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  • Front CoverOpening PageCreditsContentsIntroductionChapter One: Flame and FaithArcane MagicVariant Rule: Arcane CorruptionSpellcasters

    Divine MagicTests of FaithOrdeals

    Fel EnergyFell OfferingsFell Poison

    Rune MagicCreating Rune Families

    Chapter Two: Prepare Yourselves!FeatsNew Core Class and Prestige ClassesRunemasterBombardierEngineerGraven OneShadow HunterSpiritwalkerSteamwarriorWardenWitch Doctor

    Chapter Three: Fountains of ManaRune FamiliesRunesNew Spells

    Chapter Four: Destiny and ReqardArmor and ShieldsWeaponsPotionsRingsRods, Staffs, and WandsScrollsWondrous ItemsMinor Artifacts

    Chapter Five: Temple of BoomCreating and Using Technological DevicesVehicles: Movement and ManeuverabilityMalfunction EffectsCollaborative ConstructionMasterwork DevicesSpecial and Favored Materials

    Technological DevicesAdventuring GearSpecial Substances and ItemsVehiclesWeapons

    Zecker Devices

    Appendix One: Constructs Black Iron GolemHarvest GolemJunk GolemSteam GolemStone WatcherStone Keeper

    Appendix Two: Legal InformationBack Cover