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Melamine Sponge - Cleaning with Magic Erasers

Jun 15, 2015



ACAMIC has become a trusted name in providing complete melamine foam solutions due to its ability to process and custom packaging and fabricating melamine foam for eraser product production.

  • 1. Melamine Sponge - Cleaning withMagic ErasersThis multi-purpose sponge ishighly effective in cleaningalmost all surfaces. It has beendeveloped from revolutionarymelamine resin foam and needsjust water to make the surfacesparkling clean. This saves youa lot of cost on expensivecleaners and detergents.Presented By:

2. Multiple UsesMagic Eraser is all purpose cleaning sponge that cleanse up the surface with simplewater! It is not made up of any hard chemicals and detergent at all. It amazingcleaning properties make it effective to use on number of surface including likeceramic tiles, ceramic doors, ceramic stovetops, leather seats, wheel rims. They arecapable to remove the worst stains like soap scum, scuff marks and general grime.Presented By: 3. KITCHEN : Greasy Pan, stains on cookware, porcelain, stainlesssteel stove, sinks, cutlery, ceramic wall, floor tiles ,dishwasher safe,cleans dishes, counter-tops, tile, walls, sinks, floors.Presented By: 4. BATHROOM : Bath tubs, shower, sinks & chromed plated taps,shower tiles, floor etcPresented By: 5. HOME : Cleaning windows frame, crayon, ink, sticky residue onwalls, marks on floor ,silverware, glasses, and more.Presented By: 6. CAR : Alloy wheels, dashboard, windscreens, leather seats.Presented By: 7. OFFICE : Air Conditioner, Fan, Keyboard, Computers &keyboards, telephone, calculator, whiteboards, fax machine, desktopetc.Presented By: 8. How to Use Magic Eraser Sponge? Soak theMagic Eraser Sponge inwater and seequze out gently. Rub gently the sponge on therequired surface to removethe stains and dirt.Presented By: 9. After UseRinse the sponge with clean water.Gently seeque the sponge in betweenpalms to drain water out.Do not twist the sponge too hard as itmay damage the sponge.Hang the sponge in a well-ventilated areato dry it.Store in air tight container to reuse again.Presented By: 10. Care Tips Keep it dry to prevent germs tothrive. Wash off the dirty sponge withwater or any home madedisinfectant. Soak in hot water: To disinfect thesponge, soak the sponge in a hotwater for about three to five minutes. Heat in the microwave: You can alsosanitize it microwave for 1 minute. For best cleansing experiencereplace the sponge frequently afterusing it multiple time .Presented By: 11. Thank You!Presented By: