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Nature Speaks

Jul 19, 2015



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You are a witness

Illegal Logging

Illegal Dump Sites

Property Damage

Air PollutionThe problem: limited communication among civil society groups and target communities (aka the affected, the reporters, and the advocates)

The goal: to make advocacy work more inclusive and effective

Proposed Solution: Nature Speaks, a website which allows users to submit reports of environmental impact, and to join and create campaigns

Give Information. Receive Information. Mobilize.

Features of Nature SpeaksSubmit a reportRegistered users can submit reports about industry negatively affecting the environmentCreate / Join a CampaignCampaigns represent advocacy against (or in favor of) a project submitted reports are linked to campaignsUsers can join campaigns as supporters and vote for the most important issuesSeeing is Believing


After construction

Resources Required one part-time technical staff volunteer moderators web-hosting advertising

Low-cost, no hassle web tool, lets be real, arent too costly to maintain! Well be soliciting donations by SMS.Claiming Users

We go viral. Way viral.

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Outreach through: public meetings universities environmental groups