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Liberal Arts - Cluster Brochure (2015)

Jul 23, 2016




  • liberal arts

  • delivery iconsOn-campus This is the traditional setting for college courses, where all of the courses needed to complete your program are taken on

    campus. Note that some programs may require participation

    off-campus including field-trips or practicum experiences.

    Online These programs are fully completed online, without the need to come to campus. Note that some programs may offer practicum

    experiences or labs that require participation on-site. Programs offered online can often be completed in a flexible time frame.

    Blended Programs that can be taken with a blended learning approach offer most courses face-to-face in the classroom but some courses in the program can be completed online.

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    liberal artsGeneral Studies Majors in Canadian Studies, Cultural Studies, English,

    Psychology and Sociology, and Physical Education and Leadership

    The Liberal Arts program at Lethbridge College is focused on possibilities. If you arent sure what direction you want to

    take in your career, a General Studies diploma is the perfect place to start. If you think you may want to continue your education and

    complete a degree in education, nursing or the arts, our liberal arts classes will transfer easily to other programs at Lethbridge College

    as well as many colleges and universities throughout North America.

    We also offer flexible course selections, flexible delivery methods (blended and online) and personal timetables that let you create an

    education that works for you and your lifes demands. Our new Diploma for a Day program gives you all of the benefits of being a full-

    time student, including being eligible for scholarships, while only requiring your presence on campus for one very full day each week.

    First Nations, Mtis and Inuit (FNMI) students also have the opportunity to pursue their career goals with our General Studies FNMI

    Career Pathways program. This program will enhance your proficiency in writing and math and provide you with the skills necessary

    to be successful in college while fostering cultural awareness. Students who successfully complete the certificate will be able to ladder

    into other Lethbridge College programs.

    With Lethbridge Colleges Liberal Arts program, there are many

    possibilities for professional or continued post-secondary success.

  • general studies

    General Studies two-year diploma (exit with a general diploma or a major in one of five areas)

    September, January or May admission

    Whether youre still checking out where your interests lie or already have

    an idea what kind of education will quench your thirst for knowledge, we

    can give you what you want in a vibrant, culturally diverse setting.

    A General Studies diploma lets you select a variety of individual courses to suit your

    interests. About 95 per cent of our General Studies courses will transfer to other

    colleges and universities. You can also choose to focus in on one of five majors:

    Canadian Studies, Cultural Studies, English, Physical Education and Leadership, or

    Psychology and Sociology. All courses within these majors are designed to ensure

    smooth transitions and credit when transferring to other post-secondary institutions.

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    [email protected] Learning Information

    Admission requirements * High school diploma

    Estimated cost *

    Tuition Fees Books and suppliesYear I Canadian Studies major $2,644 $925 $1,600Year II Canadian Studies major $2,713 $925 $1,500Year I Cultural Studies major $2,644 $925 $1,600Year II Cultural Studies major $2,882 $925 $1,500Year I English major $2,588 $925 $1,770Year II English major $2,700 $925 $1,200Year I Physical Education and Leadership major $2,644 $925 $1,500Year II Physical Education and Leadership major $2,700 $925 $1,325Year I Psychology and Sociology major $2,700 $925 $1,700 Year II Psychology and Sociology major $2,644 $967 $1,650

    Transfer agreements

    Athabasca University two years credit towards a three-year Bachelor of General StudiesArts and Science or Bachelor of General StudiesApplied Studies

    University of Calgary 60 credits toward a Bachelor of Arts in Canadian Studies University of Lethbridge Most courses transfer course for course many other courses transfer to universities across Canada and the United States

    Our grads go on to university or other post-secondary studies with these benefits

    critical thinking skills practical experience and applied research opportunities credit for volunteer experience through our Service Learning option credentials towards your next goal

    Courses can include

    Sociology of aging Introduction to politics Environmental issues Film studies Cellular basis of life Introductory Spanish

    * Accurate at time of printing. Check for most current details.

    Program at a glance:

  • General Studies majors:

    Canadian StudiesStudy Canadian history, politics and literature, while considering the diversity of the Canadian

    experience and Canadas place in the world.

    Cultural StudiesExplore the components of culture, including religion, language, gender, art, family, political

    systems, economics, race and ethnicity, and gain an excellent academic background for future

    studies in anthropology, religious studies, womens studies, communications and culture.

    EnglishDiscover the world of literature or pursue a career in writing. This major will equip you with

    an array of tools and provide a distinct advantage in your present and future academic

    endeavours, as well as in the affairs of business, government, law, education and science.

    Physical Education and Leadership Combine elements of social sciences with those of physical education and leadership to

    prepare for careers or further education in kinesiology, education and coaching.*

    Psychology and SociologyUncover the intricate workings of the human mind or the complex social interactions at a

    family and societal level. Topics include culture, race, religion, sex and gender, deviance and

    crime, and how individuals come to understand their roles.

    *Students registered in the General Studies program with a major in Physical Education and Leadership will fall under Life Sciences. See the Life Sciences brochure for more information.

    general studies

  • [The General Studies program] opened the door to realizing what I wanted to do. After finishing the program I went to the University of Lethbridge and finished my Bachelor of Arts in psychology, sociology and anthropology. All three of these streams I had exposure to at the college and fell in love.

    Jess FehrGeneral Studies 2005Event and Facility Coordinator, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge



    [email protected] Learning Information

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