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NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate

Jun 23, 2020



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Page 1: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate


Page 2: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate 3

The Norwegian defence industryhas a proud history and can track a continuous line of developmentmore than 200 years back. Today,the industry is an integral part ofNorway's overall defence capabilityand provides a significantcontribution to safeguard thenation's essential security interests.

Specific local and regional condi-tions related to arctic climate,challenging topography, resourceconstraints, extreme littoral condi-tions and the vast ocean areasunder Norwegian jurisdiction, haveshaped the Norwegian defenceindustry and honed the skills of thecompanies and their employees.

Within carefully selected techno-logies and product areas, Norwegiandefence industry today possessessome of the most advanced tech-nology and capabilities available

and manufactures a range ofproducts and systems that areworld leaders. More than 70% of itsrevenues generates from customersoutside Norway and the industryhas one of the largest export sharesof its kind globally.

In order to decide where the armedforces should invest in defenceresearch and development andseek cooperation with Norwegianindustry, the Ministry of Defencehas identified a set of prioritizedtechnologies, endorsed by theNorwegian parliament.

Key technologies are: • Command, control, information,

decision support and combat systems

• Systems integration • Autonomous systems • Missile technology • Underwater technology

Capabilities made in Norway:World-class defence equipment toarmed forces world-wide

Page 3: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate 54

• Ammunition, aiming devices, remote weapon stations and energetic materials for military purposes

• Advanced materials developed or adapted for military purposes

• Life-cycle support for land, naval and air systems

In the pursuance of translating thesetechnologies into products and sys-tems, a model for cooperation be-tween the military user community,the defence research communityand the industry, has beendeveloped and refined for decades.This "Triad" facilitates user driveninnovation through integration andinteraction between keystakeholders from the initial phasesof a development program throughsuccessful implementation and transition into operational use.

Utilizing this collaborative frame-work, Norwegian defence industryhas developed, delivered andexported state-of-the art world-classproducts and systems in thefollowing areas:

• Anti-ship and land-attack missiles

• Ground Based Air-defence

• Rocket motors• Remote weapon stations• Advanced ammunition and

shoulder launched weapons• Personal Reconnaissance

Systems (Nano-UAV)• Underwater systems• Command- control- and

communication systems• Secure information systems,

Crypto• Soldier systems

International cooperation has beenparamount to the Norwegiandefence industry's success in theinternational market. Exports havegrown by a factor of more than 3.5over the last 20 years. NATO and EUcounts for approximately 90% ofdefence exports from Norway.However, markets further away,such as Australia, South-East Asiaand The Middle East are becomingincreasingly important.

Partnerships have actively beenused as a vehicle to secure marketaccess and technology cooperation.These partnerships are paramountto sustain the industry's position inthe international market today andin the future. All Norwegian

defence programs of anysignificance involve internationalindustry-to-industry cooperation.

Norway's commitment to, andactive participation in, internationalcollaborative development andproduction programs is yet another important contributor to thegrowth of the Norwegian defenceindustry. Norway is a partner in theUS-led F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. This has opened oppor-tunities for a substantial number ofNorwegian companies to partici-pate in the program as key suppliers.

In addition to the major companiesdelivering the systems andproducts mentioned above, theindustry also comprises a signi-ficant number of high-tech SMEs,with highly specialized products.Advanced high-quality electronicassemblies, complex mechanicalstructures and sub-assemblies,electro-optic equipment, differentkinds of sensors and deployablecamp and command and controlfacilities, are examples of what theindustry can offer.

The Norwegian defence industryplans for further growth and isready to explore new opportunitiesand new markets. The nationaldefence industrial strategy,endorsed by the Norwegianparliament, reaffirms theNorwegian government and armedforces commitment to continue toinvest in the prioritized technologyareas and support the industry´s efforts to compete and win newbusiness in the internationalmarket. A mature, but modern,product portfolio, fundeddevelopment programs, wideinternational market presence anda web of strategic alliances withinternational partners, makes theindustry an attractive and reliablesupplier and partner for customersworld-wide.

Page 4: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate 76

Who are we?

Our mission is to foster framework conditions for our member com-panies to succeed in the domesticand global defence and securitymarkets, thereby contributing toNorway's defence and security goals.

FSi is the single point of contact for the Norwegian Government and authorities in strategic and political issues that affect the Norwegian defence and security industry. FSi maintains direct contact with key governmental and military bodies through established committees and work processes. Our ability to represent our members´ interests is strongly enhanced through our close links to these authority organizations.

What do we do?

FSi supports our member companies through:

• Advocacy - Representing the interests of the industry to the Government, the armed forces, opinion leaders, international organizations and the general public

• Networking - Offering a plethora of seminars and workshops every year, frequently in close collabora-tion with the MOD and the armedforces of Norway

• Business development - Fostering dialogue with the Government, relevant bodies in the armed forces, foreign contractors seeking partners in Norway and defence industry association in other nations and providing updated information to member companies on relevant events and activities

• Member Services - Providing general advice to member companies and undertaking seminars and courses in subjects relevant to the industry.

Who are our members?

FSi has close to 140 companiesfrom all parts of Norway. It is adiversified group ranging from themajor national defence contractorsto one-man businesses with uniqueniche capabilities built on innova-tion and advanced technologyserving both the military andcivilian markets. About 85 percentof our members are SMEs. Member-ship is open to any contractor withcommercial interests in the defencemarkets and homeland defence. Wewant to accommodate its members'needs. In our efforts to developfurther and sustain a successful association, we encourage our members and other stakeholders to actively involve themselves in our affairs whether on a national or international level.

FSi - The Norwegian Defence and Security Industries Association FSi member companies employ

more than 20 000 highly skilled individuals, accounting for approxi-mately 5000 man-years employeddirectly in defence-related activitiesin Norway and about 2500 full-timeequivalents in subsidiaries abroad.Total defence related revenue is estimated at approxi-mately 16 billion NOK per year, of which approximately 5,5 billionNOK are export.

What can we offer foreign suppliers?

FSI is the focal point for foreigncontractors seeking cooperation with Norwegian companies in relation to Norwegian defenceprocurements abroad andinternational collaborative pro-grammes. We strongly encourageinternational interested parties tocontact FSi in their efforts toacquaint themselves with theNorwegian companies and competencies in these industry sectors. We are always prepared to provide advice and assistance to foreign contractors seeking coope-ration in Norway.

Pursuing business opportunities with theNorwegian Armed Forces?Need a local partner in Norway?

FSi:• Is the single focal point for

Defence and Security Industries in Norway

• Has the complete overview of defence industrial capabilities, products and technology in Norway.

Preparing an Industrial Co-operation Agreementwith the Norwegian MOD?

FSi: • Can assist in identifying relevant

Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate meet-ings, seminars, workshops etc. between foreign contractors and Norwegian industry.

For further information, please contact:

Norwegian Defence and Security Industries Association (FSi), Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), P.O. Box 5250 Majorstuen, NO- 0303 Oslo, NORWAY E-mail: [email protected] Web:

Page 5: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate 98

BusinessElectronicon AS (ELC) has supportedthe Norwegian Navy with main-tenance, engineering solutions, platform integration, commissioning/STW and testing since 1969 in thefields of maritime electronics.

The last 15 years ELC has beenteamed with overseas supplier forseveral larger programs for theNorwegian Navy, whereas ELC hasplayed a major role as team partner.

In addition ELC has developed theirown rage of interfacing productsprimary within Navigation DataDistribution and CommunicationControl Systems. These systems hasbeen delivered to several Norwegianand Overseas platforms.

The type of maritime electronics ELChas experience with is sensor (sonar,radars, electro optical etc),commanding control systems,weapon systems and navigation systems.

Electronicon AS is based in Bergenwith 14 employees in facilitiesincluding, manufacture/integrationspace, workshops, training facilityand offices.

Owners: TelecallChairmain: Richard Monclair Bolstad

ELECTRONICON ASHillerenveien 825174 Mathopen, NorwayTel: +47 55 30 76 60E-mail: [email protected]

BusinessAircontact Group AS covers severalareas such as areas of air brokering,Automated airport WeatherObserving System, Technical train-ing of pilot and technicians,Helicopter maintenance and sparepart supply as well as Rapid, Auto-mated and Remote Microbial Tes-ting for Water and Food Safety.

The group also represent Sikorsky,Lockheed Martin Training systems,Collins Aerospace and GDELS.

Products and services:• Aerospace• Aerospace Ground Equipment• Consultancy & other services• Logistics/Logistics Support

Aircontact Group asKarenslyst Allè 49N-0279 OSLO Tel: +47 22 92 55 00

Contact: Roar Langen, Director Business DevelopmentTel: +47 93 48 32 40Email: [email protected]

BusinessAxnes develops and suppliesadvanced and highly durablewireless intercom solutions that aredesigned to perform in extremeconditions, and on a wide variety ofplatforms- aircraft, ground andmaritime. Axnes was founded in1995 and is a privately-ownedcompany headquartered in Norwaywith offices in the United Kingdom,Austria and the United States ofAmerica, and worldwide dis-tribution through its partnernetwork. The company has beensupplying its wireless intercom systems for two decades and is anAS9100, EASA Part 21 and Part 145 approved quality organization.

Our team is driven by the belief thatproducing and developing the mostadvanced and versatile intercomsystem contributes to saving lives

in demanding operational environ-ments. Axnes is widely recognized asthe industry leader within its field.

Key PersonnellChief Executive Officer:Trygve Sten Gustavsen

Chief Marketing OfficerKlaus Frühwirth

Axnes ASTerje Løvåsvei 1N-4876 Grimstad+47 37 04 08 [email protected]

BusinessATC is a versatile and efficient testrange for aerospace-, land-, andship-based applications, such asmissiles, rockets and UAV/RPAS.

We offer Open Sea/Littoral Waterand adverse weather conditions for exercises, test and validationpurposes.

The only instrumented range inNorway with telemetry and trackingsystems providing full data sets forreal-time and post-mission analysis.

Chairman Odd EnoksenCEO Gunnar OlsenOwner Andøya Space Center

Andøya Test Center Bleiksveien 46N-8480 Andenes, Norway+47 76 14 45 50 / 76 14 45

Page 6: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate 1110

BusinessThe Bertel O. Steen group is one ofNorway's largest trade and servicecompanies, and has been workingwith products related to the ArmedForces and the Police since 1901.Bertel O. Steen Defence & Securitytoday represents some of the mostimportant foreign manufacturers ofmilitary vehicles, navy vessels,weapon systems and otherequipment in Norway. We workclosely with leading global defensesuppliers within a wide range ofproducts, and are also an importerand distributor of high end productsfor operational use to the ArmedForces, the police and related

markets. Several of our productbrands are also sold through majorretailers.

Our organization employ peoplewith military background from theNavy, Air Force, Army, special forcesand from various industrial back-ground.

Our ambition is to be the mostcompetent and attractive partner forinternational defence and securitycompanies entering the Norwegiandefence and police markets.

Bertel O. Steen Defence & SecurityKlaus Torgårdsvei 3N-0372 OSLOPhone: +47 67 92 60 [email protected]

The Comrod GroupSince 1946 Comrod has providedthe best performing technology tothe world’s most demanding cus-tomers. Headquartered in Norway,with subsidiaries in France, Sweden,Hungary and the Unites States,Comrod serves customers globally.

• Comrod antennas have beenfielded on more than 27,000US MRAP vehicles, and manyNATO programs including UKBowman. Originally developedfor fishermen braving the polarseas, they are proven to combineexceptional durability withsuperior performance.

• Comrod ComPact power suppliesprovide four times the power

density of competing solutions, and exceeds the harshest electrical and environmental requirements.

• Comrod offers the widest range oftactical masts in industry, ranging from man portable sectional to motorized telescopic masts for 300kg surveillance payloads. Tens of thousands of Comrod masts (formerly Wibe and Lerc) are currently in service around the world.

Chairman: Sturla SandPresident & CEO: Ole Gunnar FjeldeMain Owners: Habu Holding ASand Brødrene Nordbø AS

COMROD COMMUNICATION ASFiskaaveien 1NO-4120 Tau, NorwayTel: +47 51 74 05

Key productsCompetitive partner within fourdifferent disciplines. Fine mechanics,Cable & Harness, Electronics, Electromechanical assembly and test.Very modern and automated cnc milling and turning centre for 24 hour production, Cable andharnesses, single and multi wire, fiber optics. PCB and electronics.

Customer in aerospace, defence,subsea, automotive, medical etc.Supplier to F-35, JSM, NSM, Nasams,RWS, MCRWS, Minesniper etc. Supplier of deepwater seismic

machined, electromechanicalmounted and tested to 330 bar.

Located in Notodden, Norway, 30 km from Kongsberg with 110 employees.

CertificationEN-9100 (AS9100), ISO9001 andISO14001

Chairman of board: Rasmus NordbøCEO: Inge FlatenMarketing Director: Arnstein Frømyr

BERGET ASSemsvegen 51N-3676 Notodden, NorwayTel: +47 35027300E-mail: [email protected]

BusinessDNV GL supports defence organi-sations, yards and manufacturerswith classification, certification andtechnical support.As part of the independentfoundation Det Norske Veritas weprovide classification and advisoryservices to the Norwegian Defenceand are the technical advisor formore than 40 Defence organi-sations around the world.

We take a holistic approach toensure that vessels, vehicles andother military platforms are builtaccording to agreed specificationsand requirements and meet allrelevant standards. As the world’slargest classification society withmore than 150 years of experienceDNV GL provides a Navy classconcept simplifying thespecification development,contractual process and project

execution resulting in improvedproject efficiency, cost reductionand simplified verification andcommissioning.

We offer through life technicalsupport ensuring that reliability,operability, maintainability and life-cycle cost are efficiently taken intoaccount in every step of the lifecycle from investment to operationand mid-life updates.

DNV GL provides expert guidance in developing appropriatecertification and verificationconcepts creating trust andconfidence between allstakeholders.

President: Remi EriksenOwner:Det Norske Veritas foundation

DNV GL ASVeritasveien 1NO-1322 Høvik, NorwayTel: +47 67 57 9900E-mail: [email protected]

Page 7: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate

BusinessElmatica is an approved weaponexporter by the Norwegiangovernment and a ITAR & DFARScompliant broker to the defenseindustry. We can facilitate theacquisition of any type of printedcircuit to address your tech-nological challenge.

Elmatica is the world’s mostexperienced printed circuit brokerand we provide our partners withtransparency to the transaction bysecuring accountability betweenthe parties. We offer a range ofproducts to complete your pur-chasing process and to optimizewhen and how you request ourinvolvement: Consulting,Procurement, Manufacturing and Logistics.

We have been a trusted partner tothe PCB industry for more than 46years. Delivering to 5 continentsand 39 countries with over 10 000orders per year, to small familybusinesses and companies listed onthe stock exchange. Elmatica ensurethat the requirements, standards,regulations and specifications ofyour products are understood and implemented.

Five subcategories in the defense industry:

• Ground Based Systems• Naval Systems• Air Systems• Missile Systems• Simulation & Training

We deliver PCBs to them all.

CertificationsElmatica is compliant with ISO9001/14001, ITAR & DFARS, militaryspecifications, NADCAP and exportcertificates with encryptedcommunication and databases.

CEO: Didrik Bech, +47 988 00 [email protected]

ELMATICA ASGrensen 12NO-0159 Oslo, NorwayTel: +47 22 09 87 [email protected]

12 13

BusinessData Respons is an independentPlatform and R&D Service ProviderSpecialist for the Defense and Aerospace market.

We develop, industrialize, deliverand support customer-owned andtailor-made rugged products as aservice. Meaning full outsourced responsibility of the entire productdevelopment value chain fromspecification, design, development,through industrialization, test andqualification, to volume productionand life cycle management. The Tactical Communication Nodeto the Norwegian Armed Forces and the RWS Fire Control Unit toKONGSBERG are examples on such developed by us.

Data Respons has extensiveexperience in developing embedded and full-stack SW, robust electronics and mechanicsfor customers who have specificrequirements in terms of functions,reliability and ruggedness to meetharsh environmental conditions.Our teams of R&D specialists havevast experience in designing andtesting in accordance to MIL-standards as well as FunctionalSafety (SIL) standards, and at ourlocal High-Level Assembly (HLA)and test center we offerEnvironmental Stress Screening(ESS) on request.

Data Respons’ commercial coope-ration model secures the customer100% ownership of a productdevelopment being outsourced to us.This unique business model incombination with our specialistexpertise and strong verticalknowledge secure a true and strongvalue-add to our customers.

Certified: ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

Ownership: Fully owned by Data Respons ASA, a public company listed on OSE.

DATA RESPONS Sandviksveien 26NO-1363 Høvik, NorwayE-mail: [email protected]

Tactical Communication Node

Page 8: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate

BusinessDSG business is SupercavitatingMulti Environmental Ammunition(MEA); applied to any calibre.Cav-XTM is the patented technologybehind MEA. The ammunitioncan be subsonic or supersonic, itsunique in water, and may be used inall standard weapons then enablingnew capacities.

