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EASTERN FAMILY July 2020 #26 Eastern Social Welfare Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization, licensed by Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea Government For more information on our mission, please visit our website at Address. 26 Yeonhui-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea 03784 Tel. +82-2-332-3941~5 Fax. +82-2-324-3985 E-mail.

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Oct 13, 2020



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    July 2020 #26

    Eastern Social Welfare Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization, licensed by Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea Government

    For more information on our mission, please visit our website at

    Address. 26 Yeonhui-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea 03784 Tel. +82-2-332-3941~5 Fax. +82-2-324-3985 E-mail.

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    CONTENTS Eastern Family

    Greeting: President & CEO Kim, Jinsook

    Family, its incredibly powerful strength!

    Story of Adoptive Family 1

    Adoptive & Foster Mother, Kang, Eunjung

    Story of Adoptive Family 2

    Sponsored Child, Park, Sarang

    Story of Adoptive Family 3

    Adoptee, Park, Ga-on

    Sponsored Program

    Story of Sponsored Kopino, Lee, Changdo

    International Development Cooperation

    Sri Lanka


    Chairman of the Board


    Chief Editor


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    Eastern Family 2020 #26

    │Cover Introduction│

    A Baby living in Jacob’s Home is wearing a TWO+GATEHR Campaign’s Mask

    Covid-19 News

    Actions taken by ESWS

    TWO+GATHER Campaign

    Making a mask


    Jan. 2019 to Jun. 2020

    Notice Cancellation program

    Fundraise for Prevention of COVID-19











    08 16

    Kim, Dojong, Ph.D.

    Kim, Jinsook, Ph.D.

    Kim, Daeyeon

    Seong, Cholong / Hong, Suhyun

    Park, Yoonkyung / Katey Foran / Jacob Van Dyne

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    We hear of depressing news at times that sad-

    dens us: news on child abuse including abusing or

    abandoning them, and even threatening the lives of

    their own children. In the past, there were people

    who unwillingly gave up on their own children due

    to unfortunate circumstances in Korea. Further-

    more, there were physical punishment for disci-

    plining children but most of the time with love and

    care, which was understandable at that time, as

    being uncommon for them to threaten children’s

    lives or causing permanent injuries.

    As a president of a welfare agency, I get to

    have mixed feelings whenever facing various social

    issues especially on children. For the past few years,

    Korea has undergone dramatic changes in family

    culture, as getting birth rates low, divorce and un-

    married rates higher, and the widespread of cohab-

    itation, living together before marriage, and staying

    single by choice. In addition, such events reflect

    how the ties of relationship between each member

    of the family is not as secure as before and how

    family does not have an absolute value anymore.

    Then, would families continue to drift, having lost

    its strong bonds and sincerity? It would not, nor

    should it.

    The potential strength that lies in each family

    is still alive but has incredible power beyond our

    imagination, and various functions in a family exert

    its true power during the time of social crisis and

    difficult times. There are countless times in disaster

    or in war when people sensibly overcome imminent

    difficulties by placing their families at the center of

    their lives. Moreover, people find peace and sanctu-

    ary within their families: even with missing mem-

    bers of the family, each member is able to fill in the

    vacancy through mutual trust and solace.

    Families of Eastern Social Welfare Society are in-

    deed exemplary of the potential within families. As

    saying they gave a birth to their children through

    their hearts, adoptive parents solidify trust and

    develop attachment with their children adopted.

    Like any other family, through their exchanges of

    complaints and hurts, children grow to be beautiful

    and firm and parents continue to mature. It is very

    fulfilling and heartwarming to see the happy faces

    that only children who are raised in the blessing

    and love of their parents can make.

    ESWS is striving to fulfill our mission of re-

    specting value of life just as we pledged 48 years

    ago to keep it to all ends no matter how the world

    changes around us. ESWS will make continuous

    efforts for helping more families form valuable

    bonds through love and care for children. We pray

    that God’s blessing will bestow upon every adopted

    child, parent, and on all of the families related,

    sponsors and supporters who enable us to do what

    we do.

    Kim Jinsook, Ph.D.

    President & CEO

    Eastern Social Welfare Society. Inc.


    Its Incredibly Powerful Strength!

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    Interview Adoptive Family

    Interviewer : Adoptive & foster mother, Kang, Eunjung

    Adoption is the Same as Having a Child of Your Own

    How did you feel at first when you met

    Eun-Hae and Dong-Hae?

    Until we adopted Eun-Hae in 2010, we had not

    known anything about the baby who we were going to

    meet, but we trusted that the social worker will work

    as our “Samshin” (the goddess of childbearing who

    oversees the birth and growth of children).

