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Kumpulan Soal Latihan UTS IKGM 2011 FKG UA

Oct 18, 2015




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KUMPULAN LATIHAN SOAL UTS IKGM 2011FKG UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA1. what is the rule that of goverment that manage concept oh healta. uu no 23 year 1993b. uu no 23 year 1992c. uu no 24 year 1992d. uu no 24 year 1993e. uu no 25 year 1993Answer : BFrom : Moch Tegar Subeqi

2. Which one of these statements are not include as environment?a. the trees, air, soil around usb. all the places we live, work and playc. our body, mind and sould. our fields, farm, and the food we growe. our oceans, lakes, and riversanswer : Cfrom : Imraatul Fitriyah

3. "Health is a dynamic equilibrium between man and his environmentimbalance results in disease."This sentences is the sense of...a. biomedical conceptb. ecological conceptc. psychological conceptd. holistic concepte. well-being conceptanswer : BFrom : Nadia Liliani

4. Based on psychosocial concept of health, which is in the below that do not influence health?a) Psychological factorsb) Social factorsc) Political factorsd) Cultural factorse) Environment factorsANSWER : EFrom : Anissa Sarah M. T.

5. Implies that all sectors of the society have an effect on health, in particular, education, communication, agriculture, etc is the definition ofa) Holistic conceptb) Psychosocial conceptc) Ecological conceptd) Biomedical concepte) Human conceptAnswer: AFrom : Rizki Widira

6. There are some heath dimensions in this world, mention ita) Spiritual well beingb) Physical well beingc) Mental well beingd) Social well beinge) A, b, c, and d are trueAnswer : EFrom : Nawira

7. These are the objective components in the concept of wellbeing,except:a. incomeb. occupationc. happinessd. educatione. sanitationAnswer: CFrom : Anthony Hartono8. The disease occurs due to interactions between....a. organism, agent, and environment.b. organism and agent.c. organism and environment.d. organism, the other organism, and environment.e. agent and environment.

Answer : AFrom : DICKY DARUANGGONO9. this factor is not included in determinants of healtha. Biological factorb. Birth and deathc. Environmentald. Medical caree. Behavioral and Sociocultural conditionAnswer : BFrom : primarizka ayunda w10. Life expectancy is determined bya) Geneticb) Environmentc) Genetics and heredityd) Heredity and environmente) Genetic and environmentAnswer : EFrom : hizkia kelvianto waluyo

11. what is the definitionofhealthaccording towho 1947?a. health is a state complete the absence of disease or informity.b. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.c. health is protected from life-threatening and health threatening pollutants, pathogens and physical hazards.d. health is prosperousstateofperfectphysical, mentaland social developmentthat enablesa personto livea sociallyand economicallyproductive.e. health is a state wherea person is notdiseased

Answer : Bfrom : Aliviea Cassandra Hadi

12. What kind of thing that could threaten the human health?a. pollutantsb. pathogensc. physical hazardd. nutritious foodse. a, b, c, are true

Answer : EFrom : Birgitta Dwitya

13. Which of the following are the basic determinants of health?a. biological factors, education, environmental, behavioural and social cultureb. education, biological factors, environmental, habitual actionc. biological factors, environmental, education, medical cared. behavioral and sosio culture, biological factors, medical care, environmentale. environmental, biological factors, education, behavioural and social cultureanswer : DFrom : Adlia Fadia14. Which of the answers below do not include socio economic conditionsa. .nutritionb. lifestyle c. Educationd. housinge. Political systemanswer:BFrom : Dhea Vensa15.Which statement below is included into changes of health care aspects in the medical care, excepta. Timely diagnosisb. Advancing technologyc. Low education of healthd. Effective treatments and managemente. Early detectionJawaban C..From : Chusnul Chotimah

16. Following subjects are the factors affect health in terms of Behavioral and Sociocultural condition..a. Lifestyles, the way people live, Reflect of the whole range of social values, attitudes, and activities.b. Lifestyles, attitude, the way people live.c. The way people live, Reflect of the whole range of social values, attitudes, and activities, politic.d. Reflect of the whole range of social values, attitudes, and activities, environment, lifestyles.e. Attitude, politic, Lifestyles.Answer: AFrom : Revinska Bagus Irawan

17. Behavior is one of the factors that affect our health. These following behavior does not cause disruption of health is...a. consumption of alcoholb. always take medicine when you are sickc. consumption of fastfoodd. often to walk around at nighte. do exercise everydayanswer: EFrom : Rhena Reifa

18. socio economics condition is one of the basic determinant of health. The factor of socio economics condition is ... a. Housing b. Nutrition c. Employment d. Education e. a,b,c and d is correctANSWER: EFrom : Like Aprilia

19.Environmental health practice deals with the relationship betweena. Human and healthb. Human and environmentc. Environment and healthd. Determinant of health and educatione. Human and lifestyleAnswer : BFrom : Prevy Anirtha

20.Which includes the internal environmentis?a. housingb. pysichogical stressc. every tissued. water supplye. familyAnswer : CFrom : Maretha Siwinatha

21.According to Einstein, environment are?A. a small part of around usB. an environtment from physical perspectiveC. all content of this world, a place for human to liveD. a group of species which occupy a given areaE. a group of similar organisms in the same area.Answer : CFrom : ADITYA DANA ISWARA

22. which is the benefits of environmental health, except :A. Reduced health care costsB. Reduced economic statusC. Reduced impact of social health problemD. Reduces morbidity and mortalityE. Improved quality of lifeAnswer : BFrom : Ririh Setyo

23. What is focused on the study of environmental health?A. Peoples healthB. Environments healthC. Preservation of environmentD. Preservation of living thingsE. Affects of human to environmentJAWABAN :AFrom : Niken Probowati

24. The definition of Nutriology isa. a knowledge that learned about a relation of food that eaten for the bodys health.b. a knowledge that learned about a relation of the nutrient amount of food and drinks.c. a knowledge that learned about a relation of the calories of food for human health.d. a knowledge that learned about a relation of nutrient, disease, and human health.e. a knowledge that learned about a relation between amount of energy contains in food.ANSWER : AFrom : Adrian Yudhistira Firdausi

25. What substance that has a function as a protector inside our body??a. proteinb. carbohydratec. mineralsd. fate.vitaminANSWER : DFrom : Iklima Rizkie Bahfie

26. Which of the following factors that cause malnutrition?a. Environment, prosperity, welfare stateb. Environment, welfare state, presence of infectious diseasesc. Using antibiotic for a long time, prosperity, presence of infectious diseasesd. Using antibiotic for a long time, presence of infectious diseases,enviromente. Provision of macro and micro nutrients, presence of infectious diseases, well-arrangements in all domain

From : Annisa Fardhani

27. There are some things that cause malnutrition. This below are derived from environmental factors, excepta. Disasterb. Diminishing availability of land for road constructionc. The existence of advanced technology led to the development of agriculture shiftedd. Use pesticidese. Provision of macro and micro nutrients

ANSWER :EFrom : Gabriela Halim

28. For decreasing malnutrition, especially lack of calory, Public Health Centre (PUSKESMAS) has many programs, one of that is....a. Free eating every Sundayb. Health Card for Children (KMS)c. Free vitamin for pregnant motherd. Giving advicee. Giving nutrient supplementAnswer : BFrom : Adzhani Putri Sabila

29. Disease that caused by continuous protein deficiency called :a. marasmusb. beri-beric. kwashiorkord. malnutritione. osteoporosisanswer: AFrom : Ratih Ayu Maheswari30. One of the factors that affect food supply are:a. residentialb. weatherc. government influenced. wealth of farmerse. population healthFrom : Nanda Rachmad PG

31. These are factors that affect food supply, excepta. weatherb. advanced equipmentc. cropperd. seed reservese. rainfallANSWER : CFrom : Haninda Iffatuz Zahrah

32. Mercury poisoning causes minamata disease. Minamata diseases symptom is ...a. Vomitingb. Nerve paralysisc. Damage respiration systemsd. Diarrheae. Irritability

From : Nastiti Sarilaksmi

33. Nutrition is influenced by these things, except :a. Genderb. Weightc. Heightd. Agee. Socialanswer : EFrom : Edmond Pradipta

34. There are some factors that cause nutrient problems like kwashiorkor and marasmus in some areas, except ...a. inbalanced nutrients consumption in daily dietb. unavailability of food distribution because of the restricted locationc. cultural habit and tradition that involve peoples physical activityd. inadequate availability of food for the family because of povertye. infections (viral, bacterial, and parasitic) which can reduce food intakeanswer : CFrom : Annisa Mulia Sabrina

35. For adults, there are several criteria for determining the nutritional requirements, except...a. Weightb. Jobc. Activityd. Agee. SexAnswer : BFrom : Zhafira Rusdyna

36. Physical food deficiency causes......,except.....a. Hypoproteinb. Parotid gland enlargementc. Lower leg edemad. Diarheae. Decrease in blood pressureAnswer : EFrom : Ricky Wibowo37. This is a disease caused by malnutrition that can happen in our oral area:a. gingivitisb. kwashiorkorc. marasmusd. hypoproteine. anemiaAnswer: AFrom : Dania Maharani38. What is to be nutrition modifiolde factors in oral cavity ?a. Agent and hosts immune respons.b. Host, tissues in the oral cavity & immune respons.c. Hosts immune respons, the integrity of the hand & soft tissues of the oral cavity.d. Soft tissues, agent & tissues in the oral cavity.e. Hosts immune, tissues in the oral cavity & agent.Answer : CFrom : Putri Qomaria Andarini39. Periodontal health relies on a delicate balance between :a. Host-environmental-bacterial factorsb. Host-nutrients-bacterial factorsc. Host-nutrients-environmentald. Host-environmental-infectionse. Host-bacterial factors-nutrientsAnswer: AFrom : Steffanus Fery40. Below which included as the primary etiology of periodontal disease isa. Bacterialb. Virusc. Air Polutiond. Hygienee. Genetic factorAnswer key : AFrom : Karta Sudibyo41.What vitamins are good for diets recommendation?a. A,D,E,Kb. C,D,E,Mgc. B12, B,C,Dd. Betacaroten,C,D,Be. A,C,D,Answer : EFrom : Evania Valensia42. What is the nutritional deficiencies ?a. infection caused by an immune disorder influential on the nutritional qualityb. infection caused by a flexibility disorder influential on the nutritional qualityc. infection caused by a thickness disorder influential on the nutritional qualityd. infection caused by an endurance disorder influential on the nutritional qualitye. infection caused by a weakness disorder influential on the nutritional qualityanswer: AFrom : Ida Bagus Agastya P43. These statements below are the effect of kwarshiorkor, except.... a. burdening the kidney function b. dehidration c. acidosis d. diarrhea e. influenzaANSWER : EFrom : Viera Ananda

45. The factors that can cause malnutrition in healing period are,except:a. Lack of food consumptionb. Daily diet does not fit with the needsc. Excess nutrientsd. Growth continues is not balanced with the nutritione. Treatment is not appropiateAnswer : C From : Endah Sih Wilujeng47. At the age of the formation of teeth, enamel matrix is formed. Children with ... will be more influenced on the ... is in progress, so the teeth susceptible to ... .a. Enamel matrix formation, caries (Finn), infectious diseasesb. Infectious diseases, enamel matrix formation, caries (Finn)c. Infectious diseases, caries (Finn), the formation of enamel matrixd. Caries (Finn), enamel matrix formation, infectious diseasese. Caries (Finn), infectious diseases, the formation of enamel matrixAnswer : BFrom : Novita Aristyanti48. What is the ecology?a. the study of the relationships among organisms and their habitat.b. the study of the relationships among organisms and their population.c. the study of the relationships among organisms and their lives.d. the study of the relationships among organisms and their environment.e. the study of the relationships among organisms and other organisms.answer: DFrom: Febrian Ardwianto49. Ecology is the study of the relationships among organism and their environment. There are the scope of ecology, except:a. Population growth, competition between species, origin of biological diversityb. Interaction with the physical environtment, trophic relationshipsc. Feeding relationships, human and environment health, distribution of organismd. Symbiotic relationships, competition, trophic relationshipse. Feeding relationships, Population growth, Interaction with the physical environtmentAnswer : CFrom : DIAH FITRIANI50. Which one is the correct arrangement from the broadest to the narrowest?a. biosphere, community, ecosystem, organismb. ecosystem, community, organism, biomec. organism, community, ecosystem, biosphered. population, community, ecosystem, biospheree. biosphere, ecosystem, community, populationANSWER: EFrom : Kimberly Clarissa Oetomo51. The sentences below could describe about biosphere, excepta. The broadest, most inclusive level of organizationb. The volume of Earth and its atmosphere that supports lifec. Biosphere is another way to refer to the Earthd. A group of ecosystems that located and have the same climatee. The global sum of all ecosystems

ANSWER: DFrom : Ardhi Nugraha Yudha52. Biosphereconsistsofthreeparts,whatare they?a. atmosphere,hydrosphere,lithosphereb. hydrosphere,statosfer,lithospherec. mesosphere,hydrosphere,atmosphered. lithosphere,atmosphere,geospheree. atmosphere,pedosfer,lithosphereanswer:AFrom : Dias Resti Cahyani

53. Which statements is true about the biospherea. Biosphere is the global ecological system integrating all die beings and their relationships, including their interaction with the earthb. Biophere are made of living things and non living thing which are connected to each other in complex interrelationshipsc. Biosphere is a basic units of nature on the face of the earthd. The biosphere is the biological component of earth systems, which also include the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmospheree. Biosphere is a spatial functional structure the space may be geographically large or smallJawaban : DFrom : Hafizah Anis Meidina

54. Biome is group of ecosystems that have the same climate and similar dominant communities. The things above include on biome except.....a. Tropical Rain forestb. Mountains and ice capsc. Tropical savannahd. Fish ponde. Temperate woodland

From : Sylvia Paulina Panggono55. Biosphere is composed of smaller units called ecosystems. Ecosystem must have. . a. source of energyb. environment, animal, and bacteriac. have a constant source of energyand cycles or systems to reuse raw materialsd. human, plant, and animale. energy, animal, plant, virus, and bacteriaAnswer: CFrom : Chana Ulum R

56. Ecosystem consists of two kinds of parts. What Is that?a. Abiotic componentsb. Biotic componentsc. Abiotic and biotic componentsd. Sun, water, aire. Animal, human, nutrientsAnswer : C. From : Miralda Yessa Bella57. There are objective component that known as standard of living by WHO,except...a. income and occupationb. level of provision of healthc. happiness and satisfactiond. sanitatione. nutritionANSWER : CFrom : Rizki Widyakartika58.The definition of community is...a. Groupsof species (populations) that occupy a given area, interacting with each other directly or indirectly.b. Group of ecosystems that have the same climate and similar dominant communities.c. All the members of one species that live in the same area.d. Full range of physical and biological conditions in which an organism lives and the way in which the organism uses those conditions.e. Any relationship where two species live closely together.Answer : AFrom : Nur Indah Metikasari59. All the members of one species that live in the same area make up a .a. Populationb. Ecosystemc. Communityd. Biospheree. FamilyAnswer : AFrom : Rahmah Ayu60. What is the meaning of population growth?a. Death rates exceeds birth ratesb. Movement individuals into an areac. The birth rates is greater than its death ratesd. Movement individuals out of an areae. Individuals born into the environmentAnswer : CFrom : Erlina Rachmawati61. what is emmigration?a. The movement of individualsb. an area where an organism livesc. The movement of individuals into an area.d. The movement of individuals out of an area.e. The movement of individuals from one area to another area.Jawaban : DFrom : Nia Pramais Octaviani62. Words below are the factors of density-dependent thatdepends on population size, except...a. competitionb. predationc. parasitismd. diseasee. illnessANSWER : EFrom : Jeniffer Widjaja

