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Morse Road Design Study

Sep 03, 2014


Real Estate

Here is the overall plan of what is now being completed along Morse Road in Columbus, Ohio. Want to be a part of this? You can check out this great home at www.tinyurl/1161ReedCircleDrive

  • Morse Road Design Study City of Columbus Department of Trade and Development, Planning Office Northland Community Council and Northland Area Business Association with: Kinzelman Kline, Inc. LDR International Main Street Connections Parsons Transportation Group December, 2000
  • Morse Road Design Study Table of Contents Contents Acknowledgements ii Introduction 1 Inventory and Analysis 3 Function and Aesthetics of the Corridor 3 Strategic Assessment of the Corridor 7 Public Street Improvements 11 Proposed Morse Road Street Section 11 Access Management 12 Street Plans 15 Elements of the Streetscape 18 County Improvements 22 Preliminary Cost Estimates & Phasing 23 Opportunity Sites 25 Site 1: Former Sun TV Site 26 Site 2: Huntington Bank Site 27 Site 3: Nazarene Church Camp Site 28 Site 4: Arena Motors Site 28 Site 5: Vacant Property 29 Other Opportunity Sites 30 Outline Design Guidelines 31 Site Design 31 Landscape Design 33 Signage 34 Strategic Recommendations 39 Market Research 39 Suggested Use Strategies 39 Catalytic Projects 40 Funding Options 40 Plan Implementation and Enforcement 40 Other Suggestion 40 i
  • Morse Road Design Study Acknowledgements knowledgements City of Columbus Strawberry Farms Civic Association Morse Road Design Study Steering Michael B. Coleman, Mayor Tanager Woods Civic Association Committee: Trouville Manor Homeowners Association George Hadler, NABA Columbus City Council West Albany Civic Association Mark Rush, NABA Westerford Village Civic Association Matthew D. Habash (President) Andy Bukovinsky, NCC Western Creek Civic Association Richard W. Sensenbrenner (President, Pro-Tem) Woodstream East Civic Association Mark Bell, NCC Kevin L. Boyce Woodstream West Civic Association James Dean, The Richard E. Jacobs Group Jennette B. Bradley Doug Krieger, NABA Michael C. Mentel Northland Area Business Association: Scott Blyze, Limited Real Estate Maryellen OShaughnessy Steven Keller, President Tim Lucks, Franklin County Engineers Office Charleta B. Tavares Curtis McGuire, Vice President Robert J. Weiler Jr., Columbus Board of Realtors Beth Ann Chesnes, Treasurer Michael Reese, City of Columbus - Mayors Office Department of Trade and Development Greg Gerhard, Secretary Pete Cass, City of Columbus - Legislative Re- Mark Barbash, Director Members: search Office J. Patrick Grady, Deputy Director Autoville USA, Karl Rd. Dental Group, Big Brother Big Stephen R. McClary, City of Columbus - Planning Stephen R. McClary, Planning Administrator Sister Assoc., Bob Caldwell Chrysler-Plymouth, Bob Administrator Dick Ritchie, Neighborhood Planning Manager Caldwell Dodge Country, Bob Daniels Buick Co., Bill Lewis, City of Columbus - Traffic Engineering Suzanne Wingenfield, Senior Planner Buckeye Maytag, (C) 3 Solutions For Nonprofit, C & G Tammy Noble, Franklin County Development Investment Assoc., Checkcare Systems Of Columbus, Department Northland Community Council: Chesrown Oldsmobile-GMC-KIA, Cooperonline.Com, Steve Thompson, President Inc., Crown Hallmark Shop, Fair Trade Realty, Fifth Interview Participants Third Bank-Morse Rd, Fifth Third-Kroger, Forest Park Pamela Thomas, Vice-President The following individuals contributed to this docu- Veterinary Clinic, Gabbys, Goodwill Columbus, Morse Chuck Wolfe, Secretary Road Family Dental Group, Gripping Solutions, Hadler ment through individual and group interviews: Rolla Wagner, Treasurer Companies, Jacinto W. Beard, D.D.S., Jamesong Arlene Shoemaker, Dorothy Teater, Dewey Stokes, Entertainment, The Kennel Club Of America, Krieger Guy Whorley, Tammy Noble, Dean Ringle, Tim Member Associations: Ford, Lamar Asset Mgmt & Realty, Linda C. Brown Lucks, John Bryner, Jim Jewell, Matt Habash, Beaumont Neighborhood Civic Association Blendon Woods Civic Association Cosmetics, Litech Lighting Mgmt. Services, Richard Sensenbrenner, Bill Bopp, George Hadler, L.J.T.K. Inc. - Subway#11805, Mail Boxes Etc., Mail Ron Barnes, Mike Green, Jim Hutchison, Jayne Brandywine Meadows Civic Association Boxes Etc - 161, Maize Morse Civic Assoc., Mark A. Knost, Bob Weiler, Steve Moluse, Barry Weigand, Chestnut Hill Civic Association Bell, Mark F. Taggart Co., Mobile Electronics, Monacos Bill Hoffman, Bob Lawler, Mike Reese, Mark Clinton Estates Civic Association Palace, National City Bank, Northand Community Cooper Ridge Civic Association Barbash, Pat Grady, Steve McClary, Mark Rush, Council, Northland Car Wash, Northland Chiropractic Creekridge Civic Association Doug Krieger, Jim Gill, Greg Gerhard, Dick Nourse, Center, Northland Joint Venture, Northland Dental, Devonshire Civic Association Connie Caldwell, Tim Doran, Jeff Farion, Suzanne Northland Mall, Northland Medical Pharmacy, Oakleaf Forest Park Civic Association Wingenfield, Tim Rollins, Linda Patterson, Steve Village, Office Depot, Ohio Plastic Surgeons, Orginals Friendship Village To Remember, Plumbers & Factory Supplies, Ralph Gladman, Columbus Apartment Association Little Turtle Residents Association Maize Morse Tri-Area Civic Association W. Smithers, Redlegs Lumper Service, Remax members, Maryellen OShaughnessy, David Baker, Achievers, Rush Motors Sales Inc., Saint Francis Jeanette Bradley Minerva Park Community Association Desales H.S., Schoedinger Funeral Services, Northgate Civic Association St.Matthias Church, Steven C. Emrich, D.D.S., The Northland Area Business Association Steven L. Keller CPA Co., Northland Coin Laundry, This Northland Jaycees Week Comm. Newspaper, Trueman Club Hotel, Parkview Civic Association United Skates Of America, North YMCA. Preston Commons Homeowners Association ii
  • Morse Road Design Study Introduction Introduction The Morse Road corridor became a major retail improvements include pedestrian upgrades at all and residential center for Columbus in the 1960s intersections and the enhancement and definition and 1970s. Over time, competition in the retail, of the Northland Community gateways. office and residential markets throughout Columbus along with a decrease