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M318C MH M322C MH

Feb 01, 2017




  • M318C MHM322C MHMaterial HandlerWheel Excavators

    M318C MH M322C MHCat 3056E DIT ATAAC Diesel Engine

    Gross power 119 kW/159 hp 127 kW/170 hpNet power 113 kW/151 hp 122 kW/164 hp

    Operating Weight 21 460 kg 24 690 kgMaximum Reach (stick pin) 11 000 mm 12 500 mmMaximum Height (stick pin) 12 000 mm 13 300 mm

  • M318C MH and M322C MH Material Handler Wheel ExcavatorsThe C Series incorporates innovations for improved performance and versatility.

    EngineThe new Cat 3056E DIT ATAACelectronically controlled engineprovides increased horsepower to serve the advanced hydraulic system.Performance, reliability, durability,excellent fuel economy, and low sound levels help maximize workingefficiency. The innovative coolingsystem is easy to clean and featuresincreased cooling capacity through a temperature sensing on-demand 4

    HydraulicsThe hydraulic system, featuring aseparate swing pump and load-sensingsystem, provides maximum power andexceptional controllability leading tohigh performance in all applications.The technologically advanced ToolControl option adds work tool flexibilityto the hydraulic system. Using themonitor panel in the cab, the operatorcan quickly select pre-programmedhydraulic settings to optimizeperformance of up to five differentwork tools. pg. 5

    Operator ComfortThe new operator station designmaximizes operator comfort andvisibility. A new comfort seat with airsuspension (optional), ergonomicjoysticks, a new soft switch panel and the WEX Multipro monitor are some ofthe features that help allow the operatorto work free of fatigue and so remainattentive to the job in hand. Theoperator station also offers more spaceto the side and the front and featuresautomatic climate control. pg. 8

    Increased lifting capacity, improved cycle times, and ease of operation lead to increased productivity and cost effective solutions.

    A Step Ahead in EnvironmentalConsiderationsHelping to protect our environment, the engine has low operator andspectator sound levels. In addition thehydraulic system can be operated withbiodegradable oil. Longer filter changeintervals and more fuel efficiency also help reduce impact on ourenvironment. pg. 6

    New features


  • Booms and SticksThe box section design of all front-endstructures, together with the optimumbalance of durability and weightprovide the strength needed for even the toughest application. Multiple boomand stick options allow you to pick thebest match for your job. pg. 12

    Maintenance and ReliabilityAll daily maintenance points, such as oil level or greasing ports, areaccessible from ground level. A centralized greasing port located in the engine compartment providesprotection, and allows the operator togrease the front linkage and swingbearing without climbing onto the machine. pg. 14

    Complete Customer ServiceYour Cat dealer offers a wide range of services that can be set up under acustomer support agreement when youpurchase your equipment. The dealerwill help you choose a plan that cancover everything from machine andattachment selection to replacement. pg. 16

    Ease of OperationOn the new WEX Multipro monitorpanel, a variety of easy-to-read,language-based data is displayed. At all times, the operator can check the machine status allowing forcontinuous production optimization. pg. 7


    Elevated CabTwo cab risers are available tomaximize viewing to all sides of themachine. A fixed cab riser offers 1200 mm of additional height or thehydraulic cab riser offers infinitelyvariable heights up to 2400 mm ofadditional height. pg. 10

    Material Handling UndercarriageWelded outrigger design providesmaximum stability for MH applications.Heavy-duty cylinder protection and boxsection design help provide excellentdurability. Hydraulic hose routinginside of the frame prevents hosedamage. A sealed and lockable toolboxis mounted between the steps. pg. 11

    Work ToolsAn assortment of grapples and shearsprovide a total solution package to theend user. Built for performance anddurability these tools deliver highproductivity, long service life, andexcellent value. pg. 13

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    Cat 3056E DIT ATAAC EngineThe six-cylinder, turbocharged, air-to-air aftercooled and electronically controlled engine is built for power, reliability, low maintenance, excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

    Turbocharged and Air-to-AirAftercooled. The turbocharger packsmore dense air into the cylinders formore complete combustion and loweremission improving performance and engine efficiency. These benefitsare especially useful at high altitudes.The air-to-air aftercooler reducessmoke and emissions by providing a cooler inlet air for more efficientcombustion. This also extends the lifeof the piston rings and engine bore.