    Upon seeing 35-day-old Eun-Hae for the first time,

    what we felt was a feeling of awkwardness and

    strangeness rather than intense attraction toward

    her. However, as we daily bathe and feed her, looking

    into her eyes, we felt a growing love within us and

    began to think, ‘this little creature is our real baby!’

    Before adopting Dong-Hae, we got to see a photo of

    him. Although people around me didn’t find him

    handsome, to me, a boy with doe-eyes and big nose

    was extremely adorable and thought he will grow

    into a handsome boy. That is how we met Dong-Hae

    in the morning at the end-of-the-year celebration in


    Could you tell us how your children,

    Eun-Hae and Dong-Hae, are doing now?

    Our family is now an ordinary family – a family full

    of love and laughter, ordinarily bustling through

    everyday life. However, we only pray for having this

    normal life continued because we know that being

    normal is happiness itself. Eun-Hae and Dong-Hae

    are well aware that they were adopted.

    Eun-Hae is a sensitive child, so she has had many

    questions about her birth mother ever since she was

    six to seven years old. Although we were bewildered

    when she cried saying that she wants to see her birth

    mother, we told her that we would share her curiosi-

    ty and help her in her search as we already had de-

    termined earlier. In addition, we try to get her to

    have an opportunity to talk to other adoptees. We

    also discuss how we can protect her birth-mother.

    On the other hand, Dong-Hae is not too concerned

    about his adoption, being a boy who loves running

    around and playing the most. ♥

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    Is there a specific reason

    why you became foster

    parents after adoption?

    While raising my own adopted

    children, we thought that there

    has to be no discrimination toward

    my children only because of the

    fact that they were adopted. Also,

    as getting interested in many

    social problems, we realized that

    there are so many children out

    there who could have been my

    children and all of us in this socie-

    ty have to take care of them and be

    responsible for them altogether.

    In addition, there was the Special

    Adoption Act that one politician

    brought up. Many adoptive par-

    ents strove to stop the passing of

    this act at that time, and my con-

    cern for children awaiting adop-

    tion grew. ♥

    Do Eun-Hae and Dong-Hae

    get along with the children

    you are fostering?

    Now, Whenever I ask my children,

    “Should we stop fostering?” their

    answer is a solid no. Eun-Hae and

    Dong-Hae adore the foster babies

    a lot. The foster children also come

    and go to their sister’s and broth-

    er’s rooms, having fun together.

    My foster children are also very

    popular not only among my family

    including Eun-Hae and Dong-Hae

    but also among other children

    playing in the playground -- they

    all try to get close to them and

    even hug them wanting to play

    together with them. Dong-Hae

    even tells other children not to

    touch their babies sometimes. ♥

    Is there any advice you

    would like to give to people

    preparing adopting or fos-

    tering children?

    Whenever I meet foster mothers

    who have been fostering babies for

    20-30 years, I cannot help but

    admire them so much and be im-

    pressed by their hard work. As a

    person who has been a foster par-

    ent only for two years, I cannot

    even imagine how big their love

    toward the babies is nor how much

    it hurts to say good-bye to them.

    My body hurts all over having

    raised young children at the age of

    50. Yesterday, and even the day

    before, I put the baby to sleep and

    went to bed with pain relief

    patches all over my body. However,

    I realized that physical suffering

    is nothing compared to the emo-

    tional grief that comes with send-

    ing the foster child that I had

    raised all these times away for

    adoption. Occasionally, I have

    hesitant people around me who

    want to become foster parents and

    what they are scared of the most is

    the parting and separation. I tell

    them even at this moment while

    they being hesitant there are so

    many babies in need of love and

    care but have no choice to live in

    other facilities ; however, I cannot

    easily force them to be foster par-

    ents because I know how much

    sacrifice and responsibility they

    need to become one. ♥

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    Sponsored Program Story of Sponsored child

    Park, Sarang, an Adoptee to be Sponsored

    Who Dreams of Becoming the National Gymnast

    What was it like when you first met Sa-


    My husband and I decided to receive adoption con-

    sultation in lieu of our anniversary. I had been

    going through chemotherapy to treat my leukemia,

    so it was difficult for me to conceive a child. There-

    fore, we only wanted a healthy female baby without

    caring about anything else like birth parents’


    It was recommended that a DNA test of the child I

    was going to adopt is done just in case of certain

    health issues, but we refused the test because we

    were determined to raise her no matter her health


    When we first met her, all we could feel was grate-

    fulness. Sarang had long arms and legs and a gen-

    der-neutral face – she also had thick eyebrows like

    we hoped for because all of our family agreed that

    she looked just like her father when he was


    Since when did Sarang begin to have

    interest in gymnastics?

