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Mohit Sony

Feb 06, 2016



Sony project





Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of

Bachelor of Business Administration


Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University



026761101712Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies

Affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi

PSP Area, Plot No. 1, Sector 22, Rohini, Delhi 110086


I, MOHIT BENNIWAL certify that the Summer Internship Project Report entitled Marketing Research of Sony World is an original one and has not been submitted to any other Institution for the fulfillment of the requirement of a course of Management Programme (BBA).



____________Acknowledgement Acknowledgement are a bit like accepting speeches; predictable but from the heart so here is some predictable prose direct from the heart. A successful project can never be prepared by the single effort of the person to whom project is assigned but it also demand the help and guardianship of some conversant person who helped the undersigned activity or passively in the completion of successful project . curiosity leads to research, humans are curious by the nature .To satisfy his thirst for knowledge, he goes on enquiring more and cooperation of other individual, it is not possible to reach to any conclusion I would like to extend our sincere gratitude towards MR. ANOOP KUMAR GUPTA under whose guidance I undertook the project , for extending the advice and direction that is required to carry on a study of this project, and for helping me with the intricate detail of the every step of the way It is worthless if I do not pay my sincere thanks to all faculty members for their positive co-operation to complete my project in significant manner. This work is the result of the direct and indirect co-operation of the various persons to whom we wish to express our appreciation and gratitude. And lastly I would like to thanks to the all my friends, my parents, my senior s, and all the person who have helped me in completing my project MOHIT BENIWALExecutive summary Possibly the most challenging concept in marketing deals with understanding why buyers do what they do (or dont do), but such knowledge is critical for marketers since having a strong understanding of buyer behavior will help shed light on what is important to the customer and also suggest the important influences on customer decision-making. Using this information, marketers can create marketing programs that they believe will be of interest to customers.

As you might guess, factors affecting how customers make decisions are extremely complex. Buyer behavior is deeply rooted in psychology with dashes of sociology thrown in just to make things more interesting. Since every person in the world is different, it is impossible to have simple rules that explain how buying decisions are made. But those who have spent many years analyzing customer activity have presented us with useful guidelines in how someone decides whether or not to make a purchase.

However, buying behavior is not only a function of the product: it is also, and in some cases perhaps more so, a function of the consumer, his social environment of other consumers, the competing products in the marketplace, and the brand marketing strategy. In order to design the best product, it is necessary to understand not just the physics and chemistry of the product, but also the psychology of consumers and the sociology of consumer groups or networks.

A customer's approach to purchasing a product or service is influenced by their situation - whether they have money and how important, frequent, risky or urgent the purchase is to them in their situation.

Imagine the difference between someone with plenty of money who can afford to make a mistake when buying as opposed to someone who has scraped her last few pounds together. They might both be buying the same product but their financial situation suggests that their approach to buying will be very different.

Customers make more of an effort, and become more involved, if the purchase is relatively important to them - particularly if they have no previous experience of buying such a product or service.

On the other hand, if the item being purchased is low value and frequently bought, like a jar of coffee, it follows that the buyer will spend less time and effort and will have less involvement with the purchase.

Table of contents

1. executive summary42. Introduction 63. INDUSTRY PROFILE104. company profile195. research objective & methodology286. literature review297. primary finding and analysis518. recommendationS599. conclusion & implications6110. Bibliography6311. copy of the questionnaire66INTRODUCTION

Marketing and sales departments carry out two separate functions; nevertheless, they must interact closely with each other, as both are essential parts for the marketing activities in each company. Each company has the goal to fulfill customer needs and also to match the companys sales target followed by financial success. In practice, the working relationship between the sales and marketing functions is often described as unsatisfactory, so that any improvement at the marketing and sales interface will have a positive effect on top and bottom-line growth. So, in order to increase value for the company it is essential to evaluate this interaction.

It has not only major impact on the generation of value for the company, but also on its capabilities to adapt to the rapidly changing environment, as this requires active and cross-functional teamwork, as well as even more focus on the customer. The body of literature also suggests that implementing marketing as a strategic concept in all parts of the company increases customer satisfaction which in turn leads to corporate success. Marketing and sales have the overall common goal to understand customer needs and solve customers problems better than the competition by offering superior value to customers.

Therefore, in order to bring benefit to a company, marketing and sales should interact and collaborate closely, so as to boost the overall business performance. Every company can and should improve the relationship between sales and marketing to bring about a great positive impact on the companys growth. In theory, marketing is often defined to include sales, e.g. distribution being one of the 4Ps or 7Ps of the marketing-mix. In corporate practice one can see all kind of structures involving marketing and sales usually as separate entities. Here, sales assuming a dominant role in the organization in terms of resource allocation. While the term marketing being used for:

Product communication (including information material and merchandise) in support of the sales force only. PR (Corporate Communication) is usually one of the core responsibilities of the CEO;

Responsibility for product communication (Marketing Communication) and Business Development, i.e. identifying new market opportunities;

Responsibility for product communication, Business Development, and Product Management (sometimes referred to as Product Marketing) with Pricing being one of the responsibilities of Product Management (and sometimes also R&D);

Covering the role of Business Development and/or Product Management is often combined with the responsibility for Market (Marketing) Research as well

As the terms marketing and sales are used in different ways, also the interaction between the two functions raises a couple of questions which need to be addressed by marketing researchers, e.g.: how can marketing and sales interaction best be organized? Is there an ideal spread of marketing responsibility? What kind of processes need to be implemented to assure a smooth co-operation between the two? Only recently, marketing and sales interaction has gained more attention. Previously the academic focus was more on marketings interaction with other functions such as R&D or finance, and researchers did not differ between the marketing and sales functions at all.

This has changed recently, as in business reality they are mainly separate functions within a company. Marketing and sales have different tasks within an organization and usually have different goal orientations, an issue that has been recently addressed in organizational research. There seems to be a lack of understanding as to what kinds of processes are important for the marketing and sales relationship and how the two functions can work together.

Sale Techniques:

The sale can be made through:

Direct Sales, involving person to person contact

Buying Facilitation Method

Pro forma sales


sales agents (real estate, manufacturing)

Sales Outsourcing through direct branded representation

Transaction sales

Consultative sales

Complex sales


telemarketing or telesales

retail or consumer

Door-to-door or traveling salesperson

Request for Proposal is an invitation for suppliers, through a bidding process, to submit a proposal on a specific product or service. An RFP is usually part of a complex sales process, also known as enterprise sales. Business-to-business Business-to-business sales are much more relationship based owing to the lack

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