Areas for use of MEA: Special warfareoperations, homeland defence,harbour- and beachhead operations,anti-torpedo defence (torpedo

hard kill), naval mine neutralizationand/or disposal (MCM-operations),submarine self-defence and antisubmarine warfare.

Board Chairman: Per Christian Voss

President/CEO: Thomas Lund Nielsen

Owner: DSG Technology Ltd

Test/evaluation site:Range 82, 4818 Midland Road,Midland, VA 22728, USA

DSG Technology ASStorgata 28, NO-3192 Horten, NorwayTel / CEO: +47 928 10 931Email: [email protected] fsi.no14 15

BusinessFRISCH AS is a corporate andcompetitive intelligence firm. We collect, analyse and utilise information to serve the interests of our clients.

Our services are used innegotiations, mergers andacquisitions, litigation, tender

processes, media contact, politicalprocesses, crisis situations and foremergency preparedness andexercises.

ContactStein Jacob FrischE-mail: [email protected]: +47 916 10 911

FRISCH ASFilipstad Brygge 1POB 1529 VikaN-0117 Oslo,

BusinessEmbron Group AS is a technologypartner for leading technologycompanies globally. The group isdivided into the three businessareas; Manufacturing Services, Technology Solutions and R&DServices, providing expertise acrossa broad range of industry sectors.

Through our global network offacilities, we offer manufacturingservices for electronics, mechanicsand electromechanical assemblyand selected R&D and engineeringservices that support a diverserange of development activities. Our technology solutions offerstandard or customized hardwareand software solutions within

specialized industry segments andapplication areas. Market segmentsinclude maritime & offshore, defence,transportation & Infrastructure, industrial automation, high security &retail, bank & finance and medical.

The Embron Group consists of thefollowing companies: Noraturon,Hatteland Technology, guardREC and QRTECH. Embron is one of thelargest IT and technology companiesin Norway and has 17 offices in 9 countries. The company is owned100% by JC Broch AS, which is fullyowned by Jørgen Cato Broch. CEO is Trond K. Johannessen.

Embron Group ASPostboks 423N-3193 Horten, Norway

Strandveien 35N-1366 Lysaker,

Page 9: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate

BusinessFI is one of Norway’s leading administrators of industry clusters,facilitating six clusters covering awide range of technologies andmarkets. In collaboration withnational and internationalbusinesses and organizations, aswell as governmental and scientificinstitutions, we explore ideas andinnovative solutions for defence,security, aquaculture andrenewable energy, among others.

MIDSEC - Innovating solutionsfor a safe and secure globalenvironmentMid-Norway Defence and SecurityCluster ( is devoted todeveloping business opportunitiesand innovative solutions withinnational and international defence

and security industry. The 34member companies supplyadvanced technology, high-qualityindustrial products and sustainablesolutions to military and homelandsecurity in Norway and abroad.Learn more at

Chairman: Kjetil Myran

CEO: Bjørn Damhaug

Owners: LIV Holding 66,2%,regional banks 33,8%

Employees: 13

Fosen Innovasjon AS (FI)Verkstedveien 4N-7125 VANVIKANTel: +47 988 64 444E-mail: [email protected]

16 17

BusinessGalleon Embedded Computingis an innovative manufacturer ofhigh-performance, high-qualitystorage solutions, small ruggeddata recorder systems, servers andNAS devices. Our product focusis on ruggedized solutions fordemanding sensor data recording,flight test instrumentation (FTI),UAVs, and high-density removablestorage. Galleon is headquarteredin Oslo, Norway, with subsidiaries inLondon, UK and Houston, TX, USA.Galleon Embedded Computing’squality management system iscertified to Aerospace Standard AS/EN 9100: 2018 and ISO 9001: 2015.

BoardThe chairman of the board is Stig Nyvold. Board members areThomas Nygard and Terje Melsom.CEO is Espen Bøch.

OwnersGalleon Embedded Computing is a privately held company withcurrent management holding a majority of the shares.

GALLEON EMBEDDEDCOMPUTING ASKarenslyst Allé 9ANO-0278 Oslo, NorwayTel: +47 21 08 02 90E-mail: [email protected]

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BusinessISPAS AS was established in 2001and is delivering turnkey radarsystems to both national andinternational customers. ISPASKu-band multifunction, maritime,phase steered antenna radar iscurrently in production and a 3D version is under developmentfor Short Range Air Defence(SHORAD) against drones and drone swarm attack.

BoardPresident and ChairmanRichard Norland, Rune Gundersen,Jan Erik Andersen

OwnersRichard Norland, Rune Gundersen,Jan Erik Andersen

ISPAS ASTel: +47 40002113E-mail: [email protected]

Industries of the Future

Page 10: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate fsi.no18 19

BusinessLilltech AS represents foreigndefense and security industriesmainly into the markets of theNordic countries. The company issupplying equipment, consultancyand training within these mainareas:

• CBRN/WMD protection• Counter-terror• EOD/IEDD• Force Protection• Forensics• Logistics• Tactical gear

Board: Chairman/Managing DirectorMr Jan Ove Lilleås

Owner: Lilltech Institute AS

LILLTECH ASVilbergveien 107N-2060 Gardermoen, NorwayTel: +47 63 93 49 50Fax: +47 63 93 49 59Mob: +47 40 40 63 63E-mail: [email protected]

helicopter). Indra’s customizedsolutions address operational require-ments for the traditional land, sea andair domains as well as for space and cyberspace.

Indra’s Norwegian subsidiary, IndraNavia, has roots in Norway back to1918. The company has won world-wide acclaim for safety-critical systemsfor air traffic management and has implemented more than 2,200 projectsin 120 countries. Indra Navia providestest and assembly facilities and localproject management along withwarranty and support services forDefence & Security projects.

Chairman: Ramón TarrechCEO & President: Eldar Hauge

Indra Navia ASHagaløkkveien 26NO-1383 Asker, NorwayTel: +47 23 18 02 00Email: [email protected]

BusinessIndra is a leading global technologyand consulting company and tech-nological partner for core businessoperations of its customers. It is aworld-leader in proprietary solutionsin specific segments in Transport andDefense markets, and a leading firmin Digital Transformation Consultancyand Information Technologies inSpain and Latin America. Indra isheadquartered in Spain with ope-rating companies in 46 countries.

In the Defence & Security industry,Indra is a global supplier of integratedsolutions for implementation andmanagement of critical systems inreal time. Indra provides systems tothe Armed Forces on all continentsand to international organizationssuch as NATO, OCCAR and EDA. Indraparticipates in many of the sector’sleading multinational consortiumsand programs (e.g. Eurofighter, A400transport military aircraft, Tiger

BusinessJotne EPM Technology is a memberof the Jotne Group, specializing inIntegrated Logistics InformationTechnology (ILS). Since 1990 thecompany has developed databasesolutions to handle standards suchas ISO 10303 STEP, PLCS, AIA/ASDS-series etc. These are open speci-fications with public availabilityused by aerospace, space anddefence related industries tomanage information aboutcomplex systems. Jotne has astaff of about 250 people, and itsIT products are used by clients allover the world, including the USDepartment of Defense,

the European Space Agency andleading aerospace, defense andspace contractors. Jotne productsand services add values in domainslike Product Data Exchange,Product Lifecycle Management,Systems and ConcurrentEngineering processes andLong-term archiving.

Additional information and aPLCS video at the Jotne web

Jotne EPM Technology ASGrenseveien 107N-0663 OSLO, NorwayTel: +47 23 17 17 00Fax: +47 23 17 17 01e-mail: [email protected]

Page 11: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate

BusinessGKN Aerospace Norway AS is aleading supplier of jet enginecomponents to the global aviationindustry. With more than 40 yearsof experience in the business, thecompany represents a tech-nological competence centerwithin advanced, mechanicalproduction of shafts, vanes, hous-ings, turbine cases and structures.The company has approximately500 highly skilled employees andoffers reliable deliveries of complexproducts in a highly competitiveinternational market, by its owndeveloped, specialized fabricationand manufacturing processes.

GKN Aerospace Norway is a part ofGKN Aerospace, which is a global

first tier supplier of complex wingand fuselage structures andcomponents, nacelle systems,landing gear and wiring systems,engine static and rotatingstructures, transparencies and iceprotection systems with a globalworkforce of over 17,000employees.

The company is 100% owned sub-sidiary to GKN Aerospace SwedenAB, which is a part of the MelroseIndustries group.

Chairman of the Board: Joakim AnderssonPresident: Peter Hjortsberg

GKN Aerospace Norway ASKirkegårdsveien 453616 KongsbergNorwayTel: +47 32 72 84 [email protected]/aerospace

20 21

BusinessMarshall Norway AS is part of the UKbased Marshall Land Systems/Marshall Aerospace and DefenceGroup. MLS is a systems integrator of vehicles and containers:Offices/C2iS/HQ, GBAD, EOD/C-IED,ISTAR, CBRN, Medical, ArmouredVehicles, Ambulances etc. We alsomaintain the Norwegian C130 fleet.

