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Digital skills for subs Print vs digital CMS & techy elements Online copy editing Multimedia overview ● Jobs?

Online sub-editing - extended

May 18, 2015



Fiona Cullinan

Digital skills workshop given to freelance copy editors in London (July 2012).
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  • 1. Digital skills for subs Print vs digital CMS & techy elements Online copy editing Multimedia overview Jobs?

2. Print vs digitalWhats the difference between print & digital?What need did sub-editing fulfil for publishers?What needs exist now and in the future? 3. What does an online sub-editor do?Cathy Relf, boring answer is: they cut copy to fit space, correctspellings and grammar, change copy to fit house style,check facts are correct, write headlines and proofread.For the web, they also source pictures, write captions andcredits, add links and optimise for search engines. Yadayada. More things too, such as poking tardy journos, layingout pages, clarifying meaning, finding missing informationand sometimes rejecting articles. 4. Managing online content CMS Content template 5. Brief Intro to Metadata Data about Data Data: The contentMetadata: Structure, Context, Meaning 6. Metadata aimed at CMS - to render the article correctly Search Engines - to index accurately Readers - to contextualise the article Organisation - to archive and find 7. Periodical Journalism handbook - 1985 8. Human-readable Metadata 9. Machine-readable Metadata 10. Machine-readable Metadata 11. Facebooks Open Graph 12. Metadata makes Links 13. Metadata makes Links 14. Content is also Metadata 15. How Metadata emergesManualAutomatic Title Author Description Date Categories Web Address Tags / Keywords 16. Basic HTML BoldBold Italics Italics "Indented text."

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    • Link text EmailSee handout 17.

This is a paragraph of text. This is a paragraph of text. This partThis part is in bold is in bold and this bit is italic. Thenand this bit is italic. Then theres a link to another websitetheres a link to another website beforethe paragraph ends.

In this paragraph theres a quote

In this paragraph theres a quotewhich is indented:which is indented: Im a quote which is indented

Im a quote which isThe quote is by a person and theirindentedname is linked to their email address.The quote is by a personand their name is linked to their email Here is a list:address. Item 1

Here is a list:Item 2

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18. 5 tips for online headlines Clarity over cleverness Delivers on its promise Stands alone 40-60 characters - frontloaded Google tools 19. Which heads/sells work? 20. 5 tips for intros Stands alone and delivers Must read more factor Frontload the good stuff 250 characters - intro/metadescription Alternative keywords 21. KeywordsfromGooglesKeywordTool 22. How to edit body copy - ideas? 23. 1. Break up running copy Sections with subheads Q&A format List format Bulletpoints, images, blockquotes Use shorter paragraphs/sentences 24. 2. Getting the right tone Site personality (brand) Variations across content types Check the narrative mode Dont oversub or featurise blogs Slang, jargon and SEO 25. 3. "SEO the copy!"What does this mean?Google SEO starter guide: best practices webinar: 26. The ultimate editor"In print media, what matters most is engaging prose. Indigital media, what matters most is visibility... The ultimateeditor, the filter between you and your reader, ishumourless and passionless. An algorithm."- Antonia Senior in The Guardian"Search engines are in the business of bringing anaudience to their paid advertising customers - they do thisby offering a quality search experience."- Mark Sheehy, M Stoner 27. SERPs 28. My quick SEO checklist for editors Post useful, engaging, relevant content Use tools to find keywords Top keywords in page titles and headlines Sprinkle dont stuff! Include relevant slang or jargon Alternatives & word endings: -ings -es -ed Go niche to beat the competition Proper names, nouns and titles in full Must-click metadescription 29. 4. Edit for easy scanning People read in an F shape 30. Editing for scanning readers Head/sell most important De-waffle start of paragraphs Subheadings Pull out/emphasise but avoid underlining Use links with relevant link text 31. 5. Links - why are they important? What the web is built on People want and expect linky-ness" Currency of the web Link karma Marketing/networking Stickiness Transparency/trust 32. Q: When to link? 33. A: Explanation or definition Context or background Attribution of source content Required by licence Navigation to related material Email links to a contact Google juice 34. Links need link text Use short, relevant text Rewrite click here For PDF links, add: (PDF)Subbing in a doc or content template?Underline the link/anchor text and pastethe link next to it as here to let the uploader know which words are to formthe link. (Remove the underline in the CMS.) 35. How to create a linkTwo ways to turn text into a link in a CMS:1. Visual editor: highlight text, click chain icon and paste the URL: Ebay2. HTML editor: write it out in HTML:Ebay 36. 5 final tips on body copy Widows Smart quotes Copyfitting Call to action Ask Why? 37. Styling the copyWithin editing screen of CMSBold Italic Indented quote Section Heading Lists

See HTML cheat sheet. 38. Styling the copyLooked after by the general website styles Headlines Standfirst Colours Metadata Links 39. Review so farCMS & content templatesMetadataHTMLHeadlinesIntrosBody copy (structure, tone)SEOLinksStyling copy 40. In PrintDistances measured in Points1 point = 1/12 pica = 1/72 inch12pt type will be exactly 1/6" high on paper 41. On ScreenResolution measured in pixels.21" screen1920 x 1080Laptop1280 x 800iPad1024 x 768Smartphone480 x 320 42. 1280 x 800 pixels 43. 1024 x 768 pixels 44. 800 x 500 pixels 45. Type is 11 pixels high 46. Resize an image - Photoshop 47. Resize an image - Skitch 48. Resize an image - Wordpress 49. Resize an image - 50. How to resize a YouTube video 51. Multimedia checklist Resize images/video for web use Use to break up heavy text Does multimedia content match the copy? Check copyright permissions/credits If audio/video is main story, include atranscription or summary of content foraccessibility and good SEO practice Accessibility check- alt text on all images- beware visual-based instructions 52. More on accessibility Web Content Accessibility Guidelines(WCAG) 2.0 Yahoo! Style Guide on gauging accessibility Fangs tool on Firefox browser Slideshow about accessible content 53. Pressing publish & final checks Beware subs notes Oh you dummy! What exactly happens when you publish? Cross-platform checks Errors: amend, strike through or update note 54. Post-publishing tasks Social media work and social bookmarking Monitor and respond to comments Analytics and iterative editing 55. Contact Twitter@fionacullinan @peteashtonBlog / 56. Content strategist Scott Abel: