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Medicine Free Life by Dr. Chordia

May 07, 2015



Alkwa is the most advanced water ionization equipment. You need to fill it with your regular drinking water. The water goes through a process of electrolysis using mild direct electric current. It separates water into 2 chambers – acid and alkaline. Alkwa produces highly powerful, rejuvenating ionic alkaline water (with magnetic effects) of pH 8.5 or above.

Alkwa has surplus electrons and it acts as an anti-oxidant. It balances your body pH to 7.4. Alkwa flushes out excessive and stored acids from your body. It makes you healthier, fitter and younger. Whether you suffer from any illnesses or not, you should drink Alkwa.

You will notice the differences in less than 30 days.

  • 1.AlkwaFreedom from medicinePresentation by: Dr. Pravin Chordia

2. Do you suffer from Acidity? 3. Do you feel tired afterdays work? 4. Are you not able tolose excess weight? Do you feel bodyaches sometimes? 5. Are you on medication? 6. These are initial signs showing your bodys pH is turning acidic 7. But, what is pH?pH is a scale (0 to 14) that shows your bodysACID ALKALINE balance. We are born with a pH of 7.4. 8. Body pH is 7.4 We are alkaline by design but acidic by function.Each and every cell gets its energy from acidicfood stuff & end products of their metabolism areacidic. Thus we should take utmost care to keepourselves alkaline for living healthy and diseasefree life. Body alkalinity is maintained by alkalizing cationslike Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium.While bicarbonates are chief anions in our body. 9. How do we lose our pH balance? Chlorinated water Junk foods with lots ofwhite sugar, salt andprocessed grains Fried items with plenty oftrans fats Cold beverages Most of themedicines, pesticides, herbicides Stress, worry, anger Lack of exercise 10. Do you know? -70% body, 83% brain/ kidneys and90% of blood is water In essence you are what you drink 11. You should drink alkaline water so that it can flush out excessive & stored acids from your body. Then you can live medicine free life. 12. Fresh Spring Water from the Sanbuichi Yusui Spring in Japan. Hexagonal beautiful crystal This is living water.Alkaline Water has the same crystal structure as pure mountain spring water.These micro-clusters are easily absorbed into our body cells. 13. What is the difference between conventional drinking water and alkaline water?Alkaline water is ionized water with a pH >8Todays conventional drinking water is contaminated due to excessive usage of chlorine, exposure to pollution, carbon dioxide, & ground water contamination (free usage of pesticides) It has positive ORP value (oxidant to our body)Its generally acidic, mostly pH 6.5 to 7 (5 to 10 times acidic to body) 14. But, I am using water filter..?Your regular water filter purifieswater make it bacteria free but itdoes not make water alkaline. 15. You can move out of 16. Drink Alkwa Current lifestyle and its dietary habits are increasing oxidative stress on thebody. This stress is taking its toll and we all are having more and more cases ofmetabolic disorders like hypertension, diabetes, hyperacidity, autoimmunedisorders, cancer Logical answer to the problem is reducing the oxidative stress and increasethe immunity. Keep body alkaline and keep it full of electrons. Alkwa is magnetized alkaline water with negative ORP value. Its consumption improves your pH balance. It helps our body to get rid of acidicwaste products. It helps body in retaining its important alkaline minerals. With plenty of surplus electrons, it acts as an anti-oxidant to our body. Itimproves bodys immunity and helps each & every organ to function better dueto correction in acidic pH. 17. Health message Drink 3-5 liters of Alkwa (magnetized alkaline water) For having a diet full of anti-oxidants like Vit. C, Vit.E, Flavonoids, Carotenoids # Eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits (organically grown is abetter choice). # Consume sprouted grains and legumes Consume plenty of live food like honey, curd, green juices(Lemon, aloevera, wheat grass, spirulina, amla etc) Stay away from junk foods, cold beverages, tobacco, liquor Minimize consumption of salt, white sugar, processed grain, refinedoils, hydrogenated oils For keeping intestinal flora healthy avoidantibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, artificial sweeteners , Chlorinatedwater . 18. It is not only you or me but all of we people, our family members, ournear & dear ones are the victims of this lifestyle calamities. I know oneDr. Pravin Chordia, One company can not change the world but togetherwe can. So it us join hands together to save ourselves, to save our mothernature. 19. To know more about Alkwa and for productdemo please contact us [email protected] [email protected] Mob: 91-7620813847 Thank you