    After hearing that children with the same physique

    as Sarang normally show talent in athletics, we got

    Sarang to participate in a sports class during run

    by Seoul Seobu District Office of Education during

    her winter break when she was a first grader.

    The coach she met at this program cherished her,

    and Sarang herself was interested in the class.

    Subsequently, Sarang transferred to an elemen-

    tary school which has artistic gymnastics in the

    curriculum at the beginning of her second grade

    because not only did the sports class coach recom-

    mended it, but ultimately because Sarang wanted

    to do so herself. ♥

    Interviewer : Sarang’s Mother

  • 7

    ▲ Sarang training at the gym

    How have been the performances and

    prospects of Sarang’s gymnastics?

    After only three to four months of starting gym-

    nastics, Sarang was selected as a gifted gymnast by

    Ewha Womans University. In her 6th grade, Sa-

    rang won a gold medal overall and a silver medal in

    vault at the 2018 National Junior Sports Festival.

    In addition, she competes in the yearly Korean

    National Team Selection. She also has to balance

    athletics and academics because a certain level of

    academic grades is required for her to participate

    in those competitions.♥

    What kind of support does Sarang need

    in the future?

    Sarang only has underclothes used for competi-

    tions that we bought her when she first started

    gymnastics. Currently, she has to wear athletic

    outfits that are handed down by other athletes.

    Artistic gymnastics uniforms mostly imported tend

    to be expensive. Furthermore, as those clothes need

    washing everyday due to the daily training, she

    needs extra uniforms for practices and competi-

    tions. From buying the music for competitions,

    choreography, and to having her get massages

    after training to prevent cramps, there are so many

    more expenses than we expected that we find it

    difficult to keep up with. To make situations even

    worse, the recent COVID-19 pandemic and my

    health issues have caused my husband to close the

    shop he used to run, temporarily making a living

    from working for a quarantine-related job. Luckily,

    burdens have been somewhat lifted thanks to

    ESWS as Sarang was selected as one of the Schol-

    arship recipients of ESWS Scholarship Program.

    However, Sarang still needs more financial support

    to achieve her dreams.♥

    ▲ The medals she won in the National Sports Festival

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    Story of Adoptive Family Adoptee, Park, Ga-on

    Adopted Child Overcoming Childhood Cancer with Love

    Ga-on! Get Healthier and Happier

    Ga-on, Born from the Heart

    Mrs. Jin Ha, Jin (alias) and her husband, who have

    always loved children, first met Ga-on (alias) while

    they were serving as a foster family for Eastern

    Social Welfare Society.

    The foster family dearly wished for Ga-on to be

    adopted within the country, but because many

    prospective adoptive parents in Korea hope for a

    female child, Ga-on was to be adopted to a family


    Upon hearing this news, Mr. and Mrs. Jin were

    heartbroken. ♥

    Started a family

    They believed that it was better for them to adopt

    Ga-on after having taken care of him wholeheart-

    edly for all that time, rather than getting in adopt-

    ed abroad.

    Consequently, they received permission from the

    Family Court to adopt him and completed all four

    steps of ESWS’s post-adoption follow-up service.

    Having fulfilled all the legal requirements, Mr. and

    Mrs. Jin were happily enjoying their normal lives

    with Ga-on.

    However, in August of 2019, Mr. and Mrs. Jin no-

    ticed that Ga-on was having trouble lifting his

    arms, so they took him to the hospital immediately.

    After the MRI test, Ga-on was diagnosed with

    Langerhans cell histiocytosis – a type of cancer – by

    his scapula, and Mr. and Mrs. Jin were immensely


  • 9

    Support from people in the same boat

    Ga-on’s family has been very close with the support

    group, which consists of about 50 adoptive families

    if ESWS in Daejeon region. Upon hearing the news,

    the support group grieved over and prayed for Ga-

    on’s circumstance.

    Families in numerous communities also raised

    5,000,000 KRW ($5000) as a donation for Ga-on’s

    medical expenses. Furthermore, Eastern Daejeon

    Office donated around 500,000 KRW ($500) after

    learning about Ga-on’s diagnosis.

    Even though Ga-on’s foster parents wished for

    nothing more than prayers for Ga-on, the adoptive

    parents’ support group expressed that “Ga-on could

    have been my child” and continued to work towards

    Ga-on’s recovery along with Mr. and Mrs. Jin. With

    everyone’s thoughts and prayers, Ga-on has suc-

    cessfully undergone surgery, and his health has

    recovered for the most part.

    Now, Ga-on, a mischievous boy, has been enjoying

    an active life he used to be and only needs to return

    to the hospital for a post-operation check-up every

    three to five months.♥

    Ga-on! Get Healthier and Happier!

    Ga-on’s parents are glad that Ga-on was able to be

    adopted by them and that they could overcome this

    struggle together.

    They also wanted to give the greatest thanks to the

    numerous adoptive families that have supported

    them both materially and spiritually through fi-

    nancial donations and prayers.

    Ga-on’s parents are hoping that Ga-on will contin-

    ue to grow as a healthy, happy child with their love

    and the encouragements of many adoptive fami-



    ① Visit the website;

    ② Click on the [Donation now] → [PAYPAL Donation]

    ③ Make a note that this donation is for medical expenses PAYPAL ACCOUNT:

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    Sponsored Program Story of Sponsored Kopino, Lee, Changdo

    Kopino, Changdo Lee’s Dream of

    Overcoming Poverty and Becoming a Doctor

    Changdo Lee, the eldest son of a poor family, want-

    ed to study hard to achieve his dream of becoming a

    doctor. He thought that this was the only way to

    overcome poverty. However, despite his hard work,

    he also encountered unexpected difficulties. His

    mother collapsed due to low blood pressure, which

    made him think about quitting his studies and

    giving up on graduate school for the sake of his

    family’s livelihood. However, Chang Do was able to

    overcome these difficulties and take a closer step to

    his dream of becoming a doctor thanks to the

    scholarship he received from ESWS. With the col-

    lege tuition supported by ESWS and Korean com-

    munity in the Philippines, he is currently busy as

    an intern at the hospital, and he is ready to enter

    the third grade in July this year. Once he becomes a

    doctor, Changdo wants to do medical services for

    the poor, in return for the help that he has received.

    Chang Do visits the Angeles Eastern Children

    Center twice a month, where he serves as an ex-

    ample for the children while conducting programs

    and doing volunteer activities. At the Angeles

    Eastern Children Center, there are 106 students

    are in need of tuition fees to carry on with their

    school life just like Chang Do Lee. That is why we

    would like to ask for your continued support to help

    Kopino and poor students in the Philippines, so

    that they can receive their education in a better


    Changdo, a Kopino(a child between a Korean father and a Filipino mother), lived with his

    Korean father until he was four years old, but now he has no contact with him, who returned

    to Korea. As he currently living with his mother, they are having some financial difficulties.

    Chang Do, who is his family’s greatest pride, is currently a sophomore at the Angeles Univer-

    sity Foundation.

  • 11

    International Development Cooperation Sri Lanka

    Raise a Dream! Embrace Hope!

    Support for the Educational Environment of Sri Lanka

    Now, children here can be safely educated and

    taken care of during the daytime on behalf of par-

    ents who have to work in the tea fields from very

    early in the morning. ESWS hopes that these chil-

    dren can grow up in a better educational environ-

    ment, enabling them to dream of a better future.

    We have implemented different programs to im-

    prove the lack of cultural awareness of local resi-

    dents, such as renovating libraries, renovating

    playgrounds to guarantee the children's physical

    development and play rights, supporting multime-

    dia systems to improve their academic performance,

    educating teachers to strengthen their abilities,

    and improving the awareness toward education

    among local residents.♥

    Since 2018, Eastern Social Welfare Society, in cooperation with KOICA, has supported for as

    many children as possible to have an opportunity to receive high-quality education through

    efforts like opening kindergartens and supporting their operation, renovating schools and kin-

    dergartens to improve the environment, offering education programs for teachers. Eastern So-

    cial Welfare Society offers impoverished children an educational environment where they can

    study and play freely will continue in 2020.

    Thank you for joining the “6th Donghaeng(Journey Together) Concert 2019”

    All of the proceeds from the concert were used for the poor children in Sri Lanka

  • 12

    Covid-19 News Actions taken by ESWS

    We are very grateful for the warm-hearted donation you made to help us cope with this difficult time and

    enable us to continue giving hands to those in need. Please keep supporting us in preventing the corona-

    virus and taking care of children in our care. ♥

    How is your donation for preventing COVID-19 used?

    Packing of the COVID-19

    Prevention Kit by staff at Eastern

    The COVID-19 Kit

    consists of as below

    Distribution of Meal Kits

    for the elderly

    Actions taken by ESWS in response to the COVID-19

    ※ Staff delivered in person in compliance with proper safety rules. ※ supplies vary according to circumstances.

    As the number of people infected with COVID-19 increased, this unexpected financial impact of corona-

    virus has made lives of marginalized people much more difficult than ever before. ESWS is delivering

    Coronavirus Prevention Kit to people in need including foster families taking care of children in our care,

    low-income families, single moms. ♥


    Relief Assistance

  • 13


    Making masks for children in need of love and care

    You can support these children by participating in this campaign!

