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Micron rated Filter Bags & Filter Socks

Jan 19, 2015



FilterProfilters is one of the leading industrial supplier of all types of Filtration tools which are Filter bags, Filter socks, biodiesel filter bags since 1995.

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2. Micron Rated -Filter Bags and Socks A micron is one millionthof a meter; (0. 00003937). 100 micron filters are can filter even finer and better. Its imperative to comprehend which category of micron rating filter bag must be used for effective filtration . For historical reasons most liquid filter bag material is assigned a micron rating based on approximately 80% efficiency. 3. Filter Bag Features Availability is from 1 to 200 microns Metal ring sewn into top for strength Integrated sewn in fabric handle Fits great in IBC tote openings Available in single Or 5 packs Wide variety Of nominal micron ratings 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or 200 micron sizes Max temp rating: 300 F Max pressure rating: 15 without vessel Made from heavy duty 4. Filter felt socks & Bag Sizes Filterprofilters 10 Micron Singed Polyester 4" x 8" 10 x 10 Micron Singed Polyester 7" x 16" Filter socks 2 x 10 Micron Singed Polyester 4" x 8" 2 x 10 Micron Single Polyester 4" x 14" 10 Micron Singed Polyester 4" x 14" 2 x 10 Micron Polypropylene 7" x 16 10 micron sock filter 10 Micron Polyester 7" x 32" 5 x 10 Micron Single Polyester 4" x 14" 25,50,100,200 Micron Polyester Bio-Diesel Filter Socks 7" X 32" 5. Industrial filter bags Filterprofilters Industrial filters are strongand durable for longevity. High density industrial filter bags and socks are used to filter dust, water, different liquid filters etc. These industrial filters are of many types and are available in different sizes as per customer requirement. Industrial filter bags are used to filter anything to get optimum results in all kinds of filtration 6. Centrifuge filter bags These are commonlyused for any type of liquid filtration. This filter separated huge amount of contaminants from various liquids. The centrifuge filter is a huge basket attached with an additional bag to retail waste 7. Fluid Bed Drier Filter Bags These fluid bed filter drybags are uniquely made to give excellent result for drying and assemble waste separately. These filters are perfectly made to for all dryers. These filters are made from different materials and pore sizes for fine filtration. These filter bags can be installed 8. Dust filter bags The dust filter bags aredesigned to suit client requirement to give them an excellent service experience. These dust filter bags are customized and different material are used in making these dust filter bags. 9. Vegetable oil & Bio diesel filter bags As fine fuel filtering starts from 1micron to 200 micron. In the pre filtration process the waste oil goes through many steps such as dry cleansing, heating, removal of hazardous solids, removal of smell and other impurities. Bio- diesel filter socks are used tofilter raw oil effectively. Biodiesel filter socks are made with strong material which will not develop fissure so easily. These bio-diesel filter socks are made for long durability. 10. Filter Pro FiltersDesigned for excellent filtration works to get optimum results in any filtration processThanks for viewing our products and the services we offer in diverse Filtration processes for further information www.filterprofilters .com