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Literature Quiz | The Quiz Weekend '17

Jan 22, 2018



  1. 1. LITERATURE QUIZ The Quiz Weekend 17
  2. 2. Acknowledgements This quiz is brought to you by BCQC - COEP Quiz Club. Quiz set by Ravina More & Omkar Borate. Special thanks to Varun Rustagi for moderating. Special thanks to you all for turning up. Huge shoutout to the admin team.
  3. 3. Instructions This will be a written quiz, consisting of total 40 questions. No negative marking. No part points. Total 50 points up for grabs. Questions 1 to 30 are for 1 point. Questions 31 to 40 are for 2 points. In case of a tie, the team which has scored highest points in two part questions wins. If teams are tied after that, then the team to first get a question wrong in order is eliminated. Use of any form of electronic media will be considered as an attempt to cheat and your team will be disqualified. Quizmasters decision will be final and binding and cannot be challenged.
  4. 4. The name of this twitter handle is a play on the title of a famous fan fiction work. This work was developed from a fan fiction series originally titled "Master of the Universe" and published episodically on fan-fiction websites under the pen name "Snowqueen's Icedragon". So what is this twitter handle aptly named as? Images on next slides. 1
  5. 5. 50 Nerds of Grey
  6. 6. This is a book by Gabriele Marcotti and Gianluca Vialli, whose title seems to have inspired from a 2003 heist film. The book comments on the footballing culture in two nations, one of which is England. So what is the name of the book? The name of the other country appears in the title of the book. Image on next slide. 2
  7. 7. The Italian Job
  8. 8. This 2016 Iranian film won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at 89th Academy Awards. The story of this movie is about a married couple who perform a famous play by Arthur Miller on stage during which the wife is assaulted. The husband then attempts to determine the identity of the attacker, while the wife struggles to cope with post-trauma stress. Which is this multiple award winning play, also a recipient of Pulitzer Prize and Tony Prize and is considered to be one of the greatest plays of 20th century. 3
  9. 9. Death of a Salesman
  10. 10. Shsaku End was a Japanese author who wrote from the perspective of a Japanese Roman Catholic. He is categorized as one of the "Third Generation" writers, a group of Japanese writers who appeared after World War II. However, which famous 1966 work of End, adapted into a film in 1971 by Masahiro Shinoda, came back into spotlight in the late 2016. 4
  11. 11. Silence
  12. 12. The original title of this novel is "Det som inte ddar oss", literally meaning "That which does not kill us". This novel is written by David Lagercrantz (who is also the coauthor of "I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic") and is the first novel in the series not authored by the series' original creator and author of the first three books. A film adaptation of the novel is scheduled to release in 2018. Which novel? 5
  13. 13. The Girl in the Spider's Web
  14. 14. Which famous person from the field of science, along with his daughter Lucy, has written these five books, intended for readers aged 9 and up. George's Secret Key to the Universe, George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt, George and the Big Bang, George and the Unbreakable Code and George and the Blue Moon. 6
  15. 15. Stephen Hawking
  16. 16. "Tony and Susan" is a novel by Austin Wright first published in 1993. The book has a "story inside a story" in which the first part follows a woman named Susan who receives a book manuscript from her ex- husband, asking for her opinion. The second part follows the actual manuscript, called "_________ _______" which revolves around a man whose family vacation turns violent and deadly. It also continues to follow the story of Susan, who finds herself recalling her first marriage and confronting some dark truths about herself. FITB or tell me what would have propelled the sudden interest in book, which even lead to republishing of book by changing the title to the novel which Susan receives from her ex husband in the book. 7
  17. 17. Nocturnal Animals
  18. 18. Literally meaning "embezzlement", this is a classic Hindi novel by Munshi Premchand. Through this novel, he tries to show the falling moral values among lower middle class Indian youth in the era of British India, and to what heights a person can get to, to reach the world of elite class and maintain the false image as a rich person. It tells the story of Ramanath, a handsome, pleasure seeking, boastful, but a morally weak person, who tries to make his wife Jalpa happy by gifting her jewelry which he can't really afford to buy with his meager salary, and then gets engulfed in a web of debts, which ultimately forces him to commit embezzlement. Which novel? 8
  19. 19. Gaban
