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Description of my sales

Setup for My sales Application

Stock Categorization and Management

Sells and Expenses

Generated Reports

Features of my sales.

To show my sales application, how unique in market


Page 3: MY SALES PPT -1-anji

•Problem for Retail owners

They don’t know where what is happening.

They don’t which stock is getting over and then once that stock get over they lose

the customer.

The billing part is one of the main headaches.

Credit user’s problem.

Slow billing process.

No proper maintenance of record.

No daily, weekly, monthly report.

No idea of customer what they like.

No customer portfolio.

No idea how to attract the specific customer.

No proper maintenance if goods or items & no proper update of goods

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My sales application is to create an array in supply chain management.

The usage of application makes so easy to manage the business activities in time with planning.

It will build up the complete set up and configuration of an organization and hold the complete

stock management activities which includes stock categorization, stock maintains, stock

distribution etc.

where sales management runs across to maintain the business activities like billing and


It also supports for generating daily, weakly, monthly and annual reports for sales, Expenses,

Business and Stock.

To comfort the user by mailing the entire business activities done across the branches of an

organization which includes the total sales, total expenses, total business, along with highest

sold product and lowest stock carried out with in the branch by the end of the day.

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To specify the type of business activity of a client.


To specify the details of the client related to the particular department.


To specify the user details related to the client with

login credentials.


To specify the branch details related to the client


To specify the user activities by assigning the branches

To build up the environment of an organization there are some prerequisites to be followed which will create the planned

business maintenance.

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Head of Organization

Ameerpet S.R.Nagar

Admin Supervisor Sales Admin Supervisor Sales

Differentiate the Product—(Clothes)

Men, Women & Kids

Differentiate with brand & Price

Lee CopperPeter England

Rs 200- 400Rs 500-1000

How it works

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This is to place where we can maintain the details of the stock where as like quality, actually and MRP rates of the product that leads to maintained the stock details with in the stores.

It often provides the exact stock value in the stores after the stock allocation and stock return.

To distribute the stock from the stores to the related branches belongs to a client. Where it provide the stock details like quantity with in the stores and branches after allocation and stock details of a branch after stock transfer between the branches.

Stock research indicates the complete details of the stock flow, which includes stock entry, stock allocation, stock return, stock transfer and the actually stock in stores, branches of the related client.

Stock return is to carry the return stock from a branch to the storage location which provides the details of stock in stores and the branch after the stock return.

Stock transfer is to carry the stock from one branch other which provides the details of the stock with in the branches after the transaction.

Stock detailsStock Entry Stock Allocation

Remaining Stock Management

Page 8: MY SALES PPT -1-anji

It makes user convenience by one click to bill the customer satisfaction with no mater of time. Billing the Products through cash, credit cards, debit cards, cheques and coupons are allowed. Where we can search the bills for verification or cancellation with in the duration of time period. The billing for credit party users can be done according to the repayments by maintaining the due reports.

Money spent or Cost incurred in an Organization’s efforts to generate revenue, representing the cost of doing business.For example:- Cost of Goods Sold is an expense caused by Sales. Insurance Expense,

Wages Expense, Advertising Expense, Interest Expense are expenses matched with the period of time in the heading of the income statement.

Billing and Expenses

Page 9: MY SALES PPT -1-anji

Reports are the information or guide lines to decision-makers within an organization to support them in their work. Reports are generated upon sales and expenses along with stock maintains through out the business of an organization. The periodical reports helps the organization to build up the business in a success path.

Day to day mailing alters the business analyst for keen observation regarding the profits and loss across the organization Which results the rapid growth of business. Mail result for sales and expenses with highest sold product, lowest stock across branch of the day where as consolidated mail results across the over all branches.


Page 10: MY SALES PPT -1-anji

.Manage your business From anywhere anytime

Sales status.

Employees and their roles.

Categorize the products on your finger tips.

Stock details.

SMS/E-Mail alerts with consolidated reports.

Automated Graphical representation of Reports.

Billing easy with secure and fast in processing.

Alerts at the time of low inventory.

Yours sales world is in your hands

Benefits Sales world is in your hand

Page 11: MY SALES PPT -1-anji

There are many sales applications in the market that may be web or stand alone application but my sales acts as both web and stand alone application.

My sales is not targeted for a single organization that mean it is useful for hospital, general stores, Hotels, Shopping Malls, etc., It is no matter whether the organization should maintain the stock are not.

compare to other application billing process is so easy to handle

It supports to print barcode labels without using bar code printer which reduces the cost by replacing with normal printer .

Automate generation of mails regarding daily reports as well as alters to register customer regarding the best offer provided by the organization.


Page 12: MY SALES PPT -1-anji

Easy stock management

Time Saving along with multiple options to performance the billing

Benefiting the client by replacing the barcode with normal printer.

Acting as both web and stand loan application.

Providing reports for every business activities done by an organization.

Auto generation of mails with day to day activities across the organization.


Page 13: MY SALES PPT -1-anji

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