    Your hand-made masks are delivered to children in our care and the proceeds of this campaign is donated

    for ESWS to take care of and offer better services for children. ♥

    Children awaiting adoption Abused or abandoned children Physically challenged children

    TWO+GATHER Campaign

    - Making a Mask -

    Per Kit 22,000KRW or 25USD (Including shipping fee)

    Inquiry :

    TWO+GATHER is a participatory campaign of ESWS,

    literally doing TWO things (volunteering and donating)

    at the same time.

  • 14


    Eastern Choir visited AAC(Adoption for All

    children) in Denver, Colorado and performed

    on stage singing 5 songs including Arirang to

    celebrate the 25th Anniversary of AAC’s

    foundation day. AAC is one of our counterpart

    adoption agencies in USA and invited Eastern

    Choir which consists of adoptees in Korea and

    their families so that they can have an oppor-

    tunity to travel around US and sing at the

    huge event.

    Australian Chamber of Commerce, one of

    Eastern’s sponsors making donation on a

    regular basis since 2018, donated 4 million

    KRW from a social networking event, The Mid-

    Year-Sundowner, to support vulnerable chil-

    dren, single parents, disabled people and the

    elderly within the community.

    U.A.Mo, a reading group that consists of 11

    single mothers, had a publication ceremony of

    their book, ‘This is Only a Journey, Seen from

    Faraway’, their own routine but intense life



    Eastern Choir Performed at 25th Anniver-

    sary of AAC (Jul.2019)

    Australian Chamber of Commerce in Korea

    made a donation (Sep.2019)

    Eastern Single Mom Group Published a Book

    (Dec. 2019)

    An adoptee who goes to New Castle Korean

    Language School in Australia and his family

    visited ESWS. He had an opportunity to look

    around our Babies’ Home and met his foster

    mother he had been missing so much. New

    Castle Korean Language School is helping

    many Korean adoptees by organizing family

    camps and visiting Korea so that they can

    cope with puberty and feel proud of Korean


    The members of Seoul Accueil (Association

    Des Francophones), president, Ms. Virginie

    GRY, Sam son Laurence, one of our volunteers,

    Coitou Rachel, and Attia Jessy, visited Eastern

    Social Welfare Society to present a donation

    to help Korean children in need who are being

    taken care of by ESWS.

    Cafe Eastern, a café supporting single moth-

    ers’ independence, has provided catering

    service at Annual General Meeting of BASS

    (British Association of Seoul) held on Thurs-

    day, 23rd January 2020 at the British Embas-

    sy. BASS gave Cafe Eastern an opportunity to

    serve at their meeting in support of our single

    moms who work for the cafe as well as donat-

    ed money through buying our goods including

    the baby towel kits, which also enabled raising

    awareness of ESWS.

    An Adoptee of New Castle Korean Language

    School visits ESWS (Dec.2019)

    Seoul Accueil Makes a Donation for Korean

    Children (Jan.2020)

    Cafe Eastern Provides Catering Service for

    BASS (Jan.2020)

  • 15

    Jan. 2019 to Jun. 2020

    Mrs. Eunsuk Bang, General Secretary, was

    honored for about 30 years of commitment at

    ESWS. A week earlier, Jinhwa Shin, who has

    been a dedicated staff in Adoption Depart-

    ment, also retired from work. Every staff at

    ESWS was sad for having to say good-bye to

    those wonderful people who had been work-

    ing together with us but we wish them much

    success and happiness in this new chapter of

    their life.

    ESWS has decided to provide urgent support

    for children and families residing in the island

    who have hard time purchasing groceries and

    items. With proper social distancing and mask

    -wearing, all of our beneficiaries received

    packages of food, alcohol, stationery, and


    ESWS awarded Eastern scholarship to a total

    of 47 students at Eastern Children’s Centers

    in the Philippines (Angeles 32 and Bagio 15,

    respectively). This scholarship aims to help

    impoverished children with financial difficul-

    ties continue to have an opportunity to learn

    and ultimately grow into an educated person

    Retirement of Staff at ESWS (Jan. 2020) COVID-19 Relief Assistance(Mar.2020) Eastern Scholarship Awarded in the Philip-

    pines (Mar.2020)

    A group of mothers at Seoul Foreign School

    participated in 7th “Two+gather Campaign” of

    Eastern and sent us masks for children in

    need. The amount of proceeds made is used

    for children awaiting adoption and completed

    masks are going to be used by children in

    need including children cared by foster fami-

    lies, physically challenged children, and chil-

    dren staying at our facilities after being aban-

    doned or abused.