  20. 20. "Sanam Teri Kasam" was a trashy Hindi film released in 2016, starring Harshvardhan Rane and Marwa Hocane. Skipping all the irrelevant parts from the film, there is a scene where the hero asks the heroine, a librarian, to give him a book that a man who has served an eight-year jail term should read on which she gives him this classic English book. This controversial novel, first published in 1951, was originally published for adults and has since become popular with adolescent readers for its themes of teenage angst and alienation. Between 1961 and 1982, it was the most censored book in high schools and libraries in the US. The book was banned in the Issaquah, Washington, high schools' in 1978 as being part of an "overall communist plot". Which book? 9
  21. 21. The Catcher in the Rye
  22. 22. Many older editions of his books have a swastika printed on their covers associated with a picture of an elephant carrying a lotus flower, reflecting the influence of Indian culture. His use of the swastika was based on the Indian sun symbol conferring good luck and the Sanskrit word meaning "fortunate" or "well-being". He used the swastika symbol in both right and left facing orientations, and it was in general use by others at the time. Once the Nazis came to power and usurped the swastika, he ordered that it should no longer adorn his books. Who is this author we are all acquainted with? Images on next slide. 10
  23. 23. Rudyard Kipling
  24. 24. Invisible Cities is a novel by Italian writer Italo Calvino. The book explores the imagination of cities through its descriptions by Marco Polo. The book is framed as a conversation between the aging and busy emperor Kublai Khan, who constantly has merchants coming to describe the state of his expanding and vast empire, and Polo. The majority of the book consists of brief prose poems describing 55 fictitious cities that are narrated by Polo to prove the expanse of Khan's empire, but which are all actually just descriptions of one city. Which city, which is also the place where Polo was born and is a subject of a popular play by Shakespeare. 11
  25. 25. Venice
  26. 26. Mohalla ____ is a banned Indian Bollywood satirical film starring Sunny Deol and Sakshi Tanwar, directed by Chandra Prakash Dwivedi. The film is loosely based on a popular Hindi novel written by Dr. Kashinath Singh which is a satire on the commercialization of the pilgrimage city and fake gurus who lure the foreign tourists. The novel's name comes from a ghat in Varanasi on the banks of Ganges River. Which novel? 12
  27. 27. Kashi ka Assi
  28. 28. How would you connect the three Indian movies mentioned below to a very famous 1970 work by this individual or a song by Taylor Swift? The movies are Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se, Madanolsavam and Sanam Teri Kasam. Image on next slide. 13
  29. 29. Love Story
  30. 30. Put funda and FITB, which is a famous 1962 work. 14
  31. 31. A Clockwork Orange
  32. 32. When Ketan, who has written the book "Complete/Convenient" was asked how different is his style of writing from that of his brother in an interview by newspaper DNA, Ketan said that, "Our styles are very different, while X writes in the first person I write in the third. My stories begin where Xs end. X has a knack of connecting with the youth with his books and writes about the struggles that the youth are facing, career choices they have to make and relationship issues that they have to deal with - things that shape your destiny. So, its not just the style but the topics that we write about too. I am not as talented as X so I cant write from a youths perspective. I have focused on different phases in my life, something every reader will identify with." Id X, who is definitely more famous than his brother Ketan. 15
  33. 33. Chetan Bhagat
  34. 34. Collectively these three works are known as Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy. If "The Dark Forest" is the second work and "Death's End" is the third work, which is the first work in this trilogy? 16
  35. 35. The Three-Body Problem
  36. 36. This poem, which probably originally was a riddle and whose earliest known version was published in Samuel Arnold's Juvenile Amusements in 1797 has often been used by teachers to demonstrate the Second law of Thermodynamics. The law describes a process known as entropy, which is a measure of the number of specific ways in which a system may be arranged, often taken to be a measure of "disorder". The higher the entropy, the higher the disorder. In the poem, the character takes a fall and shatters. After his fall and subsequent shattering, the inability to put the character together again is representative of this law, as it would be highly unlikely (though not impossible) to return him to his earlier state of lower entropy, as the entropy of an isolated system never decreases. Which poem?
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