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OUR WATER CYCLE Matthew Khaylle J. Permites Jenny G. Echavez

Dec 28, 2015



  • OUR WATER CYCLEMatthew Khaylle J. PermitesJenny G. Echavez

  • Unit SummaryIn this unit, the topic is all about water cycle. There are lots of activity in this unit that you are going to do such as making of your groups diorama on water cycle; doing an interview about how water cycle affect the activities of man; present a role play and act as the main characters involved in the water cycle process such as water, sun, wind and other processes involved;

  • Unit Summarymaking their own brochure about water cycle facts; perform a webquest; and will answer a essay question which is why do things change?. In the students activities, they will be provided rubrics and the teacher will always check the progress of the students projects.

  • ProjectsEssay you will individually write an essay about why things change.Diorama your group will be able to design your own diorama about water cycle.Inquiry you will individually interview people on how the water cycle can help them in their activities.

  • ProjectsWebQuest your group will find all the information about water cycle in the given websites made by the teacher.Role play you will act as the characters (the different processes and the things involved during the processes) in the water cycle and do your creative presentation.

  • ProjectsPrint Media your group will make your own brochure about facts on water cycle and how it can help in mans activities.

  • Assessment Timeline

  • ScheduleDay 1brief essay about Why do things change?you will be group into five and will assign them to make a diorama as their group project which will be submitted on day 4groups brainstorming about the project

  • ScheduleDay 2choose your partner to answer the WebQuestyou will act as an interviewer for they will do an inquiry as your assignmentgroups brainstorming about the project, diorama

  • ScheduleDay 3you will now present your inquiries about how water cycle affects mans activitiesI will inspect the improvement of your diorama and give you the remaining time for your construction

  • ScheduleDay 4I will give 30 minutes to let the you finish the dioramayou will discuss about the diorama you made and be given 5 minutes to talk about ityou will have a short quiz from our previous discussions tomorrow

  • ScheduleDay 5I will give 10 items identification and 10 points essay about water cycleI will introduce to you your individual project which is the production of your own brochure (print media) about water cycle which will be submitted on day 8you will be regroup into five and you will have a role playing about water cycle which will be played on the day 7groups brainstorming about the role playing

  • ScheduleDay 6I will give a brief recap about yesterdays discussion I will inspect the progress your individual project, which is the production of their own brochure (print media)practice of their group role playing which will be presented tomorrow

  • ScheduleDay 7I will give you the criteria for evaluation of classmates groups performanceRole-playing SHOWTIME!I will collect the groups scoring sheet and will total the scores and announce the winnerI will inspect the progress of the individual project, which is the production of their own brochure (print media)I will announce to give a long test about the previous topics

  • ScheduleDay 8I will collect your individual project, which is the production of your own brochure (print media)I will give 10 items multiple choice, 15 items, modified true or false, and 5 points essay

  • Matthew Khaylle J. PermitesJenny G. Echavez