63. what factors impact human populations?a. high birthsb. death ratesc. high births and death ratesd. competitione. predator and competitionANSWER : CFrom : Suryani64. why the developmental of people can put an impact on the condition of animals and plant populations?a. the rate of people that hunt animal down increaseb. people doesn't care of the life of animals and plantsc. as people develop theirself, they change their enviromental as well and that consume the natural habitat of plants and animals and put them into some stressd. all answers are righte. none of the aboveanswer : CFrom : Nadya Soraya Auliyah

65. The exponential growth occurs when individuals in a population reproduce at a constant rate. How can the population growth exponentially?a. Under ideal conditions with limited resourcesb. In an not ideal conditions with limited resourcesc. In an ideal conditions with limited resourcesd. Under ideal conditions with unlimited resourcese. In an ideal conditions with no resourcesAnswer: DFrom : Anis Sakinah

66. A specialized structural system of an organism is called................a. Organ systemb. Cellc. Organd. Tissuee. OrganismAnswer : CFrom : Annisa Galuh67. One example of the relationship between an organism and a role in its environment (niche) related to the food chain is ...a. The sun as a light sourceb. Trees as a source of oxygenc. Fungi as a consumer Id. Starlings as manufacturerse. Grass and plants as producers

From : Aulia Ramadhani68. Species dispersal contributes to the distribution of organisms. Dispersal refers to the process of distribution of individuals within..a. competitorsb. behaviorc. geographic population boundariesd. evolutione. habitat selectionAnswer :CFrom : Christiana Ayu

69. what will happen if the transplant is not successful?a. competitors do not limit the distribution of the organismsb. lack of food sourcec. the other factors limit the distribution of the organismd. the organisms just have not reached the target areae. decrease the amount of organismsanswer : CFrom : Fyrial Putri Nabila71. Below are the reasons why biotic factors affect distribution of organisms, excepta. Some species may not survive relocationb. Negative interactions with other organisms in the form of predation, parasitism disease, or competitionc. Absence of other speciesd. Most species cannot survive more than a few degrees above or below ambient temperaturee. Organisms required for potential community members to colonize may be lackingAnswer:DFrom :Dhian Afriyani72. Which the abiotic components below?a. Air, water, animalb. Climate, temperature, humidity, plantsc. Radiation, air, fishd. Grass, soil, winde. Wind, sunlight, airANSWER : EFrom : DYAH SINTA FITRIANI73. Community interactions are only happen when:a. Organisms live togetherb. Organisms live together and interact constantly to each otherc. Organisms live in a communityd. Organisms interact constantly to each othere. Organisms who live together in a community and they interact constantly to each otheranswers : EFrom : Regina Purnama Dewi74. Competition occurs due to a limited number of resources, which is the correct competitive exclusion principle?a. No two species can occupy the same niche in the different habitat at the same timeb. No two species can occupy the different niche in the same habitat at the same timec. No two population can occupy the same niche in the same habitat at the different timed. No two species can occupy the same niche in the same habitat at the same timee. No two population can occupy the same niche in the same habitat at the same timeJawab: DFrom : Lia ismatul

75. An interaction between species in which one species uses another species as food is called...a. Parasitismb. Comensalismc. Predationd. Parasitoidisme. NetralismJAWABAN : CFrom : Diah Ariesa76. Symbiosis in our environment is devided into 3 part. Mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism. What is the meaning of symbiosis?a. The relationship between two different species and both species got benefit from the relationship.b. any relationship where two species live closely togetherc. the relationship between two different species and one species got benefits and the other got harmedd. the relationship between two different species and one species got benefits and the other neither helped or harmed.e. e.The relationship which does not affect anythingANSWER : BFrom : Fiesta Devy

77. What is an example of mutualism in Tundra ?a. flea bitesb. clownfish and anemonec. lichens (fungus and algae)d. shark and remora fishe. raflesia flower and its hostAnswer :CFrom : Dina Puspitasari78 Symbiosis whose member benefited and the other is neither helped nor harmed called bya. Commensalismb. Mutualismc. Parasitismd. Predatione. CompetitionANSWER : AFrom : Joseph Leonardo79.Which one of these examples below show the symbiosis of parasitism?a. Lichens (fungus and Algae)b. Holes used by bluebirds in a tree were chiseled out by woodpeckers after it has been abandoned.c. Tapeworm, which lives in a humans intestines, absorbing his/her nutrients.d. A lion hunt a deer.e. Butterflies that feed on nectar from flowers while helping to pollinate the flowersANSWER:CFrom : CORNELIA MELINDA A.S80. Followings are included to abiotic components of an ecosystem, excepta. Temperatureb. Climatec. Decomposerd. Carbondioxidee. Solar