    Signing a contract of an agency dedicated to

    perform consignment operation of creating

    jobs for the old of the Pyeongtaek City, ESWS

    opened Pyeongtaek Senior Club in addition to

    the Seodaemun Senior Club in Seoul on 30th

    of March this year. 357 senior citizens will be

    able to get job opportunities through pro-

    grams run by this facility.

    Eastern Social Welfare Society sent a kit with

    necessary items like hygiene items like masks

    and hand-wash and food including rice,

    canned food, ramyun(Korean instant noodles),

    and soy bean sauce to 102 families out of our

    domestic adoption families having hard time

    due to COVID19 for them to stay healthy and


    Mothers from SFS Participated in

    Two+gather Campaign (Jun.2019)

    Pyeongtaek Senior Club Opened (Mar.2020) Corona Support Kits Sent to 102 Domestic

    Adoptive Families (Jul.2020)

  • 16

    Notice: Cancellation

    We are very sorry to announce that following programs for adoptees are inevitably all cancelled

    due to COVID-19 this year.

    ESWS will make our best efforts to run better programs for adoptees after everything gets

    back to normal.

    We look forward to seeing all of very soon!

    2019 Home to Home Program

    2019 Korean Language & Culture Program

  • 17

    Fundraise for Prevention of COVID-19

    Adoption Process

    It takes much more time and efforts for these little

    babies to meet their adoptive families as process

    has delayed and stopped.

    Unemployment Issue

    Physically challenged people, senior citizens and

    single mothers have financial difficulties with

    losing their livelihood.

    Overseas Projects

    Our staff abroad had to return to Korea making

    many of our projects delayed and stopped.

    Suspension of Volunteering and Sponsoring

    All the volunteering work has been stopped. Also,

    economic crisis caused by COVID 19 has made

    sponsors stop donating.

    How You Can Make a Donation


    2) Overseas Wire Transfers (Foreign Currency Only)

    Bank Name: SHINHAN BANK / Bank Address: 99, Sinchon-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea 03779

    Bank Code Number: SHBKKRSE / Bank Phone Number: +82-2-312-2603 / Bank Account Number: 180-004-661651

    Depositor: Eastern Social Welfare Society, INC / Address: 26 Yeonhui-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea 03784

    Name on the Account: Kim Dojong, Eastern Social Welfare Society, Inc.

    COVID19 has changed lives of Eastern Families

  • 18

    LIST OF DONORS We appreciates all the donors of ESWS!

    Pamela Schofield


    Kala Sharp

    Rutkowski, Joseph & Jullie

    British Association of Seoul(BASS)

    Sitoula Arjun

    Katherine Brandis

    Judge, Brooke

    Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

    Billy Struble & Park, Hyunjoo

    Seoul Foreign School

    Seoul Foreign School Staffs

    Glory Church of Jesus Christ

    Hwang, Young-Gyu & Hye-Kyong

    Wistrand, Stephen & Marilyn

    Bedford, William & Jeremey

    Beil, Gary & Pamela

    Boyd, Rita Hagan & Andrew

    Conley, Kip & Shannon

    Davis, Jonathan & Michaela

    Deschenes, Louis & Mary

    Deshon, Daniel & Cheryl

    Dunphy, Barry & Mary

    Gartland, Richard & Nina

    Gilmartin, Hugh & Bonnie

    Hohle, Jonathan & Kortney

    Laird, Andrew & Cyr, Maureen

    Maguire, Douglas & Christine

    Malshuk, Stephen & Catherine

    McMahan, Kevin & Lynne

    Mercer, John & June

    Mrs. Soriano, Soon-Ja Kathleen

    Ms. Bracho, Laura

    Murphy, Jerry & Marlene

    Ondriezek, John & Susan

    Osborne, Jeffrey & Pamela

    Pedersen, Jeffrey & Sandra

    Rasmussen, Robert & Teresa

    Robson, Donald & Kathleen

    Smithson, Paul & Melinda

    김혜숙(New York Life Insurance)

