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Mainstream Electric Vehicles

Dec 26, 2014



2014 Ocean Exchange Registrants

  • 1. MAINSTREAM ELECTRIC VEHICLES: NETWORKED, SMART AND BUSINESS-ENABLED Make Mass Adoption of Electric Vehicles Possible In Developing World w/ Novel Finance Model.
  • 2. In many high-growth Megacities of the world, the air needed for survival is slowly killing its people. Compounding this, rising middle class wealth ensures the continued and expanding purchases of even more two- and three-wheeled, polluting gasoline motorcycles. No viable clean transportation technology has been found for the world's Megacities. Until now. MAINSTREAM ELECTRIC VEHICLES: NETWORKED, SMART AND BUSINESS-ENABLED
  • 3. TALINO EV is building the systems and technology that will lower the cost of Electric Vehicles to that of their gasoline- powered counterparts. Connecting micro businesses in manufacturing, sales; financing and service delivery.. TalinoEV accelerates sales of clean, efficient electric vehicles (EVs) to the global emerging middle class, providing a real alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles. How? By lowering the up-front cost of EV purchase through a high frequency, drip-payment platform making mass adaption of EVs possible for the first time. This translates to more electric vehicles (EVs) purchased for workhorse short-haul, commercial transportation and single rider use in the world's population-dense Megacities. With more electric vehicles on the road, communities experience decreased respiratory illness, noise and air pollution, and reduced expenditure on imported oil. To learn more about this and other innovative solutions Go to OceanExchange(dot)Org
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