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Lighted Buoys

Feb 20, 2016




Lighted Buoys. junction. channel. mid-channel. Buoy System On Waterway. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • Buoy System On Waterway

    Lighted Buoys

    The colors and numbers mean the same thing regardless of what kind of buoy or maker on which they appear.

    Channel MarkersRed colors, red lights and even numbers. These indicate the right side of a channel when returning from sea or heading upstream. The numbers usually increase consecutively as you return from sea or head upstream.

    Green colors, green lights and odd numbers. These indicate the left side of a channel when returning from sea or heading upstream. These numbers increase consecutively when returning from open sea or heading upstream.

    Junction MarkersRed and white vertical stripes These mid channel or fairways may be passed on either side. If lighted, a white light is displayed.

    Red and green horizontal stripes They are placed at the junction of two channels to indicate the preferred (primary) channel when a channel splits. If green is on top, the preferred channel is to the right. If red is on top the preferred channel is to the left. These are also sometimes referred to as junction buoys. If they are lighted the light matches the color of the top stripe.Buoy System on the Waterway

    Have the student identify each of the markers and explain what actions they would take if underway.