    American Women's Club of Korea

    James & Barbara Kauphusman

    Timothy Cremin

    Mercurio, Joseph & Lisa


    Rita Taylor

    Matthew Craven

    Anne Frazier

    Wyn Wright

    Catholic women of the chapel

    Michael & Carol Kirkman

    Waller, Myles & Shelley

    Katrina Crosby

    David & Gloria Young

    Jeff Mohr

    Jewell, Robert & Alice

    Seoul International Women's Association

    Paola Almiron

    Aaron Song

    Anna Song

    Heather Lim

    Jacob Lim

    John Song

    Joseph Song

    Stephany Song

    Carole Froud

    Jasmine Eberhardt

    Brenda Cabrera

    Chenfai Chung


    Hyeyoung Kim

    Kim Viktor

    Mario Gutierrez

    Joan Suwalsky & Deborah Kent

    Sang Yen Chung

    Glorilaura Gutierrez

    Laura Rodríguez

    Mariani Gutierrez

    Veronica Koon

    Dongkeun Lee

    Pedro Diaz Herrero

    Seul Ki Kim

    Flory Schrader

    Joost van Hamond


    Stephanie Pagliughi

    Uyanga Jaeckels

    Yeisson Figueroa

    Ace Yip

    Christy Lim

    Jung-hyun Ellie Lee

    Robin Carney

    Anastasia Gorgouli

    Anna Kim

    Bruno Cosentino

    Calum Stuart

    Celine Jin

    Cesar Watanabe de Toledo

    Charlie Stuart

    Cho Hee Woon

    Chrystal Cho

    Chun Yeong Yang

    Claire Kim

    Colm Flanagan

    Dana Huang

    Dylan Huang

    Eduarda Cosentino

    Emily Daniels

    Eun Ju Kang

    Fabiana Cosentino

    Felipe Lucon

    Finn Stuart

    Gabriela Lucon

    Gerassimos Moshonas

    Grace Song

    Grace Swaine

    Insang Kim

    Ioannis Moshonas

    Jane Forster

    Jennifer Lee

    Jennifer Woo

    Jihoo Yang

    Jiwon Kany

    Jonathan Myong

    Juliana Lucon

    Julie T Won

    Katie Myong

    Kevin Kim

    Kim Stuart

    Lauren Kim

    Marcio Lucon

    Mariana Delalibera de Toledo

    Mark Swaine

    Matthew Alemania

    Max Nam

    Micah Kuhl

    Michael Forster

    Milena Escosa Delalibera

    Mylanie Alemania

    Nathan Swaine

    Nicolas Cosentino

    Noah Swaine

    Rafael Delalibera de Toledo

    Rose Susanto

    Ryan Kuhl

    Schaeffer Won

    Sienna Won

    Sinead Flanagan

    Skylar Won

    Stephanie Black

    Sun Yang

    Sydney Nam

    Valentina Doukeris

    Veronica Lee

    Walter Won

    Xander Myong

    Xuehui Lu

    Xuguang Huang

    Alaina Smith

    Alexander Derzic

    Alyvia Smith

    Daniel Carruthers

    Daniel Derzic

    David Foster

    David H. Kim

    David Hwang

    Elizabeth Hwang

    Giovanna Paparelli

    Grace Foster

    Helen Mah

    Jean Kim

    Judy Hwang

    Justin Smith

    Kieran Derzic

    M.K. Song

    Madeline Hwang

    Megan Walker


    Ryan Derzic

    Samantha Swaine

    Samuel Kim

    Shannon McNamara-Smith

    Susan Guderyon

    Warren Oh

    William Oh

    Aidan Addyson

    Damien Delaney

    Daniel Addyson

    Evan Addyson

    Heejoo Song

    Hyuntak Suh

    Kiha Shin

    May Cheung

    Minjung Kim

    Sanjay Unni

    Sofia Delaney

    Sunmi Lee

    YoungSang Song

    Le Duy Hieu

    Mr. Kim, Jay

    Sunny Song

    Bickel, Josina & Trenton

    Brissey, Forrest & Katherine

    Duncan, Ewan & Crews, Carol

    Erickson, Robert & Lynne

    Field, William & Esther Gebhardt

    James, Robert & Linda

    McLain, Patrick & Karen

    Ms. Lamphere, Denise

    Peterson, Arthur & Joyce

    Rawlings, William & Mary

    Smith, Edward & Amie

    Asia Pacific International School

    ANZA Korea

    Korean Adoptive Families-Han Ho Inc

    Caunt, John & Virginia

    Moroney Maria

    Aouida, Ilaf

    Deborah A. Spreckels

    Emma spence

    Gary Ostroff & Ellen Ray

    Aust Society for inter Countray AID

    Golder Associates PTY LTD

    Ian Hoffman

    Julia K. Cantieri

    Lindberg, Brady & Sara

    Korean Ties

    Melissa Carvigant

    Ms. Mia Chisholm

    Australian Chamber of Commerce in Korea

    Timothy Newton

    Cercle Franco Coreen

    De Luca, Domenico & De Luca, Seychelle