The Marshall Export DevelopmentProgramme demonstrates ourcommitment to Norwegian Industryby developing Defence capabilitiesand export opportunities.

Board Chair: Ray Cutting. POC: Stig Asak, +44 7771371377,[email protected]

BusinessHapro is a leading ElectronicManufacturing Service (EMS)company in Norway, located atJaren only 45 min. from OsloAirport. Our services include proto-typing, industrialization, procure-ment, PCB assembly, systemintegration, testing and testdevelopment. We also offer a widerange of additional services, suchas box build, conformal coating,cable harnessing and productlifecycle management.

With more than 45 years ofexperience, over 250 highlyqualified employees and expertisein a variety of fields, we forwardour solid knowledge on to our customers. Hapro manufactures for customers in several markets,such as subsea/offshore, telecom,industry and defence.

As a production partner for defencecustomers we deliver both sub unitsand complete systems for use inadvanced military equipment.

BoardChairman: Roger KysethPresident & CEO: Tor Asak Giæver

Municipal owned corporation

Hapro Electronics ASMohagasvingen 8N-2770 JarenTel: +47 6133 9500E-mail: [email protected]

BusinessMetronor provides high-precisionelectro-optical measurementsystems for manufacturingindustries, covering a wide range ofapplications and market segments.Over 600 leading manufacturersworldwide use our systems such asBoeing, Lockheed, Audi, Mercedesand Volvo.

The company has unique compe-tence in electro-optics, metrologyand photogrammetry and itstechnology base is protected bynumerous patents. Metronor alsoprovides military qualified boresightsystems for aerospace and landplatforms. Unlike competingsystems, Metronor’s systems

determine Line Replaceable Unitsfor orientation and also positionin 3D, hence allowing for 6DOFalignment of sensors such asoptical helmet-tracking systems.

Platforms include:• Lockheed Martin F-16• Saab Gripen• BAE Systems Hawk• Korea Aerospace T-50/FA-50• Korea Aerospace Industries

Surion helicopter• Eurofighter ASTA simulator

METRONOR ASPO Box 238N-1394 NesbruNorwayTel: +47 6698 3800E-mail: [email protected]

Page 12: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate fsi.no22 23

BusinessKONGSBEG is a leading supplier ofdefence products and systems forcommand and control, surveillance,space, tactical communications, re-mote weapon stations and missiles,as well as advanced composites andengineering products for aircraft and helicopters. Our products andsystems span from underwater tosurface, land and air to space.Main product areas are:

• Army Systems• C4ISR• Defence Communications• Integrated Air and Missile Defence• Missile Systems• Naval Systems• Remote Weapon Systems

KONGSBERG is listed on the OsloStock Exchange and the Norwegianstate owns 50,001 per cent of theshares. KONGSBERG has more than11,000 employees in numerouslocations around the world.

Chairman: Eivind Reiten

President & CEO KongsbergGruppen: Geir Håøy

President Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS: Eirik Lie

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace ASKirkegårdsveien 45P.O. Box 1003NO-3601 Kongsberg, NorwayTel: (+47) 32 28 82 00E-mail: [email protected]

BusinessKONGSBERG Aviation MaintenanceServices AS (KAMS) has played amajor role in Norwegian aviationindustry since 1916 and offers anoperational excellence withextensive MRO knowledge andpractices. These competencesprovide the fixed and rotary wingcustomers with operationalreadiness, and the company hasparticular experience on the Sea King helicopter and F-16Fighting Falcon.KAMS is a proud partner of the F-35 production program. Fullycommitted to the quality as-surance, KAMS has delivered highquality products from when theproduction started in 2015.

Currently the company is establish-ing a brand new F135 EngineDepot Center with the intention toinclude additional F-35 MROcapabilities.

Core Business Units;• F-35, LO-coating• Aircraft Maintenance,

Rotary and Fixed Wing• Engine Maintenance• Electro/Avionics Maintenance• Special Mechanical Processes

Certifications;• AS9100 & AS9110• AQAP 2120• EASA Part 145 & EMAR 145

Chairman: Terje BråthenPresident: Atle WølloOwner: KONGSBERG Defence &Aerospace AS (50.1%) and Patria (49.9%)

KONGSBERGAviation Maintenance ServicesFetveien 80-84NO-2007 KjellerTel: +47 91 21 00

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BusinessMilDef AS, based in Oslo, is a subsidiary of MilDef Group AB with headquarter in Helsingborg,Sweden. MilDef develops,manufactures and sells ruggedcomputers and special electronicsto customers in the defense sector.This ranges from rugged laptopsand tablet PCs to servers & computers, routers and othernetwork equipment. MilDef AS has 4 employees in Norway andabout 90 in the whole group.

MilDef Group AB is a privately heldlimited company led by CEO BjörnKarlsson. Mr Karlsson is alsoChairman of the board at MilDef AS.

MILDEF ASBrynsengveien 2NO-0667 Oslo, NorwayTel: +47 23 40 03


Kitron is a leading ElectronicsManufacturing Ser vices (EMS)company with operations inNor way, Sweden, Lithuania,Germany, China and USA. Withabout 1700 highly skilledemployees, Kitron manufacturesand delivers anything from fullyassembled electronic circuitboards to complete end productsfor customers globally.

The company’s core areas ofexpertise are in the sectorsDefence/Aerospace,Energy/Telecoms, Industry,Medical devices andOffshore/Marine.

Related technical services likeprototyping, industrialization,material analyzing, and testdevelopment are competenciesoffered by Kitron. Outsourcing toKitron, means greater flexibility,cost efficiency, accuracy andinnovation power along the entirevalue chain.

Certified: AS9100D / EN9100AQAP 2110


Publicly company listed on OSE

Chairman: Tuomo LähdesmäkiPresident & CEO: President & CEO

Kitron ASA

P.O. Box 97, Olav Brunborgs vei 41375 Billingstad, NORWAYTel: +47 66 10 00 00E-mail: [email protected]

24 25

BusinessKONGSBERG TARGET SYSTEMSdevelop and manufacture electronicshooting ranges. The electronictargets are designed for accuratedetection, which is presented oneach shooter’s monitor. Mil spec system for all year/ all weather outdoor training,competitions, tests of weapons/ammunition etc. Covers all kindsof rifle and pistol calibres between4.5 mm and 12.7 mm (cal .50), andall shooting distances between10 m and 2,500 m. Radio communi-cation for long range and moving

targets. Portable sniper solutions.Deployable container solutions.

Since 1994 the company hasdelivered over 13,000 targets tomore than 1,200 different militaryunits and shooting/hunting clubs in close to 40 different nations.

BoardChairman: Per Håvard KlevenCEO: Ole Rabbevåg

Kongsberg Target SystemsN-3608 Heistadmoen/Kongsberg,NorwayTel: +47 32 76 30 00E-mail: [email protected]

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BusinessHeadquartered in Raufoss, Norway,the Nammo Group is one of theworld’s leading providers ofammunition and rocket motors forboth military and civilian users.

Ammunition – Our extensiveproduct range includes combat and training projectiles, cartridgetechnology and commercial brands,as well as large caliber ammunitionfor tank, artillery and mortar systems.

Shoulder fired systems – Nammooffers a comprehensive range ofshoulder-fired systems to meet theincreasing complexity of themodern battlefield.

Rocket motors – We design, test and produce a number ofadvanced rocket motors for missiles and space applications, as well as rocket motors andcatapults for ejection seats.

Organization – The Nammo Groupoperates through 5 business units:Commercial Ammunition, Small &Medium Caliber Ammunition, Large Caliber Ammunition, Shoulder Fired Systems and Aerospace Propulsion. Nammo operates across 28production sites and 6 offices in 13 countries.

Board – Chairman: Dag SchjervenPresident & CEO: Morten Brandtzæg

Owners – The Nammo Group’sshareholders are the NorwegianGovernment represented by theNorwegian Ministry of Trade,Industry and Fisheries (50 percent)and the Finnish Defense andAerospace Group, Patria Oyj (50 percent).

Nammo ASBox 142No-2831 Raufoss, NORWAYTel: +47 61 15 36 00Fax: +47 61 15 36 20E-mail: [email protected]

BusinessNFM® is a leading provider ofpersonal protection systems,offering its end-users the fullspectrum of protection whileenhancing capability.The premium product portfolioranges from GARM combatclothing, to THOR load-bearingsystem, SKJOLD body armor, and brand-new HJELM ballistichelmets. Continuous innovation, a user-centered design process andthe highest quality productionbased on the Scandinavianheritage of craftsmanshipmake NFM’s products soughtafter by soldiers and police officers globally.Established in 1996, the NFMGroup today employs over 500people divided into the group’stwo business units;

NFM AS® is the design, develop-ment and production divisionproviding NFM’s range of productsto military and police units world-wide. The company has two modernproduction facilities strategicallylocated in Poland and Ukraine.

