Be it another Broker Be it a Broker Owner Be it a Customer Be it anyone Be the one!