    Indian Chamber of Commerce in Korea

    Reynolds & Mrs. Sanfilippo


    Pieces to Treasure

    Edmond Keating

    Andrea Carroll

    Justin Johnson

    Nannette Reyes

    Michelle Ratliff

    Alieda Stone & Thomas Helm

    Deda, David & Nancy

    Harim Kim

    Sarah E Chatelain

    Rhonda Eather

    Dulwich College Seoul

    Namsan International Kindergarten

    Embassy of France in Korea

    Carr, Tim & Margaret

    Maria Camille Ganados

    Elena philippe sewer

    Camarata music company

    Paula Bell

    Jeffrey Sullivan

    William F Maher Jr

    Laura Stellwagen

    Lemmon, Kevin & Marjorie

    Carlson, Peter & Wendy

    Jason Weltmer & Kyla Schueitzer

    Stella, Michele Celso & Curti, Serena

    McCourt, Shawn Alfred & Kristine Elizabeth

    Jensen, Nicholas Aaron& Alycia Anne

    Yi, Greg & Grace Sue

    Provence, Dustin & Tara

    Yang, Daniel Hyungwoo & Laura Ellen

    Wendland, Christopher & Rebecca

    Arakawa, Craig Hiroshi & Millicent Athena

    Gazan, Mark E & Susan

    Myer, Rory Alexander & Anne Begin

    Simons, Robert L. & Margaret D.

    James & Ruth Guyker

    Bokusky, Frank C. or Catherine A.

    Bosch, Michael & Teresa

    Chute, George & Kathy

    Kozick, John & Donna R

    Limper, Andrew H. and Denise L.

    Gamage, John & Cynthia

    Duane & Carol Srot

    Kneip, Kent & Rise

    Johnston, Michael Allen & Kaylene Marie

    Herte-Mullins, Peter & Debra

    Zilka, Scott & Karne (post)

    Ms. Glover, MaryJo

    Ms. Barron, Deborah Durfee

    Leslie & Patti Niblock

    Kim, Nicholas & Eunice

    Forck Family

    McFarren Family

    Obrizok, Jeff & Jeniffer

    Hickey, Conor & Leah Jane

    Garber, Mark Thomas & Babara Grant

    Klingelhutz, Matthew Kyung & Penelope


    Petersen Family

    Michell Family

    Daves, Brian & Christine

    Glauber Family

    Regehr, Darren & Joyce

    Slominski, Richard & Suzanne

    Farag, Anthony & Susan

    Graves, Chad & Shawna

    Peterka, Thomas William & Leah Marie

    Valdez, Jeronimo Jesus & Michele Marie

    Silverman, Mike & Kathy

    Stecher Family

    Thiele Family

    Erickson, Kirk & Kristen

    Engelby, Damon & Sheli

    Thompson Family

    Myers, James & Vicki

    Marek Family

    Larson Family

    Stevens Family

    Kromash Family

    Kniseley Family

    Hoffman Family

    Appion Family

    Binko Family

    Chute Family

    Holden Family

    Kozlowski Family

    Krizman Family

    Lisansky Family

    Osborne Family

    Reynolds Family

    Tong Family

    Turner Family

    Vanhecke Family

    Macdonald, Cole D. & Cara J.

    Vincent & Maureen La Piana

    Moon, Won Kyun & Seo, Joo Youn

    Ernst, Samuel Richard & Kathryn Anna

    Lindberg, Brady & Sara

    Ho, Raymond & Su, Yin-Jen

    Larmee, Joseph & Kathryn

    Cutler, Robert & Katherine

    Patricia, Alicia & Daniel, Moraw

    Hoffman, Bill (Hoffman Family)

    Gibson, Phillip & Amanda Peter

    Armfield, Ben & Eva Fung

    Long, Ivan & Deanna Soo

    Sorensen, Richard & Alison McGarvey

    Judd, Joshua & Katie Marie

    Dykstra, Andrew John & Hyejin Lee

    Rostowfske, Luke & Melissa

    Kent, R. William & Deborah d.

    Glover, MaryJo P. & Roger L.

    Boulka, Justin & Jynell

    Jung, Gage & Soo Hyun

    Merrick, Christopher & Jill

    Graham, Thomas Patrick & Elizabeth


    Greenhoe, Benjamin Joseph & Amanda Lee

    Parker, Matthew Seth & Ann Hester

    Seymour, David Bruce & Connie

    David Bruce & Connie Seymour

    Deboer, Marcus W. & Jodie S

    Choi, Jeong Kyu & Kalenna Lee

    Shouse, Jordan Lee & Holly Diane

    Elo, Danuel Michael & Kristen Kim

    Jones Family

    Stonestreet, Paul & Marilee

    Jin, Paul Seong-Kug & Bora

    Balding, Troy Andrew & Christina Alaine

    Kesti, Darrell David & Juntunen-Kesti,

    Ahnna Marie

    Greene-Milstein Family(Mr. Mark Milstein)

    Kirkman, Michael & Carol

    Michael & Laura Fon