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My birthday party

Aug 14, 2015



  1. 1. SEPTEMBER..
  2. 2. As I told you in my last story, I was born on nineteenth of September
  3. 3. I can tell you that my last birthday was last year .
  4. 4. That year I was a little sad because my parents were not with me.
  5. 5. But I celebrated my birthday with my gradfathers, grandmothers and with my sister and brothers
  6. 6. That day I had my Karate and I also celebrated my birthday there with my four friends..
  7. 7. My friends Gor, Ashot,Arman and Alen were very happy because we did a little Karate that day
  8. 8. My grandmother cooked a very tasty cake and we put eight candles on it and my four friends sang for me.
  9. 9. I got different presents from my friends, for example, a frame for photo, puzzle, books and my grandfather gave me a telescope
  10. 10. I had a very good time on that day