From : Nayu Nur82. Which one is biotic components?a. Geogrephicalb. Climaticc. Physicochemical characteristicd. Microbese. Human influenceANSWER : DFrom : Nabilla Vidyazti83. The global ecological system integrating all living beings and their relationships, including their interaction with the elements of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere is called ...a. Ecologyb. Dynamic Equilibriumc. Biosphered. Communitye. PopulationANSWER : CAnswer : Cynthea Paramitha84. Which below is not included biotic factor in ecosystems ?a. plantb. sunlightc. invertebratesd. humane. fishjawaban : BFrom : Silvi Ahmada85. whether that be one basis for the formation of the ecosystem?a. trophic levelb. Heatc. Biotic factord. food chaine. food webANSWER : CFrom : M.Taufiq Ari .S86. which of the following is not an abiotic factor?a. rocksb. plantsc. waterd. human influencee. soilAnswer : BFrom : Anastasia Audrey87. something that can supply oxygen and nutrients and also helps maintain proper muscle tone is ...a. waterb. vitaminc. glucosad. colostrume. taninAnswer : AFrom : Hillary Desiree88. What is the true function of Sunlight in ecosystems on Earth, especially for plants?a. It can burns dead organismsb. It gives hot temperaturec. It can be used for alternative energy instead fuel cellsd. It can be used for photosynthesise. It can be used for water evaporationAnswer : DFrom : M. Lutfi WP

89. Most life exists within a fairly narrow range of temperatures, from about 0 C to about 50 C. if organisms enzymes life in temperatures more than 50 C what will happened?a. Active metabolismb. Denaturedc. Adaptationsd. Not workinge. RestAnswer : BFrom : Rizka Dwi Nur Vitria90. Soil is the product of abiotic forces and the actions of living things on the rocks and minerals of Earths crust. This following answers are belong to the product of abiotic forces and the actions of living things,except:a. Rain b. Microorganismsc. Earthwormsd. rainbowe. windAnswer : DFrom : Deby Febrina91. What is the function of oxygen in respiration?a. transporting nutrients from roots to leavesb. to obtain chemical energy from the fats and carbohydrates in our foodc. distribute food from the leaves to the whole bodyd. has a role in photosynthesis processe. bind nitrogen from the airAnswer : BFrom : Andi Ainul Mardiyah

92. Many plants use the help of the wind to disperse seeds over long distances, but the strong wind can also cause a. Alterationb. Destructionc. Contaminationd. Adulteratione. AccumulationAnswer : BFrom : Lidyana Fatmawati93. Trophic levels in an ecosystem associated with the formation ofa. Food chainb. Succesionc. Food websd. Biotic componentse. Feeding methodsANSWER : AFrom : Izzatul Barr El haq94. What describes the position of the organism in relation to the order of nutrient and energy transfers in an ecosystem?a. Trophic levelb. Food webc. Food chaind. Ecological rolese. Symbiosisjawaban : AFrom : Adelina Kristanti

95. Producers are typically plants or algae, which are live in deep-sea hydrothermal ecosystems, where there is no sunlight, manufacture their food trough a process called...a. Symbiosisb. Decompositionc. Photosynthesisd. Chemosynthesise. PredationAnswer : DFrom : Priska Hanintya

96. what is the first trophic level?a. consumerb. producerc. decomposerd. A and Be. none of the aboveanswer : Bfrom : Tengku Natasha Eleena97. Plants can take advantage of what in photosynthesis?a. air from the waterb. energy from the sunc. for solar energyd. for ground watere. air to the environment Answer : B From : Ida Ayu Diandra Sawitri98. Primary producers in the lake manufacture their own food by a. Photosynthesisb. Hydrothermalc. Chemoautotrophd. Respiratione. MetabolismAnswer: AFrom : Adinda Ratu99. Animal is Consumer, what are the kind of that consumers1. Herbivores2. Carnivores3. Omnivores4. Primary ConsumersAnswer : AFrom : Dyah Utari Wahyu Ningrum100. What is the definition of biosphere?1. The variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem.2. The branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.3. The regions of the surface and atmosphere of the earth or other planet occupied by living organisms.4. A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.Answer : CFrom : Christine Paramanathan

101. Which the statement is true about the decomposer?1. fungi and earthworms are one of the intermediaries2. The path along the chain forms a one-way flow along which energy travels in the form of food.3. Decomposers break down wastes and dead organisms and return the raw materials to the environment4. the study of relationships between living organisms and between organism and their environmentAnswer: B (Agustina Ayu K. 021111101)

102. A succession of organisms that eat primary comsumers include in........1. secondary consumers2. second trophic level3. third thropic level4. tertiary consumersAnswer : B (Nawal Lailis Permatasari 021111102)

103. plant wormbird snake eagles insect frogs animals which included in fourth trophic levels are .....1. Snake2. Bird3. Eagles4. FrogsAnswer : B (Sabrina Adeliantini 021111103)

104. Decomposers (detritivores) break down1. Dead plant2. Water3. Animal material4. SoilAnswer : B (Kintan Deviana 021111104)

105. What is the function of decomposer?1. break down waste2. return the raw material into environment3. break down dead organism4. break down soilAnswer : A (Nurfajrina Malahati 021111105)

106. The fungi and the earthworms convert the dead matter into1. food2. fruit3. vegetables4. nutrientsAnswer : D (Nastiti Faradilla 021111106)

107. What is the basis for the establishment of a food web1. the intricate network2. soft tissue3. overlapping food chains4. competition in the lifeAnswer : B (Agus Syaifuddin Setiawan 021111107)