Equipnor is the trading division forthe supply of products and servicesto the defense, law enforcementand security branches in the Nordiccountries.

Key PersonnelChairman of the Board:Carl F. Sejersted BødtkerCEO: Walter Øverland

NFM GROUPGlynitveien 15N-1400 SkiTel: +47 64 85 14 00Fax: +47 64 85 14 01E-mail: [email protected]

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BusinessWe supply mechanical and electro-mechanical assembled products toNorwegian and internationalelectronics and defence industries.We are competitive in a market thatis characterized by continuouschange and high standards of quality,service and delivery reliability.

Oswo offers a wide range of servicesthat improve our customerscompetitive edge. Ranging fromdesign and industrialization, thin-sheet processing and CNC machining, welding, surface treat-

ment, electro mechanics assembly, test and service.

QualityOswo has a strong focus on satisfyingcustomer requirements for quality,certified according to ISO 9001, ISO14001 and AQAP 2110.

Board:Chairman: Torfinn KildalCEO: Sjalg T. MortvedtOwner: Oswo Invest AS (family owned)

OSWOMoloveien 3 N-3192 HortenNorwayContact: Sjalg T. MortvedtMob: +47 90970308Tel: +47

Products and Services:• Supplier of complete training

facilities, shooting ranges, range target equipment and simulators for military, police and hunting market in Norway and Sweden

• Distributor of radio communication equipment to military and emergency services in Norway

• Service and maintenance (ILS) of police and military training facilities and shooting ranges in Norway and Sweden

Board:Chairman: Øyvind FjeldPresident: Leif HauglandOwners: Leif Haugland, Asbjørn Slettmyr og Øyvind FjeldNumber of employees: 11 employees

Our support – Your success

Obsima Technology ASAskheim 1ENO-2022 Gjerdrum, NorwayTel: +47 63 93 81 81E-mail: [email protected]

BusinessRheinmetall Norway AS, a part of Rheinmetall Defence, has beenan established player in theScandinavian defence market for over half a century, with 67employees at location in Nøtterøy.The company cooperates closelywith the Norwegian and Swedisharmies, developing capabilities forexisting and future needs.Rheinmetall Norway AS specializesin high-tech products for dis-mounted soldiers as well as sensor systems and observation,reconnaissance and fire controlsystems. These range from nightvision goggles, target acquisitionsystems and day cameras to 40mmfire control systems and weaponmount products. The companyexports to more than fiftycountries around the world.Furthermore, Rheinmetall Norway AS is a major supplier ofcomponents for Remote controlledWeapon Stations together with

its sister company, AmericanRheinmetall Systems, USA.

A first-rate R&D department keepsRheinmetall Norway AS on theglobal cutting edge of defencetechnology, making it the idealstrategic partner for both, militaryusers and defence industry, when it comes to developing newcapabilities for the world’s Defence Forces.

Rheinmetall Norway AS’s parentcompany Rheinmetall AG is afinancially strong, internationallysuccessful player in the markets forautomotive components anddefence equipment. The group’sDefence sector is Europe’s foremostsupplier of army technology and alongstanding partner of the armedforces. Rheinmetall Defenceproducts set the global standardfor excellence in a wide array ofdisciplines: vehicles, forceprotection, weapon systems,infantry equipment, air defenceand from network-enabled warfarecapabilities to electro-optics andsimulation technology.

Force protection is our mission.

CEO: Jan Eirik Finseth

VP BD & Sales: Jarle Maaren

Owner: Rheinmetall AG, 100%

Rheinmetall Norway AS P.O. Box 143 N-3106 Nøtterøy Tel: +47 33 38 23 50 E-mail: [email protected]

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BusinessOMNI is a network of specialistcompanies within productdevelopment and production. Wesupply products for Defense,maritime and Industrial applicationsand provide services within:

• System and product Architecture• Software, Electronics, and

Mechanical Design• Power Supply and Charging

• Battery Solutions• Electronics Manufacturing Service• Logistics

Contact us at [email protected] to learnmore about our specialist maritimeproducts and broad backgroundwith Defense products and solutions.

Board/Chairman: Olaf ValeurEmployees: Group of SMBs

OMNI SAPost Box 56, N-0508 OsloE-mail: [email protected]

BusinessRadionor Communications is asupplier of high-performancetactical data links based on phasedarray technology for high-mobilityapplications. The product family,CRE2, consists of data links formanned or unmanned vehicles,aircrafts, vessels as well as man-carried systems. The CRE2 connectsthe future network centric tacticalunits with robust, broadbandcommunications that reach beyond 200 km range, enablingservices such as sending voice,video, telemetry and location data.

The global defence sector iscurrently undergoing majorchanges in order to meettomorrow’s demand for network

centric defence. Radionor meetsthese challenges with a matureproduct line and will be a majorplayer in the future tacticalcommunication market with new emerging technologies. By investing great measures in R&D,Radionor retains its position as aleading centre of competence foradvanced phased array wirelesscommunication systems.

Board:Chairman: Erik SauarCEO: Atle Sægrov

No. of employees: 19

Radionor Communications ASIngvald Ystgaards veg 237047 Trondheim, NorwayTel: +47 72 81 05 00Mail: [email protected]


BusinessSTADT Lean Propulsion is developedto offer a Stealth, noise free, electricpropulsionfor naval ships of any sizeand type. This unique patented tech-nology use sinusoidalpower insteadof Pulse Width Modulated powerelectronics – to control the power of AC induction motors that arepowering the ship propellers.

This technology is transformer-freeand available in powers up to at least 75 MW .

The Lean development has led to amajor reduction in components, saving weight, space, losses, and

BusinessScanmatic delivers robust industrialsystems designed for high reliabilityand long life in a challengingenvironment. Our applications arebased on open standards andoften consist of a mixture of off-the-shelf components andsoftware solutions, our ownproducts and hardware/softwaredeveloped by Scanmatic.Scanmatic has extensive expertisein the field of hydro acoustics andoffer some unique and specializedproducts for sonar testing andtraining. Our newly developedMulti-Positioning System is usedby NATO FORACS for calibration ofnavigation- and target acquisitionsystems of NATO vessels.

The Scanmatic group consists of 4companies, the parent companyScanmatic AS and the subsidiariesScanmatic Elektro AS, ScanmaticInstrumentation Technology andScanmatic EnvironmentalTechnology AB (Sweden).The Scanmatic group has 200employees and a turnover in 2018of 650 MNOK.

Scanmatic is owned by ArendalsFossekompani (70%) and employees(30%). The chairman of the boardis Mr. Jarle Roth. CEO is Mr. Kim Steinsland.

SCANMATIC ASBedriftsveien 17NO-4841 Arendal, NorwayTel: +47 370 59

brings reliability up to a standard thatnever has been seen in electricpropulsion solutions.

STADT offers fully integrated solutionsas an experienced system integrator.

STADT ASMoljevegen 50NO-6083 Gjerdsvika, NorwayTel: +47 70 02 58

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BusinessSeal Engineering AS is a Norwegianprivate limited company (erstwhileSeal-Jet Norge AS 1997). The found-ers/owners have been working inthe sealing industry since the late1980s and are still actively involvedin the day-to-day running of thecompany.

Seal Engineering AS develops andproduces advanced sealingsolutions for demanding industrialapplications. With direct access toleading experts, specialised know-how, innovative engineering skillsand sincere customer care, SealEngineering has the experience, organisation, facilities and networkto serve multiple industries withengineered sealing solutions.

QualitySeal Engineering AS is certifiedaccording to ISO 9001:2015.

MarketsWe serve multiple industries like oil & gas, hydropower, defence,process and marine.

Products and services• Engineered sealing solutions• Standard and customized

sealing products for hydraulic and pneumatic applications in a wide range of materials

• O-rings• Molded parts, rubber-to-metal

bonding• Spring energized seals• Large diameter seals

(Ø<1600 mm)

Research & developmentWe keep pace with the latest tech-nology, pushing materials and const-ructions to the next level. Seal Engineering continuouslyexplores and develops new materialsin our in-house R&D facilities toprovide a competitive edge to ourcustomers.

• President: Julian Putkowski• Chairman: Rolf Petter Næss• Owner: Seal Jet Norge Holding AS

Seal Engineering ASProduksjonsveien 12 N-1618 FredrikstadPhone: +47 69 38 17 70

ClearSeal™ PRW (Pressure Released Wiper) is a patented, pressure released, internal wiper with a filter function.