    Cooling System. Features an electronicallycontrolled variable speed on-demand fan.The fan is driven by a hydraulic motor andits speed is determined by engine coolantand hydraulic oil. Cooler operatingconditions allow lower average fan speedsresulting in reduced fuel consumption andlower noise levels. The electronic enginecontrol continuously compensates for thisvarying fan load, providing consistent nethorsepower, regardless of operatingconditions. The fan and air conditionercondenser are both hinged for easiercleaning of the cores.

    Engine Oil. Caterpillar engine oil isformulated to optimize engine life andperformance and is strongly recommendedfor use in Cat diesel engines. The engineoil change interval is increased to 500hours.

    Low Sound, Low Vibration. The 3056Edesign improves operator comfort byreducing sound and vibration. The M318CMH and M322C MH has been awarded theGerman Blue Angel for low operator andspectator sound levels. Operator sound level, LPA, 72 db(A) Spectator sound level, LWA 102 db(A)

    Factory Remanufactured Parts. A largechoice of factory remanufactured parts and dealer proposed repair options increasemachine availability and reduce total repair costs.

    Bosch Fuel Injection Pump. The newBosch injection pump is electronicallycontrolled and helps to reduce fuelconsumption.

    Service. The engine is longitudinallymounted on the right side to make it easierto access the oil filter, oil filler, oil drainvalve, fuel filter, V-belt tightener, and the oil dipstick. All are accessible from ground level.

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    HydraulicsFast cycle times, increased lift capacity, and superior stability combine to maximize yourproductivity in any job.

    Automatic Engine Control.Automatic Engine Control (AEC)reduces engine rpm if no operation isperformed, maximizing fuel efficiencyand reducing sound levels.

    Dedicated Swing Pump. A separatededicated variable displacement pistonpump and fixed displacement pistonmotor power the swing mechanism.This closed hydraulic circuit helps toprovide maximum swing performancewithout reducing power to the mainhydraulic functions.

    Caterpillars XT-6 ES Hoses.To meet the critical flexibility andstrength demands of wheel excavatorapplications, XT-6 ES hoses areinstalled in the high pressure hydraulicsystem. XT-6 ES hoses are made offour overlapping insulated wire spiralwraps bonded together for highabrasion resistance, excellentflexibility and easy installation. Hose routings are designed to protectfrom damage in this way reducinghose failure downtime. O-ring faceseal couplings provide positive sealingfor reliable and leak-free connections.

    Auxiliary Hydraulic Valves.The versatility of the hydraulic systemcan be expanded with multiple valve options.

    Multifunction Valve. The multi-function valve is the core of theinnovative Tool Control system. This valve can be electronicallyprogrammed for flow direction (one or two ways), pressure and flowrate. The valve also features priorityflow to maximize control of the worktool. This on-board electro-hydraulicfunctionality eliminates the need formanual readjustments to the auxiliaryhydraulics each time a different tool is used.

    Medium Pressure. A mediumpressure valve is available foruse with standard mediumpressure tools.

    Hydraulic Cylinder Snubbers.The hydraulic cylinder snubbersat the rod end of boom cylinders,both ends of stick cylinders, andbucket cylinder rod end cushionshocks, reduce sound andincrease cylinder life, keepingthe machine working longer.

    Caterpillar Hydraulic Oil.Maximum protection againstmechanical and corrosive wearin all hydraulic systems. Its highzinc content reduces wear, andextends pump life. Providedcertain requirements are met(e.g. SOSsm analysis every 500 hours), the hydraulic oilchange interval is extended from2000 hours to 4000 hours.

    Controllability. The hydraulicsystem offers precise control ofthe M318C MH and M322C MH,reducing operator fatigue,improving operator effective-ness and efficiency, whichultimately results in enhancedperformance.

    Boom Damping. Boom damping on theMH boom provides increased stability andreduced cab vibration. This contributes toprecise machine controllability.

    Stick Regeneration Circuit. Stick regeneration circuits increaseefficiency and help increase controllability for higher productivity and lower operating costs.

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    Environmentally Responsible DesignCaterpillar machines not only help you build a better world, they help maintain and preservethe fragile environment.

    More Performance. The M318C MHand M322C MH are designed toprovide more performance yet use lessfuel than ever before. This means morework done in a day, less fuel consumedand minimal impact on our environment.

    Low Exhaust Emissions. The Cat 3056Eused in the M318C MH and M322CMH is a low emission engine designedto meet EU Stage II Off-Highway andUS EPA Tier II emission regulations.

    Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil. Available as an option, CaterpillarBiodegradable Hydraulic Oil (HEESTM)is formulated from a fully saturatedHydraulic