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Overview of Online Falls Directory Nina Daly, Accident Prevention Officer Promoting Wellbeing Team Feb 2015

Dec 31, 2015



  • Overview of Online Falls

    Nina Daly, Accident Prevention OfficerPromoting Wellbeing Team Feb 2015

  • Growing use of technology to deliver healthThere is growing number of national, regional and local projects/providers aimed at getting more older people online. Examples include:Digital Age Project (NI)Telecommunity FundAgeUKs Itea & Biscuits week (Sept 2013)U3ASouthern Regional College Mens Sheds projects

  • Aim of the Falls DirectoryTo raise awareness of and reduce accidental falls in the home among older people living in the Southern Trust area.

    Supporting strength, confidence & independence as you get older.

  • Objectives of the Falls DirectoryTo:Prevent frailty, promote bone health & reduce accidents;Encourage physical activity & healthy lifestyle;Reduce unnecessary environmental hazardsEncourage people to report falls & seek help early on.Increase awareness of Trust & other services which can help individuals who have had a fall or are at risk of falling.

  • Primary Target GroupOlder people

    Secondary Target Groups Health professionals Staff/volunteers all sectorsConcerned relatives orfriends

  • Content of the Falls DirectoryUnderstanding why falls occurConditions linked to fallingBone health and osteoporosisHydration, having enough fluidsLifestyle factorsMedication

  • ContinuedMaking your home safeGood lighting in the homeKeeping warm and avoiding fallsAids and equipment that might helpIf you have had a fallTrust staff and servicesOther information and services

  • Content around Hydration How good hydration can assist in preventing treating # ailments. Age & poor hydrationWhat can cause dehydrationHow to spot the signs of dehydrationThe hydration glass tips for drinking more waterLink to the hydration toolkit for hospitals and healthcareLinks to information on UTIs

  • Content on Aids and EquipmentTrust staff who can assess aids for you Transforming Community Equipment SchemeList of participating retailersSpecialist equipmentPersonal alarms links to who provides them (AgeNI, Fold Telecare), how they work Other sources of equipment/aids

  • Accessing the Falls Go to: Healthy Living SectionFalls Prevention

  • Accessing the Falls DirectoryUsing Right Hand Menu Go to: Welcome to the Southern Trusts Falls Directory

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  • Features of the Falls DirectoryEasy to Navigate


  • Features of the Falls DirectoryLinks at the Top Links at Bottom of each section to take you to the next pageBottom LinksTop Links

  • Features of the Falls DirectoryAlter font size to make words BIGGER and easier to read

    Font Size

  • Features of the Falls DirectoryCurrent and up to date informationNumerous internal and external links (underlined, pink text)

  • Features of the Falls DirectoryWord, powerpoint files, pdf docs taking you to: Leaflets, Booklets, Reports, dvd clips on falls

  • Promotion of the Falls DirectoryA3 Poster , A5 leafletsCredit card sized stickersNewspapers articlesPresentationsTell your clients, colleagues, friends, relatives, neighboursWord of Mouth.

    Communication with Trust teams, other statutory, community & voluntary org.

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    For further information:Tel: 028 3831

    Better at helping people to prevent ill health (TYC)Maximising the potential of modern technology (TYC)More home care less institutional careHelp reduce reliance on hospital care, into primary, community and social care fewer admissions, operations, rehabilitationSafeguarding those who are vulnerableHome as the hub for care provision

    Directory has been online since October 2013

    *On November 20, 2012, the Digital Age Partnershipofficially launched a new four year scheme funded by the Big Lottery Fund to address digital exclusion experienced by older people living in sheltered accommodation.

    Better access to the InternetPCs, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablet Devices

    *health improvement, early intervention and prevention

    Put up to date, accurate information at peoples fingertips.*To provide a central point of information on all matters related to falls including behaviour, health & wellbeing and making the home environment safer. To encourage people to report falls and seek help early on. To increase awareness of Trust and other services which can help individuals who have had a fall or are at risk of falling.