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Mesopotamian Review Slides

Jul 04, 2015




Reviw game from class

  • 1. Mesopotamia Test Review

2. Means Land between therivers 3. What is the dividing of thepopulation into groups withdifferent levels of importancecalled? 4. Name 3 similarities betweenthe Code of Hammurabi andthe 10 Commandments. 5. Why is imperial administrationimportant? 6. What did a king need to do inorder to be consideredeffective? 7. Who wanted some sleep sodecided to flood the world? 8. What was the scattering of theJews called? 9. Who gave Hammurabi thecode of law? 10. How was Judaism differentthan other religions in theMiddle East? 11. What is a prophet? 12. Which civilization created the360 day calendar? 13. Which civilization created the360 day calendar? 14. I conquered Lugalzagissi andthen battled many city-statesin order to rule sumer. 15. A group of lands ruled by onegovernment 16. Why is Moses considered aprophet? 17. Why is the fertile crescent nolonger fertile? Give fourreasons. 18. Provide detail for three ofthose reasons. 19. Which Mesopotamian rulerwas known for his brutality? 20. Whose descendants becamethe Israelites? 21. Name two ways that thepeople of Mesopotamiachanged their environment tomake it a good place to live. 22. How did Hammurabi userivers to increase his power? 23. Which civilization was the firstto have imperialadministration? 24. Which civilization invented the60 minute hour? 25. Perhaps the earliest system ofwriting, it uses a series ofwedges 26. Why are libraries an importantinvention? 27. Who is Anu? 28. What is a covenant? 29. Why was the position of scribeso powerful? 30. Which civilization invented thesailboat? 31. Where did government issuedcoined money originate? 32. What was Gilgameshsearching for? 33. Name three differencesbetween the Code ofHammurabi and the TenCommandments. 34. Why was written langaugestarted? 35. Who killed the Bull of Heavenand Humbuba? 36. Why is writing an importantinvention? 37. Why is the wheel an importantinvention? 38. The belief in many gods andgoddesses 39. I am the father of all Gods 40. Although I was cruel, I was agood ruler because Iappointed governors to helpme rule the vast empire 41. What are the first five books ofthe Hebrew Bible called? 42. What are the four aspects ofcivilization? 43. Where did the alphabet comefrom? 44. Who is aruru? 45. Who led the Jews out ofEgypt? 46. Who was the first to have astanding army? 47. Why have items from the iraqimuseum in baghdad gonemissing? 48. What could have been done toprevent this? 49. Which Mesopotamian kingsdo we only know of throughlegend? 50. In his covenant with Abraham,what did God promise? 51. God sent me the 10Commandments and theTorah. 52. What is the exchange of onegood or service for anothercalled? 53. According to the epic ofGilgamesh, what should youdo to make sure you have agood life in the afterworld? 54. Utnapishtim overheard__________ telling the wall ofhis reed hut about theupcoming flood. 55. How was the Phoenicianalphabet better thancuneiform? 56. What is the name of the SunGod? 57. Who is considered a prophetof the Jews, Christians andMuslims? 58. Who invented aqueducts? 59. Which civilization got rich fromtheir trade in purple dye? 60. Who is considered the fatherof the Jews, Christians andMuslims? 61. Which civilization is known fortheir war technology? 62. One of the Major themes ofGilgamesh is that love makesus better people. Name 2relationships that did that andexplain how. (double Pts) 63. A long period without water 64. A written collection of lawsthat apply to the people ruledby one government 65. Belief in one god 66. A raised waterway that carriesfresh water from one area toanother

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