108. Which of the following that shows the charcteristics interactions in ecosystem1. Energy flows through ecosystems.2. This energy comes from an outside source: the Sun.3. Ecologists represent food and energy flows in food chain, food web, and pyramid diagrams.4. Abiotic can be harmful to the ecosystemAnswer : A (Clarisha Celia Tamara 021111108)

109. Which statement is true aboutEcological Roles?1. Eventually nutrients cycle back into the ecosystem for the consumers.2. Organisms can be producers, consumers, herbivores, carnivores, or decomposers in ecosystem.3. Nutrients are elements and compounds that organisms does not need to live and grow4. An ecosystem is a complex network of interactions.Answer : C (Dyshafilia Charindra 021111109)

110. These are the types of symbiotic relationships,except:1. Parasitism2. Mutualism3. Commensalism4. MetabolismAnswer : D (Nuraini Indrastie 021111110)111. Ecologists use three different types of ecological pyramids, choose two right answer from 3 meaning of ecological pyramids !1. Represents the total mass of living things in each trophic level2. Represents the quantity of food chain in each trophic level3. Represents the actual number of organisms present in each trophic level4. Represents the differences between organism diversityAnswer : B (Dii Annisa M. Q. 021111111)

112. How many energy that moves from one level or organism to the next level ?1. All of the energy moves to the next level2. Energy is not transferred from one organism to the next level 100 percents efficiency3. None of the energy that moves to the nect level4. Some of the energy is lost to the environmentAnswer : C (Louisa Christy Lunardhi 021111112)

113. How much energy is transferred from one level to the next level?1. 20%2. 90%3. 50%4. 10%Answer : D (Agung tri laksono 021111113)

114. Using the food web on the right, predict what might happen if a disease killed all the krill in the ecosystem. Which species would be affected?1. blue whale2. Small Fish3. Squid4. ZooplanktonAnswer: E ( Fikarini Hadi Puteri 021111114)

115. What the meaning of environmental epidemiology?1. Causal mechanisms between exposure2. Factors that govern and reduce disease development3. Development of appropriate legislation to protect Public health4. Associations between exposure to environmental agentsAnswer : D (Ayurizka Oktaviyani 021111115)116. This things below included in Aspects of Enviromental Health1. Environmental engineering2. Preventive medicine3. Law4. Economic and cultural conditionAnswer : A (A. Zam Zam Aghasy 021111116)117. What aspects can affect the Host section?1. Nutrient2. Biological3. Culture4. RaceAnswer: D(Irina Fardhani 021111117)

118. Environmental components that can cause disease through .1. Allergens2. Endocrine disruptors3. Neurotoxins4. Direct contactAnswer : D (Aprilia Sonya Federika 021111118)119. Disease transmission medium is1. air2. water3. animal4. soilAnswer : E(Zahrah M. 021111119)

120. Diseasecan be transmittedthrough...1. animal2. touch3. water4. eyegazeAnswer : E(Ryza Indah Permatasari 021111120)121. Process ofdisease agent get into the body is calledwith1. Exposurebehavior2. Transmissionof disease3. Subsequentdevelopmentofdisease4. Interactive relationship Answer : D (Yosua Vincent Adinugroho 021111121)

122. What is the 'simpul 3' in management of enviromental health paradigm?1. interactive relationship between population with enviroment2. interactive relationship between exposure and subsequent development of disease3. 3. interactive relationship between population and enviroment which have ability to problem in healthy4. interactive relationship between enviroment component and population with their behaviourAnswer : D (Bandaru Rahmatari 021111122)

123. Statements below are few explainations of disease..1. Disease is the outcome of interactive relationship between resident and environment.2. Disease doesnt have hazardous potency to health disruption.3. Disease emerged can be such deformation, disfunction, and genetical deviation.4. Disease isnt the outcome of interactive relationship between people and social environment.Answer: B (Angela Faustina Kartono 021111123)

124. Environmental toxicology is studies toxicants that come from:1. Health effects on humans2. Effects on animals3. Effects on ecosystems4. Effects on biomsAnswer: A (Monika Werdiningsih 021111124)

125. The study of poisonous substances and their effects on humans and other organisms is called 1. Environmental toxicology 2. Toxicologists 3. toxicity 4. ToxicologyAnswer: D (Demitria Naranti S, 021111125)

126. Studies toxicants that come from or are discharged into the environment, and:1. Health effects on humans2. Effects on animals3. Effects on ecosystems4. Animals own welfareAnswer : A (Dinar Arijati 021111126)

127. What are the effects caused by infection?1. Inhibit the reaction of nutritional immunology2. Increased leukocytes during laboratory tests3. Increase the poor prognosis4. Erythrocytes increased during laboratory tests Answer : A (Ermada Parselina Krisanti 021111127)

128. There are many factors toxicants except from manmade chemical :1. Wheather2. Plants3. Building4. AnimalsAnswer : C (Ummu Aiman Zulfa 021111128)

129. First lain that defence against disease environmental management1. Housing hygiene2. Water quality management3. Occupation health practice4. Water pollution controlAnswer : E (Bima Baskara 021111129)

130. This things below included in second line of defense against disease as public health and preventive medicine1. Proper nutrition2. Good person hygiene practices3. Routine medical and dental check-ups4. Supranatural and religion wellnessAnswer : A (Afin Ashlihatul Ummah 021111130)

131. In phagocytosis theres inflammation response that may cause:1. Reddening of affected area2. Capillary dilation3. Pain4. Destruction of pathogenAnswer: E (Hayumas Nurlita Firda K. 021111131)

