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Mercedes-Benz Companion App Supplement.pdf · PDF fileMercedes-Benz Companion Introduction The Mercedes-Benz Companion App enables door-to-door navigation. Door-to-door navigation

Dec 22, 2018




Mercedes-Benz CompanionSupplement

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Mercedes-Benz Companion

IntroductionThe Mercedes-Benz Companion App enablesdoor-to-door navigation.Door-to-door navigation means that:RYour current destination can be transferred

from the vehicle's multimedia system to anexternal device (iPhone or Apple Watch).This enables you to continue navigating to adestination which is in a pedestrian zone, forexample.RConversely, a destination can be selected on

the external device and transferred to thevehicle's multimedia system.

PrerequisitesObserve the following requirements for usingMercedes-Benz Companion:RThe iPhone must be switched on and logged

into a mobile phone network.RThe iPhone must have an iOS version higher

than version 8.0.RMercedes-Benz Companion must be installed

on the iPhone and activated (see the manu-facturer's operating instructions).RThe iPhone must be connected to the mul-

timedia system (see the separate operatinginstructions).RMercedes-Benz Companion must be authori-

zed on the multimedia system.RTo use door-to-door navigation, location

access must be enabled on your iPhone.RThe Apple Watch must be connected to the

iPhone (see the manufacturer's operatinginstructions).

Authorizing Mercedes-Benz Compan-ion

If you wish to use Mercedes-Benz Companionwith the multimedia system, you must firstauthorize it.If you wish to use door-to-door navigation, youmust enable geolocation on the iPhone.

On the multimedia systemX Switch on the multimedia system.

A prompt appears asking for permission forMercedes-Benz Companion to connect withthe vehicle.

X Give authorization.On the iPhone

X Call up Mercedes-Benz CompanionA prompt appears asking permission forMercedes-Benz Companion to access loca-tion details.

X Allow access.Door-to-door navigation via Mercedes-BenzCompanion can now be used.

Door-to-door navigation (transferringa destination from the vehicle to anexternal device)

You can transfer the destination from the vehi-cle to an iPhone or an Apple Watch.This enables you to continue navigating on footto a location which is not accessible by vehicle.In the vehicleX Switch off the engine and remove the Smart-

Key.The current destination and the position ofthe vehicle are transferred from the multime-dia system to the iPhone or Apple Watch.

On the iPhone

X Select the destination and select the pedest-rian symbol.

X Start navigation.If you use the iPhone for navigation, you willbe guided to your destination by on-screeninstructions and spoken commands.If you use an Apple Watch, navigation conti-nues via the watch.The Apple Watch helps to guide you to yourdestination using vibrations, acoustic signalsand spoken commands.

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Door-to-door navigation (transferringa destination from an external deviceto the vehicle)

You can transfer the destination from an exter-nal device to the vehicle's multimedia system:Rusing the Apple WatchRusing the iPhone

On the iPhone

X Select Mercedes-Benz Companion.X Select Send a Destination.X Enter the destination.

A list of possible destinations is displayed.X Select the destination.X Transfer the destination to the vehicle.On the Apple WatchX Select Mercedes-Benz CompanionX Select Send to car.X Select Find destinations.X Say the destination.X Confirm the entered text with Done.

A list of possible destinations is displayed.X Select the destination.X Transfer the destination to the vehicle.In the vehicle and on the multimedia systemX Switch on the multimedia system.

The destination on the Apple Watch oriPhone is transferred to the multimedia sys-tem.

X Accept the displayed destination.Route guidance starts.i You also have the option of transferring des-

tinations or coordinates from other applicati-ons to Mercedes-Benz Companion.

Navigating to the vehicleYou can navigate to the vehicle's location:Rusing the Apple WatchRusing the iPhone

On the iPhone

X Select Send a Destination.X Select the vehicle location and the pedestrian

symbol.X Start navigation.

On the Apple Watch

X Select Locate Car.X Select the car symbol.X Start navigation.

Displaying vehicle information

Mercedes-Benz Companion can, for example,display the following vehicle information via theApple Watch or iPhone:RFuel level and rangeRMaintenance intervalRTire pressureX Select Mercedes-Benz Companion

The vehicle information is displayed.

