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LogisticsID S Y S T E M S To a SMART Systems Presentation Shipment Management Asset Resource Tracking Welcome

Mar 26, 2015



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logisticsID S Y S T E M S To a SMART Systems Presentation Shipment Management Asset Resource Tracking Welcome Slide 2 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Our Partners: Management: Collectively the management of LogisticsID has over 45 years experience in the transportation distribution business, designing system solutions for companies like: Rollins, Wal Mart, Emery, Foot Locker, and Yellow Freight. Warehouse Management Systems Additional Information is Available on our Web Site Minion Technology Hardware Partner Slide 3 logisticsID S Y S T E M S SmartGATE Gate arrival and departure control system SmartYARD Event, Dock and Yard Management System UltraYARD*LPS ***** The Ultimate in YMS SmartPORT Container tracking and yard management System Smart Dock BGI Dock Scheduling Module Smart Solutions: Slide 4 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Introduction: logisticsID is a systems solutions developer focusing on Supply Chain Management Tracking and Security. logisticsID provides scalable solutions to keep pace with your growing needs as they develop. Smart Systems are designed to provide, security, event management, gate control, asset tracking and positioning in the facility. In short situation awareness. Slide 5 logisticsID S Y S T E M S The Four Basic Problems : Productivity The Solutions : SmartYARD or UltraYARD*LPS Visibility Location Control Solutions: Slide 6 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Visibility: The Smart System provides a total picture of the yard, event status, dock operations, trailer status, moves and current locations, on site or at remote locations, --- on one screen, in real time. Remote Location Distribution Center Note difference Screens layout Slide 7 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Smart Systems search function will locate a trailer or trailers, BOLs, POs or SKUs anywhere in the facility or in remote locations. Location: Clicking on the unit will show its location on the screen, even if BOL, PO, or SKU are located in several trailers Slide 8 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Control : The Theory : If you cant see it you cant control it, if you cant control it ---You will lose time, productivity and profits. Smart Systems give you total control of the yard and dock, real-time inventory and status of your assets, visual reporting of activities, dated and time stamped, eliminating the need for costly yard checks or lost time searching for equipment. Clicking on an asset provides a drop down with detailed information about contents down to SKU level. Slide 9 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Productivity: THE BOTTOM LINE Total visibility and control improves operational utilization of all resources resulting in improved productivity, customer satisfaction and ----increased Profitability. That is what S.M.A.R.T Systems are about Smart Systems allow managers to be pro-active by tracking the location and status of all your assets giving you complete control of these assets increasing productivity. The Industry estimates productivity increases of 10-35%. Slide 10 logisticsID S Y S T E M S System Screen: The System Screen is divided into six basic elements (next slide) and is configurable to represent your facility with many of the functions being user definable. -- providing complete visibility and control. Slide 11 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Screen Elements Menu Bar Task Bar Virtual Areas Smart Dock Parking Lots A, B, and C Dock Door Dock The Screen is divided into six basic elements as shown above making it easy to learn and use. Slide 12 logisticsID S Y S T E M S How they differ ? SmartYARD SmartYARD installs as a stand alone system using mouse drag and drop to control moves, and RF communication to send instructions to the yard jockeys. Arrivals and departures are controlled by the gate guards. Yard management moves are made by managers. A comprehensive, inexpensive, sophisticated solution. UltraYARD*LPS ***** UltraYARD*LPS has all the comprehensive features found in SmartYARD. In addition it use Minions and MinionNet to automate many of the system functions, such as; facility arrivals and departures, unit location, dock door arrivals and departures, automatic hook and drop operation within the facility and monitor dock door operations at remote locations. Using Type Two Minions the system could monitor refer temperature, door sensors, fuel levels, or other devices with a serial interface. Using the Type Three Minions the system could perform all the functions listed above as well as track units over the road with the GPS capability. Slide 13 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Mobile Terminal Screen: The screen displays task priority, trailer ID number, the move from and to location. Operational menu is shown on the bottom line. The Mobile terminal allows yard, dock managers and drivers to communicate. SmartYARD & UltraYARD*LPS Use wireless RF terminals to communicate. Terminal Display Screen Mobile Terminal Slide 14 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Warehouse Management System VISIBILITY TOTAL Management Overview & Reporting The Missing Link in Supply Chain Management TMS System SmartYARD (Other Sites) Corporate Enterprise System Smart Systems interface SmartYARD UltraYARD*LPS The Missing Links in Supply Chain Management Data Exchange Slide 15 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Minions communicate with each other and are not blinded by polarity, other trailers or location of the unit. UltraYARD*LPS and Minions automates many location and tracking processes providing total visibility and exact assets location over the road or in the facility. Most importantly the network is much less expensive to install. Technology: Gate Dock Door Minion Trailer Dock Door Minion Trailer Location & Dock Doors Dock Door Minion Trailer Stores docks UltraYARD*LPS Utilizes Minion Technology Minions Yard Gateway Server Slide 16 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Centralized Rigid Expensive infrastructure Slow, phased deployment Central point of failure Line-of-site limitations Decentralized Flexible, dynamic Low infrastructure cost Rapid, scalable deployment Robust, redundant Multi-path capabilities MinionNet Advantage Typical AIDC Network Reader Tags MinionNet AIDC Network Minions Networks: Slide 17 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Mobile Minions Type I Mobile Minion: Powered internally by battery Used for identification purposes Applications include: Asset Tracking Inventory Management Type III Mobile Minion: Powered externally through I/O device Provides GPS location data for assets located outside of the normal range of other MinionNet devices. Devices may include a module for wide area communications, such as GSM cellular or GPS location data to a host when no local MinionNet network communications are available. Applications include: Fuel monitoring Temperature, movement, or other types of available sensor inputs Offsite tracking via GPS and GSM Hardware: Type II Mobile Minions: Powered externally through I/O device includes I/O interface for user specified serial input, such as door sensors, fuel levels, and others. Slide 18 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Powered by internal batteries, or externally 110 volt, or low voltage DC transformers. Fixed Minions are stationary devices used to monitor Mobile Minions in specific locations and communicate with Gateway Minions.. Hardware: Fixed Minions: Slide 19 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Tag Fixed Minions Gateway Minions: Gateway Hardware: Gateway Minions act as the conduit for data messages from individual Minions to the UltraYARD*LPS Server. Slide 20 logisticsID S Y S T E M S u Integrated browser for Internet / Intranet access. Smart Systems are 100 percent Java Systems. - SUN Microsystems certification. u Certified at IBM Solutions Studio. - AS/400, Windows, NetFinity Server, HP/Unix u ODBC and JDBC compliant. - Access, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Sequel, DB2 ODBC Technical Features: Slide 21 logisticsID S Y S T E M S Gate System Architecture Ethernet UltraYARD Server Slide 22 logisticsID S Y S T E M S The logisticsID staff appreciates your time and thanks you for your participation in this SMART solutions presentation.. Thank You Slide 23 logisticsID S Y S T E M S logisticsID, LLC 6637 Northaven Rd. Dallas, Texas 75230 Website -- www. logisticsid.comwww. Jim Reeves President Direct: 214-368-1517 Mobile: 214-289-4424 Fax: 214-987-3787 e-mail : [email protected] The staff wish you continued success and prosperity. Were here to help! Jim Mathis Vice President Direct: 972-294-4473 Mobile: 571-214-2527 Fax: 214-987-3787 e-mail: [email protected]