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Module 5 Western music Unit 2 Vienna is the centre of European classical music. By Jinlian

Mar 27, 2015



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Slide 2 Module 5 Western music Unit 2 Vienna is the centre of European classical music. By Jinlian Slide 3 Slide 4 Can you say other kinds of music? Classical music blues jazz opera pop rock techno Slide 5 How do people play them? instruments what other instruments do you know? Slide 6 piano Slide 7 guitar Slide 8 violoncello violin [,vailn't elu] Slide 9 drum organ Slide 10 trumpetsaxophone ['sksfun] Slide 11 violoncello piano organ saxophone drum violin trumpet guitar The instruments ; Slide 12 Guess which instrument it is played by? Slide 13 Vienna Its the capital of Austria. Its the centre of European classical music. Slide 14 Slide 15 There are also some great in Vienna. Do you know who they are ? composers and musicians Slide 16 Johann Strauss the elder Johann Strauss the younger His waltzes made him famous. He was even more famous than his father. The Strauss family The Blue Danube waltz Slide 17 Mozart Ronde Alla Turca Some people say he was the greatest European composers. Slide 18 A. The introduction of Vienna. B. The Strauss family and Mozart. C. Vienna and its composers. 1.Whats the main idea of this passage? Read the first sentences in each paragraph, you can find the main idea in a passage quickly. Slide 19 Vienna is a beautiful old city ____the river Danube. Its the _________city of Austria and ___ _______ ___ European classical music. From 1750 a lot of ___________and ____________ came to study and work in Vienna. The most famous family of musicians was _____ ________ ________. Read Para.1 and fill in the blanks. the Strauss family composersmusicians the centre of capital on Slide 20 Read Para.2&3 together and answer 1.What kind of music did Johann Strauss the elder write? 2. How many waltzes did Johann Strauss the younger write? 3. What was Johann Strauss the youngers most famous piece of music? It was The Blue Danube. He wrote waltzes. sort More than 400. over Slide 21 Read Para.4 and fill in the form. ComposerDetails Mozart Comment ( ) In 1756 Before he was 6 Then At the age of 12 When he was 35 was born played not only the piano, but also the violin and the organ took him around Europe; gave concerts wrote his first opera died He was the greatest European composer Slide 22 MusicianDetails Jay Chou In 1979was born In 1982began to learn playing the piano In 2000the song Xing Qing made him famous all over China In 2001gave his first concert in Taiwan Nownot only a singer, but also an actor Comment He is one of the most popular singers When he was 3 At the age of 21 One year later Slide 23 Slide 24 1. Write a short passage about Jay Chou. 2. Get more information about the Strauss family and Mozart. Homework Slide 25