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Meri Taaleem - #LsmPakistan

Jan 13, 2015




  • 1. Problem Hypothesis Students face a lot of problems and hassle inadmission process for applying to degreeprograms in universities in Pakistan University management has to go through thehectic process of labor intensive manual entryand logging of the admissions

2. Solution Hypothesis A unified and online interface should be therefor the students and the universities toconnect together in facilitating the admissionprocess Students and universities are willing to pay aservice fee for an appropriate online portal 3. Supporting Assumptions Majority of the students dont have a clearpicture as to where they should apply and whichprograms/universities suit their profile Most of the students will be comfortable in goingonline and applying for their future studiesthrough a unified interface For the pilot phase, we will bring on at least 5-10universities on board to whom we will providethe admission facilities 4. Supporting Assumptions Students and universities are willing to pay aservice fee for using our portal Initially, we will keep a heavily subsidized feefor the students and universities just topromote the portal and create a brand name 5. Riskiest Assumption Consortium of universities will be able to relyon us for providing them with the eligiblecandidates and pay for using such a service Students will trust us with their informationthat we will actually carry out the admissionprocess for them and apply on their behalf 6. MVP An interface that connects the students and theuniversities together accessible online at the timeof admission process Necessary information of students is collectedand stored in a database through which it can befor available for the universities Flexible payment mechanism; online paymentmode as well as bank payment 7. Tests for idea validation Student Survey Online survey One on one interviews University Survey One on one interviews One LOI signed Landing Page 50 responses within a few hours (ready to use theservice) 30 willing to pay for using the service 8. Students Surveys Survey conducted on Google Docs 15 respondents 11 Willing to use the service and pay for it 2 will be using the service but Maybe pay for it 2 using the service but not paying for it Face to face interviews 8 respondents All willing to use and pay for the service 9. Universities Survey Three universities interviewed Two ready to use and pay for our service One was ready to use and pay for the serviceprovided we were credible enough We have one Letter Of Intentsigned by auniversity 10. Landing Page 50 potential customers signed up on ourlanding page within the first few hours 30 respondents clicked on Pay Now button 11. Conclusion Our idea has been validated in multiple ways andwe have concluded that our idea is workable Students as well as universities are on board andare willing to avail this service We are going to launch the pilot phase by thesecond quarter of the 2012 and take it from there

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