BusinessA company with clear goals and visionsTaMek a.s is an advanced mechanicalcompany established in 1984 whenTandberg mechanical workshopwas separated from Tandberg radiofactory. During more than thirty-fiveyears of existing as an independentcompany, we have grown to becomea knowledge-based company thatdelivers complete systems to military,naval, air, railroad and electronicsindustries. In recent years TaMek hashad a very positive development.Today we supply various productsand services to multiple industriesand because of this we have a stablefoundation. The rapid growth andpositive development has made usan attractive workplace. This allowsus to continue reinforcing ourdevelopment further, as our skilledco-workers are our most competitiveadvantage.

ServicesThese are some of the services we supply:• Waterjet cutting • Laser cutting• Laser engraving• Punching• Bending• Welding/ Robot Welding • CNC Machining• Assembly• Test and control• Customer advising

Certifications ISO 9001:2015ISO 3834

Board Chairman: Patrik BerggrenCEO: Marcus Ek

OwnerMoRek AS (100% family owned company)

TaMek asFarexveien 21 LindebergN-2016 FrognerTel: +47 22 80 47 00E-mail: [email protected]

BusinessSensonor design and manufactureadvanced gyro sensors, gyromodules and IMUs for high-precision applications. Sensonor isa global leader in MEMS technologyand has more than 30 years ofexperience developing and manu-facturing reliable sensor solutions for demanding environmentsinvolving high vibration, high shockand harsh media. The company

serves a global customer base inthe Defense, Industrial, Aerospaceand Energy markets with affordableITAR-free solutions. Products areused in system stabilization atsea, short term navigation, UAV’s,Satellites and camera turrets.

Sensonor ASKnudsrødveien 7, P.O. Box 1004,NO-3194 Horten, NorwayTel: +47 33 03 50 00E-mail: [email protected]

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BusinessTeleplan Globe AS developssoftware products and solutions fordefence, police, public safety andsecurity authorities. We are expertsin C2 and ISR, and utilize agiledevelopment methods. Our fieldproven systems are in use in severalinternational operations to supportpersonnel in their challenging andtime critical tasks. As a consequenceour systems must be accurate,reliable and interoperable. Oursystems engineers are known fortheir commitment and contributionto solving our customers’ needs,not least we simplify the interactionbetween the user and the tech-nology. Teleplan Globe is afamily owned company, establishedin 1959 and part of the TeleplanGroup. The company has anextraordinary military knowledgebase, and Teleplan Globe is calledupon when commanders need asolution to trust.

We make Software and Solutionsfor Decision Makers.

CertificationsWe put Quality first, and take pridein being a supplier and partner youcan trust. Teleplan Globe is there-fore certified and qualified inaccordance to some of the highestinternational standards;

• ISO 9001:2015• NATO AQAP 2210• Microsoft Gold Partner• Sellihca

Number of employeesApproximately 85, including morethan 55 software engineers

ManagementChairman of the Board: John NyheimCEO: Dagfinn Lande Kolstad

Associated companiesTeleplan Consulting AS

TELEPLAN GLOBE ASFornebuveien 31,N-1366 Lysaker, NorwayTel: +47 67 12 70 00Fax: +47 67 12 72 70E-mail: [email protected]

Follow us on:Blog:

BusinessT&G Elektro AS was established inOslo in 1955. Our company startedout selling transistors, but changedto selling contacts and contact parts.In 1978 T&G decided to fully focuson contact technology, and has since then expanded its products toelectrical and optical connectors,cables, cable systems and harnesses.

T&G is, as of today, one of the mainNorwegian suppliers of interconnectsolutions for telecommunication,space, offshore and the defenceindustry.

Our main market is Norway, but wesupply customers in Europe, Asia

and America. We have as of todayapprox. 150 co-workers in Norwayand abroad, with an overall turnoverof 250 million NOK.

Products:Adapters Fiber opticsConnectors HarnessesCables Slip ringsCable systems Tools

ISO 9001:2015 and AS/EN 9100:2018DNV GL CERTIFIED

T&G Elektro ASKirkeveien 25B1363 Høvik, NORWAYTel: +47 67 12 90 55Fax: +47 67 12 90 60E-mail: [email protected]

BusinessTINEX, as a system integrator,combines delivery and integration ofDefence & Security material withinthe areas of Electronic Warfare, ForceProtection, Sensors, EOD and PowerSupply to the Defence, Police andother security authorities. Throughour network of partners, we also canprovide logistics support and coope-ration with other domestic andinternational customers. TINEX hasthe necessary security clearance formilitary applications, and is ISO 9001and TRACE certified.

Our Supported Products & Services:• Electronic Warfare• C-UAV Systems• Force Protection:

• C-RCIED• EOD• Armoured Vehicles• Shields, helmets, gloves etc.

• Jamming Immune GNSS• VLF, HF, VHF and

UHF COMS & Antennas• Optics: Active & Passive• Power Supply & Distribution Systems• Connectors, Switches,

Contractors & Cabling• Military & Governmental Vehicles• TINEX Services:

• Project & Product CLS/ILS• Integration• Service & Preventive Maintenance• Training & Courses• Documentation• After Sales Services

TINEX ASØstre Aker vei 2030975 OsloTel: +47 48 19 66 66E-mail: [email protected]

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Control Rooms Communication Thales Norway has developed aleading position in supply of VoiceCommunication Systems (VCS) formilitary air traffic management aswell for other critical control roomapplications.

Secure Messaging Thales Norway has broadexperience with MMHS. XOmail provides functionalitytailored to messaging tasks inmilitary organisations and iscompliant with the latest version of NATO STANAG 4406.

Trusted Security Advisor Thales Norway has extensiveknowledge and experience insecurity accreditation of productsand systems and is selected asTrusted Security Advisor in majordefence programs.

Facts & Figures – Thales Norway AS175 highly skilled employees, mostwithin R&D.

Revenue 2018: approx. 500 MNOK

Board: Chairman: Glenn PedersenManaging Director: Tom TuhusOwners: Thales SAS, 100 %

Thales Norway AS PO Box 744, SentrumNO - 0106 Oslo, NORWAYTel: +47 22 63 83 00E-mail: [email protected]

BusinessThales Norway AS is a world leaderin high-grade secured communi-cations. We are a partner, trustedadvisor and contractor for theNorwegian Government, and havebeen sole suppliers of IP-crypto toNATO since 2001. With more than100 years as an industrial company,and our cooperation with theNorwegian Defence and NationalSecurity Authority (NSM) since the 1950s, Thales Norway has a unique position.

Thales Norway is an independentdefence and security company,operating under NorwegianSecurity Law, fully owned by ThalesGroup (EPA: HO). Half of our €53mill revenue is export income.

Interoperable CommunicationSolutionsThales Norway has a long traditionin development and supply of

interoperable, reliable and securecommunication solutions, hencecovering the complete range fromnationwide fixed networks to highlymobile communication nodes attactical vehicles as well as individual soldiers.

IP Encryption Thales Norway is the dominantsupplier of IP-encryption solution in the NATO domain.

The Cryptel®-IP system has beenselected as the standard NATO IPCrypto Equipment – NICE andincludes a wide range of productvariants.

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VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT VIKING is a global market leader incomplete maritime safety products,solutions and servicing for defenceand professional operators world-wide. In 2018, VIKING acquiredNorsafe whose range of boats anddavits, including a state-of-the-artrange of rescue boat, RIB, patrolboat and daughter craft solutionsare used throughout the world. VIKING also supplies and serviceseverything from marine evacuationsystems to liferafts, lifeboats,lifejackets, immersion- and anti-exposure suits, firefightingequipment, aviation safety gear,training and much more.

VIKING is a privately held corpora-tion with the Claus Sørensen Fund asthe ultimate majority share-holder.The position as Chairman of theBoard is held by Jens Lindholm while Henrik Uhd Christensen is the company CEO.

VIKING employs more than 2800employees worldwide.Headquartered in Denmark, ourglobal presence spans 288 servicing stations, 88 branch offices,8 production plants and 3 training academies.

VIKING NORSAFE LIFE-SAVINGEQUIPMENT NORWAY ASTybakken 90, 4818 Faervik, NorwayTel: +4737058500E-mail: [email protected]

BusinessSince the founding in 1976 Våpensmia AS has been a producerand supplier of defence systems and products. Våpensmia are a finemechanical manufacturing companywith a CNC based production. Ourbusiness concept is development,production and sale of weaponry and optical sights for defence andlaw enforcement.