132. Types of immunity based on aquisition :1. Deactive2. Active3. Reject4. PassiveAnswer : C (Dalhar Hakiki 021111132)

133. There are four kinds of defense against diseases. The fourth line is curative medicine. What kinds of treatment are there in curative medicine?1. Drug therapy2. Housing hygiene3. Laboratory confirmation and diagnosis4. Proper nutritionAnswer : B(Nila Sari 021111133)

134. Astudy ofenvironmental changehas the following objectives, those are :1. to increaseawarenessaboutthe critical needformoreholisticunderstanding of the relationshipbetweenthe welfare ofthe ecosystemand human health.2. toestablisha causal relationshipbetween thedegradation ofecosystemsandhuman health3. to reviewkeyemergingandre-emergingthreats tohuman healthin theworld,because ofregionalecosystems,and local degradation4. to make the environmental adpat to the daily activities of human and minimize the probability of environmental changingAnswer : A (dhany Marsa W. 021111134)

135. A healthy ecosystems will provide support to the human community such as on below ,except:1. the capacity to recycle wastes2. epidemical disease occurrence3. good condition of air and water4. modified of land surfaceAnswer : C(Haura Nadya Amalia 021111135)

136. Which is theimpact ofenvironmental degradationby humans?1. Serious loss of forest quality duo to pollution and tropical deforestation2. Global fresh water biodiversity is declining significantly3. Many fishery resources are classified as overexploited4. Twenty five per cent of the earths land area is not being affected by land degradationAnswer : A (Diana Omega Pamuji 021111136)

137. Beside agriculture activities, some activities such as construction, forestry, hunting, fishing, and recreation, can lead to the1. loss of biodiversity2. habitat fragmentation3. disproportional distribution of species4. pollution of the environmentsAnswer : E (Alivianda zahrina 0211111137)

138.Sea level rise due toclimate change may lead to :1. An increase incoastal zone erosion2. Enablingmosquitoes3. Loss of naturalprotective features such as dunes andmangroves4. Enabling otherdisease carrying insectsto surviveAnswer : B (Cindy Karina Hartono 021111138)139.The consequences of ecosystem collapse are often a breakdown in term of . . . . . . dimensions.1. Biological2. Physical3. Social4. EconomicAnswer : E (Bagus Kurniawan 021111139)

140. Health effects of one particular change in the environment should be assessed within1. The context of other coexisting environmental effect and accurences2. Such as rapid urbanization3. Human population density4. Increasing mobilityAnswer : E (Choirul Umam 021111140)141. The environmental threats to human health can be divided into two main categories. What are they?1. Lack of development2. An unhealthy environment3. Unsustainable develepment4. Indiscipline humanAnswer : B (Andry Elvandari 021111141)

142. What are the causes of disease in the aquatic ecosistem?1. milion of preventable deaths2. shark3. harmful algal blooms in many coastal regions in the world4. increase of fisherman Answer : B (Sekar Laras 021111142

143. Activity whichcan be change the structureor functioning terestial and effected tothe number of human health is.....1. expanding agriculture2. mining activity3. deforestation4. irigation schemesAnswer : E(Saktya Hutami Pinastiti 021111143)

144. Factors that can shape climate (Forcing Mechanism) include such processes :1. Solar radiation2. Deviations in the Earth's orbit3. Green house gas concentrations4. Continental DriftAnswer : E (Michael Salomo C.P 021111144)

145. What is the problem which give an effect in the world so discussed in International Workshop on An Ecosystem Approach to Human Health Communicable and Emerging Diseases. ?1. Environmental changes that cause a drop in an ecosystem2. The disruption of agro and urban ecosystems throughout the Americas3. Pesticide accumulation affecting human health is based on the understanding that the influence is going through the energy and food chain4. Increased occurrences in tropical diseases Answer : C (Ikhmada Zulfa N. 02111145)

146. During the CCHI, participants considered aspects of the overall challenge of integrating.....1. Natural resource2. Economic3. Social4. Health SciencesAnswer : E (Olivier Maron Sahetapy 021111146)

147. What is The potential impact on human health due to the degradation of the ecosystem?a. deforestationb. sickc. natural disasterd. floode. dryAnswer : A (Ardwinanto Yoga 021111147)

148. A natural system consisting of all plants,animals and mecroorganisms (biotic factor) in an area functioning together with all the non-living physical (abotic) factors of the environment. The sentence above is a definition of :1. Biotic2. Abiotic3. Ecology4. EcosystemAnswer : D (Della Qoyyum Anggororatri 021111148)

149. The term ecosystem was coined in 1930 by1. Christopherson2. Arthur Tansley3. Mueller Dombois4. Roy ClaphamAnswer : D (M. Akbar Arsyah S. 021111149)

150. Why ecosystem was understood as a collection of all living things?1. every living organism can not fully live alone.2. not the inseparable interrelationship between living things with the environment.3. order of unity between the whole and complete environmental elements that influence each other.4. each organism can live alone without the need for assistance.Answer : B (Agustin Tri Lisdiana 021111150)

151. Ecology is represent of ecosystembecauseecosystem is relationship between abiotic components and biotic components.Answer: A (Ade Riska Pradina 021111151)

