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«А doll is a part of national culture»
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  • 1. doll is a part of national culture

2. Old Russian Toys 3. . Dikova. Kargopols wedding 4. A doll Platochnitsa A doll Baba 5. The history of the doll 6. The types of the dolls. The dolls as talismans Ritual dolls The dolls for playing 7. Wedding Dolls love-birds Day and night A many- arms doll The dolls as talismans 8. The dolls for playing 9. Ritual dolls A doll - Maslenitsa Fiance and fiancee 10. Traditional Northen Dolls Arkhangelsk Stolbushka A doll - Travnitsa A beautifull doll 11. People from other countries like to take these toys home as souvenirs.