Key products• Våpensmia VSM 028 reflexsight

for 40 mm AGL• Våpensmia VSM 015 reflexsight

for 40 mm AGL• Våpensmia VSM 029 reflexsight

for .50 cal HMG• Våpensmia VSM 009 reflexsight

for .50 cal HMG• Våpensmia VSM 034 RF

Transponder for 40 mm AGL air burst ammunition

• Våpensmia VSM 019 reflexsight for M 72

• Cleaning equipment for large caliber (105mm,120mm,155mm),NSN 4933-25-145-9757

• Recoil exercising equipment for large caliber weaponsystems, NSN 4933-25-152-5062

• Gun Barrels• Våpensmia VSM 030 Silencer• Våpensmia Firearm

unloading station• Våpensmia Tactical sling with

quick release cobra buckle

CertificationVåpensmia AS has since 1988 metthe requirements for quality set bythe Norwegian Defence MaterielAgency. Våpensmia is now AQAP2110, Ed D certified. The certificateensures the quality and the safetythat our customers expect regardingall purchases from our company.

Key personnel:Chairman of the board: Oddvin WedøeManaging Director: Ole FurusethTechnical Manager: Vidar Munkelien

Employees: 20

Ownership:Våpensmia is a privately ownedcompany. The current ManagingDirector holds the majority of thestocks.

Våpensmia ASSkredder Engs gate 1P.O.Box 862882 DOKKAEmail: [email protected]: + 47 61 11 87

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fsi.no40 41

Member Companies

Airbus Defence And Space ASP.O. Box 518N-1327

Aircontact Group ASKarenslyst Allé 49N-0279

Alfa Solution ASØsterskogen 60N-4879 GRIMSTADE-mail: [email protected]

Andøya Test Center ASBleiksveien 46N-8480 ANDENESTel: +47 76 14 45 50 / 76 14 45

Applica Consulting ASP.O. Box 113N-4524 LINDESNESTel: +47 38 25 87

Autosim ASStrandvegen 106N-9006 TROMSØ

Axnes ASP.O. Box 504N-4898

BAE Systems Hägglunds ABc/o Visma Services Gjøvik P.O. Box 475N-2803 GJØVIKTel: +47 909 11

Bandak Nct ASMerdevegen 4BN-3676

Benestad Solutions ASP.O. Box 123N-3421 LIERSKOGENE-mail: [email protected]

Berget ASSemsvegen 51N-3676 NOTODDENE-mail: [email protected]

Bertel O. Steen Defence & Security ASKlaus Torgårdsvei 3N-0372 OSLOPhone: +47 67 92 60

Blue Water Shipping ASP.O. Box 652 LørenN-0507

Bredengen ASProfessor Birkelands vei 25N-1081

Chemring Nobel AS v/ AD Gruppen AS P.O. Box 853N-3611 KONGSBERGTel: +47 32 27 86

CHSnor ASBrugsvegen 13N-2390

ComPower asLønningsflaten 30N-5258 BLOMSTERDALENTel: +47 55 20 90 50E-mail: [email protected]

Comrod Communications ASFiskaaveien 1NO-4120 Tau, NorwayTel: +47 51 74 05

Conrad Mohr ASP.O. Box 1721 VikaN-0121 OSLOTel: +47 22 44 67 89

Dacon ASP.O. Box 133N-1321 STABEKKE-mail: [email protected]

Data Respons Norge ASP.O. Box 4891323 HØVIKTel: +47 67 11 20 00E-mail: [email protected]

DNV GL ASP.O. Box 300N-1322 HØVIKTel: +47 67 57 99

Drytech ASP.O. Box 5736N-9287 TROMSØE-mail: [email protected]

DSG Technology ASStorgata 28, NO-3192 Horten, NorwayTel / CEO: +47 928 10 931Email: [email protected]

DSPNOR ASVågsgaten 22N-5160 LAKSEVÅGE-mail: [email protected]

Eidsvoll Electronics ASNedre Vilberg vei 8N-2080 EIDSVOLLTel: +47 63 95 97 00E-mail: [email protected]

Eker Group ASTorsnesveien 210N-1634 GAMLE FREDRIKSTADTel: +47 69 94 89

Electronicon ASHillerenveien 82N-5174 MATHOPENE-mail: [email protected]

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Elmatica AS

Grensen 12N-0159 OSLOTel: +47 22 09 87 00E-mail: [email protected]

Embron Group ASPostboks 423N-3193 Horten, NorwayStrandveien 35N-1366 Lysaker,

Endúr Maritime AS

Damsgårdsveien 119N-5160 Laksevå

Fieldmade AS

Torvet 6N-2000 LILLESTRØ

First House AS

P.O. Box 1755 VikaN-0122 OSLOTel: +47 21 04 62 00Emergency tel: +47 99 42 19 94E-mail: [email protected]

Fjord Defence AS

Løkkeåsveien 22AN-3138

Flatirons Norge AS

Industritunet, Dyrmyrgt 35N-3611 KONGSBERG

FLIR Unmanned Aerial Systems AS

Nye Vakås vei 56N-1395 HVALSTADTel: +47 66 77 91 00E-mail: [email protected]

Fosen Innovasjon AS

Verkstedveien 4N-7125 VANVIKANTel: +47 74 85 37 00E-mail: [email protected]

Fosstech AS

Borgeskogen 7N-3160 STOKKETel: +47 33 33 53 00E-mail: [email protected]

Frequentis Norway AS

Karenslyst Alle 8B, Etasje 3N-0278 OSLOTel: + 47 23 12 05 73www.

Frisch AS

P.O. Box 1529 VikaN-0117 OSLOTel: +47 916 10 911E-mail: [email protected]

Frydenbø Milpro AS

Haldenvegen 305N-1923 SØ

Galleon Embedded Computing AS

Karenslyst allé 9AN-0278 OSLOTel: +47 21 08 02 90E-mail: [email protected]

GKN Aerospace Norway AS

P.O. Box 1004N-3601 KONGSBERGTel: +47 32 72 84 00E-mail: [email protected]

Goldfish Boat AS

Slettaveien 8N-1555 SONTel: + 47 41 60 20 00E-mail: [email protected]

Gylling Teknikk AS

P.O. Box 103N-1309 RUDTel: +47 67 15 14

H. Henriksen AS

Træleborgveien 15N-3112 TØNSBERGTel: +47 33 37 84

Hapro AS

Mohagasvingen 8N-2770 JARENTel: +47 61 33 95 00E-mail: [email protected]

HTS maskinteknikk as

P.O. Box 1624N-3007 DRAMMENTel: +47 32 23 46

Impetus Afea AS

Strandgaten 32N-4400

Indra Navia AS

Hagaløkkveien 26N-1383

International Business

Machines AS

P.O. Box 9267 GrønlandN-0134


P.O. Box 506N-1522 MOSSTel: +47 40 00 21

JAG Consultants

JAG ConsultantsMyrvegen 642052 JESSHEIMTel: +47 99 28 54 48


Trollåsveien 36N-1414 TROLLÅSENTel: +47 67 87 08 88E-mail: [email protected]

Janusfabrikken AS

Stephansens vei 35N-5267 ESPELANDTel: +47 55 53 58 00E-mail: [email protected]

Josi Tech AS

P.O. Box 3202 ElisenbergN-0208 OSLOTel: +47 22 43 77 99E-mail: [email protected]

Page 23: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate fsi.no44 45

Jotne EPM Technology ASP.O. Box 6629 EtterstadN-0607 OSLOTel: +47 23 17 17 00E-mail: [email protected]

K. Lerøy Metallindustri ASN-5282 LONEVÅGTel: +47 56 19 30 60E-mail: [email protected]

Kitron ASAP.O. Box 97, Olav Brunborgs vei 41375 Billingstad, NORWAYTel: +47 66 10 00 00E-mail: [email protected]

Kjell A. Østnes ASOlav V's gate 6N-0161 OsloTel: +47 24 14 58

KONGSBERGAviation Maintenance ServicesFetveien 80-84NO-2007 KjellerTel: +47 91 21 00 00E-mail: [email protected]

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace ASP.O. Box 1003N-3601 KONGSBERGTel: +47 32 28 82 00E-mail: [email protected]

Kongsberg Maritime ASP.O. Box 111N-3191 HORTENTel: +47 33 03 41 00E-mail: [email protected]

Kongsberg Target Systems ASHeistadmoen IndustriparkN-3608 HEISTADMOENTel: +47 32 76 30

Light Structures ASNils Hansens vei 2N-0667 OSLOTel: +47 23 89 71 33E-mail: [email protected]

Lilltech ASVilbergveien 107N-2060 GARDERMOENTel: +47 63 93 49 50E-mail: [email protected]

Lilltech Defence ASRypelia 20N-2032 MAURA

Lilaas ASP.O. Box 705N-3196

Malm Orstad ASVolleveien 66N-4354 VOLLTel: +47 48 22 10

Maritime Robotics ASBrattørkaia 11N-7010 TRONDHEIME-mail:[email protected]: +47

Marshall Aerospace and Defence GroupThe Airport - Newmarket RoadCB5 8RX Cambridge

Merlin Holding ASRosenborggata 3N-0356 OSLOTel: +47 22 60 44

Metronor ASP.O. Box 238N-1379 NESBRUTel: +47 66 98 38 00E-mail: [email protected]

MILDEF ASBrynsengveien 2N-0667 OSLOTel: +47 23 40 03 10E-mail: [email protected]

NADIC1725 Duke Street Suite 600Alexandria, VA 22314

Nammo ASBox 142No-2831 Raufoss, NORWAYTel: +47 61 15 36 00Fax: +47 61 15 36 20E-mail: [email protected]

NFM GROUPGlynitveien 15N-1400 SkiTel: +47 64 85 14 00Fax: +47 64 85 14 01E-mail: [email protected]

Nofas ASSchwenckegata 1N-3015 DRAMMENTel: +47 32 22 10

Norbit Group ASP.O. Box 1858 LadeN-7440 TRONDHEIMTel: +47 73 98 25 50E-mail: [email protected]

Nordic Defence & Security ASRudsletta 97N-1351 RUDTel: +47 22 54 70

Nordic Shelter ASJerikoveien 14N-1067 OsloTel: +47 22 70 00 05E-mail: [email protected]

Nordic Unmanned ASRådhusgata 3N-4306 SANDNESTel: +47 92 66 66 59E-mail: [email protected]

Page 24: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate fsi.no46 47

Nordisk Aviation Products ASP.O. Box 173N-3081 HOLMESTRANDTel: +47 33 06 61 00E-mail: [email protected]

Nordisk Sikkerhet ASLommedalsveien 182N-1353 BÆRUMS VERK

NorLense ASFiskebølN-8317 STRØNSTADTel: +47 76 11 81 80E-mail: [email protected]

Norsk Scania AS, HovedkontorP.O. Box 143 SkøyenN-0212 OSLOTel: +47 22 06 45 00E-mail: [email protected]

NORTHROP GRUMMAN Sperry Marine, Norway BranchDamsgårdsveien 167N-5162 LAKSEVÅGTel: +47 55 94 94 94

Norwegian Special Mission ASP.O. Box 110N-2061 GARDERMOENTel: +47 64 81 93 00E-mail: [email protected]

Norwegian-American Defense Industry (NADIC)1725 Duke St22314 Alexandria

NOVA SYSTEMS AEROSPACE ASBadehusgata 374014 STAVANGERTel: +47 46 81 73

Obsima Technology ASAskheim 1ENO-2022 Gjerdrum, NorwayTel: +47 63 93 81 81E-mail: [email protected]

OMNI SAP.O. Box 56 ØkernN-0508 OSLOTel: +47 909 20 201E-mail: [email protected]

Oskar Pedersen ASPostboks 92374697 KRISTIANSAND STe: +47 38 10 60

OSWO ASP.O. Box 154N-3192 HORTENTel: +47 33 08 30 10E-mail: [email protected]

Patria Helicopters ASFlyplassveien 749325 BARDUFOSSTel: +47 77 83 66 [email protected]

Radionor Communications ASIngvald Ystgaards veg 237047 Trondheim, NorwayTel: +47 72 81 05 00Mail: [email protected]

Recab Mjøskanten Stangevegen 1112321 HAMARTel: +47 95 05 95 15

Rheinmetall Norway ASP.O. Box 143 N-3106 Nøtterøy Tel: +47 33 38 23 50 E-mail: [email protected]

Ritek ASRinnvegen 467609LEVANGERTel: +47 74 02 86 00Mail: [email protected]

Rohde & Schwarz Norge ASØstensjøveien 340667 OSLOTel: +47 23 38 66 [email protected]

Rud Pedersen Public AffairsCompany Norge ASKronprinsens gate 10251 OSLOTel: +47 92 43 69 [email protected]

Safety & Security Service ASPostboks 5 Økern0508 OSLOTel: +47 22 83 33 [email protected]

Airline Management ASTrondheimsv 842040 KLØFTATel: +47 63 98 00 65

SAS Institute ASPostboks 2666 Solli0203 OSLOTel: +47 23 08 30 50Mail: [email protected]

SCANMATIC ASBedriftsveien 17NO-4841 Arendal, NorwayTel: +47 370 59

Seal Engineering ASProduksjonsveien 12 N-1618 FredrikstadPhone: +47 69 38 17 70

Sensonor ASP.O. Box 1004N-3194 HORTENTel: +47 33 03 50 00E-mail: [email protected]

SharkcageWiderøeveien 11360 FORNEBUTel: +47 67 10 25 00

Simpro ASIndustriveien 47332 LØKKEN VERKTel: +47 72 49 72 30Mail: [email protected]

SINTEF ASAvd. Strindvegen 4 TrondheimPostboks 4760 Torgarden7465 TRONDHEIMTel: +47 98 24 34 38Mail: [email protected]

Page 25: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate fsi.no48 49

SKF Norge AS Avd OsloPostboks 173 Grefsen0409 OSLOTel: +47 22 30 38 88

Skytec ASHangarveien 133241 SANDEFJORDTel: +47 3 42 65 50Mail: [email protected]

Sopra Steria ASPostboks 1172 Sentrum0107 OSLOTel: +47 22 57 56 00

Space Norway ASPostboks 66 Skøyen0212 OSLOTel: +47 22 51 00 00Mail: [email protected]

STADT ASMoljevegen 50NO-6083 Gjerdsvika, NorwayTel: +47 70 02 58

Syntell AS Postboks 16810253 OSLO

Saab Technologies Norway ASIsebakkeveien 491788 HALDENTel: +47 95 70 90

T&G Elektro ASKirkeveien 25B1363 Høvik, NORWAYTel: +47 67 12 90 55Fax: +47 67 12 90 60E-mail: [email protected]

TaMek ASP.O. Box 60N-2016

Techni ASYnglingeveien 42 A3184 BORRETel: +47 47 20 04 00www./

Teleplan Globe ASP.O. Box 69N-1324 LYSAKERTel: +47 67 12 70 00E-mail: [email protected]

Thales Norway AS PO Box 744, SentrumNO - 0106 Oslo, NORWAYTel: +47 22 63 83 00E-mail: [email protected]

thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbHMarviksveien 120N-4632 KRISTIANSAND STel: +47 38 05 88 [email protected]

TINEX ASØstre Aker vei 2030975 OsloTel: +47 48 19 66 66E-mail: [email protected]

Trelleborg Offshore Norway ASPostboks A3051 MJØNDALENTel: +47 32 23 20 [email protected]

Triangula AS Kristian IVs gate 15B0164 OSLO

Tronrud Engineering ASFlyplassveien 213514 HØNEFOSSTel: +47 32 16 18 20Mail: [email protected]

Tyco Electronics Norge ASP.O. Box 74NO-1378 NESBRUTel: +47 66 77 88 50Email:[email protected]

Umoe Mandal ASGismerøyveien 2054515 MANDALTel: +47 38 27 92 00Mail: [email protected]

Unitech Offshore ASEspehaugen 255258 BLOMSTERDALENTel: +47 55 30 05 70Mail: [email protected]

Vestmar Production ASIndustriveien 43766 SANNIDALTel: +47 35 98 33 05Mail: [email protected]

Visual Engineering ASWorkhouse Bogstadveien 27B0355 OSLOTel: +47 22 11 38 88Mail: [email protected]

Våpensmia ASSkredder Engs gate 1P.O.Box 862882 DOKKAEmail: [email protected]: + 47 61 11 87

VIKING NORSAFE LIFE-SAVINGEQUIPMENT NORWAY ASTybakken 90, 4818 Faervik, NorwayTel: +4737058500E-mail: [email protected]

Webasto Thermo & Comfort NorwayIndustriveien 34 A2072 DALTel: +47 94 13 59 [email protected]

WilNor Governmental Services ASPostboks 331324 LYSAKER

Wireless Communication ASPostboks 1 Oppsal0619 OSLOTel: +47 21 55 56 00Mail: [email protected]

YKK Norge Norsk Avdeling AvUtenlands ForetakPostboks 6802 St. Olavs plass0130 OSLOTel: +47 66 85 58 50Mail: [email protected]

Page 26: NORWEGIAN DEFENCE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY DIRECTORY · 2020-04-27 · Norwegian companies, provide updated information on tech-nologies, products and capa-bilities. FSi also facilitate







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