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Mercedes-Benz Companion

IntroductionL'application Mercedes-Benz Companion vouspermet de bnficier d'une navigation porte--porte.Avec la navigation porte--porte,Rle systme multimdia du vhicule transmet

la destination actuelle un appareil externe(iPhone ou Apple Watch)Vous pouvez ainsi naviguer jusqu' une des-tination situe dans une zone pitonne, parexemple.Ril est possible, l'inverse, de choisir une des-

tination sur l'appareil externe et de la trans-mettre au systme multimdia du vhicule

ConditionsPour pouvoir utiliser Mercedes-Benz Compa-nion, les conditions suivantes doivent tre rem-plies :RL'iPhone est allum et connect un rseau

de tlphonie mobile.RLa version d'iOS de l'iPhone est suprieure

la version 8.0.RL'application Mercedes-Benz Companion est

installe et active sur l'iPhone (voir lanotice d'utilisation du fabricant).RL'iPhone est reli au systme multimdia

(voir la notice d'utilisation spare).RL'application Mercedes-Benz Companion est

autorise sur le systme multimdia.RL'accs aux donnes de localisation est auto-

ris sur l'iPhone pour l'utilisation de la navi-gation porte--porte.RL'Apple Watch est connecte l'iPhone (voir

la notice d'utilisation du fabricant).

Autorisation de Mercedes-Benz Com-panion

Si vous souhaitez utiliser Mercedes-Benz Com-panion avec le systme multimdia, vous devezd'abord autoriser l'application.Pour pouvoir utiliser la navigation porte--porte,vous devez autoriser la golocalisation sur l'i-Phone.

Sur le systme multimdiaX Mettez le systme multimdia en marche.

Un message vous demande si vous autorisezMercedes-Benz Companion se connecter auvhicule.

X Donnez l'autorisation.Sur l'iPhone

X Accdez Mercedes-Benz Companion.Un message vous demande si vous autorisezMercedes-Benz Companion accder auxdonnes de localisation.

X Autorisez l'accs.Vous pouvez dsormais bnficier de la navi-gation porte--porte par l'intermdiaire deMercedes-Benz Companion.

Navigation porte--porte (transmis-sion de la destination du vhicule unappareil externe)

Vous pouvez transmettre la destination du vhi-cule un iPhone ou une Apple Watch.Vous pouvez ainsi naviguer en mode piton jus-qu' une destination interdite aux vhicules.Sur le vhiculeX Arrtez le moteur et retirez la cl.

Le systme multimdia transmet la destina-tion et la position actuelles du vhicule l'i-Phone ou l'Apple Watch.

Sur l'iPhone

X Slectionnez la destination, puis le symbolepiton.

X Lancez la navigation.Si vous utilisez l'iPhone pour naviguer jus-qu' votre destination, l'appareil vous guidepar le biais d'indications l'cran et de mes-sages vocaux.Si vous portez une Apple Watch, la navigationse poursuit par l'intermdiaire de la montre.L'Apple Watch vous guide au moyen de vib-rations, de signaux sonores et de messagesvocaux.

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Navigation porte--porte (transmis-sion de la destination d'un appareilexterne au vhicule)

Vous pouvez transmettre la destination del'appareil externe au systme multimdia duvhiculeRpar l'intermdiaire de l'Apple WatchRpar l'intermdiaire de l'iPhone

Sur l'iPhone

X Slectionnez Mercedes-Benz Companion.X Slectionnez Send a Destination (Envoyer une destination).

X Entrez la destination.Une liste des destinations possibles s'affiche.

X Slectionnez une destination.X Transmettez la destination au vhicule.Sur l'Apple WatchX Slectionnez Mercedes-Benz Companion.X Slectionnez Send to car (Envoyer au vhicule).

X Slectionnez Find destinations (Rechercher des destinations).

X Enoncez une destination.X Confirmez le texte avec Done (Termin).

Une liste des destinations possibles s'affiche.X Slectionnez une destination.X Transmettez la destination au vhicule.Sur le vhicule et sur le systme multimdiaX Mettez le systme multimdia en marche.

La destination de l'Apple Watch ou de l'i-Phone est transmise au systme multim-dia.

X Validez la destination affiche.Le guidage est lanc.i Vous pouvez transmettre des destinations


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