152. Herbivores is trophic level 2becauseconsumer has just divided into 4 typesAnswer : B (Febria rosana satya devi 021111152)

153. CBD formulates the concept "Ecosystem" means a dynamic complex of plant and animal interacting as a functional unitbecausePolitically, the concept has become important.Answer : D (Siti Atikah 021111153)

154. With the need of protecting ecosystems, the political need arose to describe and identify them within a reasonable time and cost-effectively could most effectively be achieved using a physiognomic-ecological classification systemsbecauseThey are easily recognizable in the field as well as on satellite images.Answer : A (Nadjwa 021111154)

155. Ecosystem was defined as a dynamic entity composed of a biological community and its associated abiotic environmentbecauseEcosystems are also always undergoing alterations to their biotic and abiotic components.Answer : B (Reindasty Trandyana 021111155)

156. Cause of the existence of a partially distinct sets of species are:1. Different recombination of modifiers2. incorporate a land "formation"3. incorporate a aquatic "formation"4. additions to the original design of the UNESCO classification systemAnswer: B (Dewina Angella 021111156)

157. The dynamic interactions that occur within an ecosystem are numerous and complex.BecauseEcosystems are also always undergoing alterations to their biotic and abiotic components.Answer : A(Hamida Yusuf 021111157)

158. The frequency of species extinctions is correlated to the size of human population on the Earth BecauseIt is indirectly related to resource consumption, land-use change, and environmental degradation.Answer : C (Meirian L. Purnomo 021111158)

159. Ecosystems are composed of a variety of abiotic and biotic components that function in an related fashionBecauseecosystem have unimportant component like assoil,atmosphere,radiation from the Sun,water, andliving organisms.Answer : E (Eka Febri Ayu S. D. 021111159)

160. Soils are much more complex than simple sedimentsbecauseThey contain a mixture of weathered rock fragments, highly altered soil mineral particles,organic matter, and non-living organisms.Answer : C (Dayanara Wiena Lopita 021111160)161. Autothrops is a organisms that can take energy from inorganic sources and fix it into energy rich organic moleculesbecauseAutotroph get energy comes from light and process It by photosynthetic process then these organisms are called photosynthetic autotrophsAnswer : A(Alexander Patera Nugraha 021111161)

162. Most of the incoming solar radiation into the atmosphere will be absorbed by living things that have chlorophyll because they use it to form a biomass that can be utilized as an energy source either directly or through the formation of fossil fuels.Answer : A (Dian Nur Fauzah 021111162)

163. What isnt the solar radiation used for:a. Evaporationb. Irrigationc. Photosynthesisd. Heat transfere. Active the solar cellAnswer : B (Adam Dinamika 021111163)

164. The ecosystem starting changeBecausethe efects of global warming that cause degredation ecosystem.Answer: A (Muhammad Ramadhan 021111164)

165.Many of the most important relationships between living organisms and the environment are controlled ultimately by the amount of available incoming energy received at the Earth's surface from the Sunbecause, The Sun's energy allows plants to convert inorganic chemicals into organic compounds.Answer: A (Greas Maula Fatkhu Rozik 021111165)

166. Carnivores just eat the other carnivoresbecauseCarnivores can not get its food directly from heterotrophs that obtain the energy either from dead organism or from organic compounds dispersed in the environment.Answer: D (Ivon Dewi S. 021111166)

167.Organic energy can also move from one ecosystem to another by a variety of processesBecauseorganic consume living or dead organic matter.Answer : A (Raka Mahardika Aswanda 021111167)

168. Coronary heart deseses, obesity , lung cancer , drug addicted are association are associated with lifestyles ,becausebehavioral and sociocultural codition are influence people at risk of illnesses.Answer : B (Rachmadita Yoga 021111168)

169. Soil, water, air, and sunlight is a component of the abiotic environmentbecauseThe environment is consist of biotic and abiotic environment.Answer : B(Ani Megawati 021111169)

170. Environmental health can create a more eco-friendly environtmentbecauseEnvironmental health is an environment that is free from sources of disease.Answer : A (Maya Felia P. S 021111170)

171. An environment scientist might study how water pollution is hurting fishbecause, an environmental health scientist would study what happends to the health of people when they catch and eat those fishAnswer: A(Imam mahmuda silalahi 021111171)

172. The major current trends of human health globally is increased incidences of chronic non-infectious diseases and HIV/AIDSbecauseEnvironmental changes have contributed directly or indirectly in the growth of such diseases.Answer : A (Muh. Dimas R. 021111381)

173.Human and other organism do not have symbiotic and social interactionbecauseInteraction between organism which have same species. They need a same thing from their Environment.Answer: C (Meyvia Rifka 021111382)

174. Healthy ecosystems provide support to the human community, such as food, shelter, the capacity to assimilate and recycle wastes, clean air and waterbecauseA healthy ecosystem characterized by three main features : vigor, resilience and organization.Answer : B(Jovita Dian M. H. 021111391)

175. Healthy ecosystems provide support to the human community, such as food, shelter, the capacity to assimilate and recycle wastes, clean air and waterbecause A healthy ecosystem characterized by three main features : vigor, resilience and organization.Answer : A(Fitri Dwi Agus Pratiwi 021111373)176. These factors affects the incident and development of diseases in a population :1. Host2. Agent3. Environment4. LawJawaban : AFrom :RIFQI B. GADI (020810077)